One Year Using High Linoleic Oils Exclusively

Having consistently clear healthy skin was something that was extremely important to me, so I took on the exclusive high linoleic journey and feel like I have finally come full circle.

Mountain Rose Herbs Henna Giveaway

I tried Mountain Rose Herbs Henna for the first time this fall and absolutely LOVED it! Today I wanted to give you the opportunity to try Mountain Rose Herbs Henna for yourself. Giveaway ends Nov 24th!

Creamy Garlic & Dill Mung Bean Soup

This soup is protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral rich, all vegetarian, and oh so good!

Navy & Black Are Perfect!

I honestly try to stick to classic pieces, yet I couldn't leave these black overalls behind when I found them at Wasteland last spring.

"Thank you for blogging about your values and experiences, you encourage and inspire so many women who struggle to compete with the standard of our culture. You encourage us to be real, be bold, and be beautiful." ~Ashlynn Kaplan Skin Care First, Makeup Second (11-14-14)