5 Reasons Why Having A Smaller Wardrobe Works

I never believed that it was even possible to be so satisfied with a tiny wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist--Shoes & Bags

I recently received a few questions about shoes and bags for the capsule wardrobe so wanted to share a checklist that works for me.

The 33 Days Declutter Project--Round 2

In my opinion it is important to make space for the new things that you desire in life whether it is abundance, opportunity, peace of mind, success, you fill in the blank.  

Oxford Pumps For Fall Anyone?

I am very selective on what I choose to buy when creating my capsule wardrobe for the season, yet I really have my eyes on a pair of oxford pumps for this fall.  

"Thank you thank you! I have previously tried using henna mixed with apple cider vinegar or tea, and found that it left my wavy hair really dry and brittle. This method is amazing! I put it on last night and washed it out this morning, and my hair feels wonderfully soft. And my waves are defined and smooth. This will be my go-to henna method from now on. <3" ~Marty Henna & Coconut Milk--The Perfect Combination For Healthy Hair  (9-18-14)