My 2nd Time Using Indigo + Mountain Rose Herbs Henna

The color and conditioning effect of Mountain Rose Herbs Henna is beyond incredible!

DIY Bohemian Floral Wall Art--Our Modern Apartment

Although very simple, this stunning piece is the perfect example of refreshing minimal decor especially for a serene bedroom.

Decluttering When Living With Others Who Aren't

When you are beginning your own minimalist lifestyle allow those around you to become acclimated to your new mindset. They won't be interested in living simply until they see for themselves how it benefits you.

Curly Hair Regimen--Fall/Winter 2014

Now that the seasons are changing and I honestly don't feel like doing daily rinses, I've decided to reincorporate the natural hair care routine I enjoyed during the spring.

"Hi Dawn! Your blog is amazing and has helped me so much with my transition into using all natural hair products! I love making them all myself and my hair has improved tremendously in the last three months! I dyed my hair with henna for the first time two weeks ago with the exact recipe you mentioned above and I loved it." ~Connor Fae Henna For Hair 101  (10-13-14)