My 2nd Time Using Indigo + Mountain Rose Herbs Henna

The color and conditioning effect of Mountain Rose Herbs Henna is beyond incredible!

100 Things I Decluttered Again!

The amount of space, peace, and abundance that comes in return for decluttering is priceless!

My Fall/Winter 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

This year's capsule wardrobe consists of 15 core pieces... three dresses, three sweaters, three tops, three pairs of jeans, a blazer, a skirt, and a jumpsuit, and for extras five tees so a total of 20 items.

Curly Hair Regimen--Fall/Winter 2014

Now that the seasons are changing and I honestly don't feel like doing daily rinses, I've decided to reincorporate the natural hair care routine I enjoyed during the spring.

"Hi Dawn! I can't believe how far I've come. I started out only reading you're skin and hair care articles, not even considering the rest of your blog, and look at me now! I'm reading all your de-cluttering posts and planning my capsule wardrobe! I don't know if I would label myself as minimalist just yet, but I definitely see the benefits of this lifestyle. Getting rid of my junk is what I need to do!" ~Khala Understanding Your Personal Style--6 Basic Looks (10-21-14)