Persimmon Organic Cotton Knit Dress--My 1st S/S 2015 Design

One thing that I've always wanted to do was start designing my own eco-friendly clothing for my capsule wardrobe. This past December I decided that now was the time to just do it.

My Vibrant Morning Smoothie, No Caffeine Needed!

Live foods are pure energy, and eating abundant amounts of fruit in the morning is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and surprisingly protein too! I never believed that fruit contained protein until I started using CRON-O-Meter which I first wrote about here.

Why Sugar Is The Real Enemy & How I Stopped Eating It

Refined sugar, the greatest addictive offender, is one of these isolated toxic chemical substances that is added to just about every processed food imaginable.

Ask Minimalist Beauty--Living Your Dreams

My thought is if life will automatically have ups and downs, growing pains, life lessons, joys, etc. I might as well be doing something I am truly passionate about.

"This is the dream, no clutter, everything in its place and yet still so homely and inviting! Thanks for sharing and showing that this is possible!!" ~Naomi A Complete Tour of Our Modern Apartment (1-21-2015)