Dealing With Chaos & Welcoming Change

One thing that can always be guaranteed with life is constant change.

Seven Simple Products To Use 21 Different Ways

By using natural products you save tons of money, create safe toxic-free homes for your family and pets, and support healing and balancing the environment with your everyday choices.

Making Your Home A Sacred Space

After showing a tour of our modern apartment, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can transform your home into a sacred space.

Teal Organic Cotton Maxi Dress--My S/S 2015 Design

I decided to design organic cotton clothing pieces for my S/S 2015 capsule wardrobe this year. This dress is my third piece, and I plan to create one more.

"Love your home, Dawn Michelle! Everything is so peaceful and relaxing, but my favorite has to be your dog – so, so cute!" ~Shabra A Complete Tour of Our Modern Apartment (2-19-2015)