Five Beloved Statement Pieces For My Wardrobe


No matter your personal style, having five statement pieces in your wardrobe can make dressing a breeze, and pull your look together with ease and grace.  These items should be able to cross over seasons and easily add that little something special to your outfit.  My five statement pieces aren’t anything extravagant, they just make me feel good every time I add them to any of my outfits.  Your statement pieces may be simple and classic or glamorous and vibrant.

One of the best ways to truly enjoy statement pieces is to first create a capsule wardrobe for these pieces to accent.  If you enjoy my preference of having a small minimalist wardrobe, your capsule wardrobe is your complete wardrobe.  For others it may be the foundation for the rest of your wardrobe.  This article explains why having a small wardrobe works so amazingly well for me.

Here are the steps that I use to fully create and refine my wardrobe…

1. Major Decluttering Overhaul

2. Determining Personal Style

3. Getting Back To Basics

4. Creating a Color Palette

5. Creating The Capsule Wardrobe

6. Shopping &Thrifting For Wardrobe Needs

7. Expressing Your Style

Owning statement pieces that you truly love and can be worn many different ways is crucial.  I prefer them to have as much versatility as possible yet still stand out.  These statement pieces add effortless flair and excitement to my basics.  Here are some examples of five statement pieces from my capsule wardrobes which have taken me wherever I want to go in style.

Minimalist Beauty Statement Pieces

1. Life Changing Jacket

Although this vintage leather jacket has been life changing for me, it definitely didn’t break the bank at all.  I found it in San Francisco in a huge vintage store.  It had the classic 80’s shoulder pads which I quickly removed, and it has been my favorite go to jacket ever since.  I’ve rocked it with jeans and a tee, a dress and heels, and literally every day for weeks.  It makes even the simplist outfit look stylish without trying.

2. Perfect Bag

This hand tooled leather messenger bag (the strap is hidden in the photo) was gifted to me upon a friend’s return from East Africa.  I looks better with age and is more loved each day.  Although it is a casual bag, I’ve still worn it for dressier occasions too.

3. Special Jewelry

This Folli Follie watch was actually also a gift.  I never understood the power of a gorgeous watch until I had worn and loved this one.  Beautiful everyday jewelry becomes a signature of sorts.  Costume jewelry is a lot of fun, yet having a special piece that becomes your signature defines your look even more.

4. Great Shoes

If you’ve been following me for some time, you may remember a few of my rants on finding shoes for my ridiculously narrow feet.  If you haven’t heard it, I will spare you today.  A great pair of shoes changes any look instantly.  Although I love flats, especially my black ballet flats, a great pair of heels is an instant winner in my eyes.  These vintage strappy sandals were a treasure I found on Etsy.  They are seriously comfortable too!

5. One Fun Print

Quality basics may be the foundation of a wardrobe, but great prints are what add interest.  I’ve had a really hard time finding prints that I absolutely love in clothing, so I choose to add prints to my looks with accessories.  This huge printed scarf was thrifted for a few dollars.  I literally feel like I’m stealing when I find something I love for so cheap.  Even if you don’t feel as comfortable wearing prints, definitely opt for printed accessories.

One way to keep your capsule wardrobe strong is with versatile pieces that will work for many different occasions and fit your lifestyle.  I personally create my wardrobe predominately with thrift and consignment finds.  You can see my latest capsule wardrobe here.

Shopping this way has the lightest carbon footprint on the planet, is zero waste, and is the easiest on the wallet.  I find that if something still looks great in a thrift or consignment shop, it most likely will hold up very well in my wardrobe as well.  Tips on shopping consignment here.  By adding some statement pieces to accent the basics, you create more fun and style in a very easy way.

Next new article will be on August 4th as I take a tiny holiday from Minimalist Beauty!  Enjoy the 500+ articles on all facets of graceful simple living in the meantime in the archives!

(Images by Dawn Michelle)

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