Cilantro, Bok Choy & Persian Cucumber Salad Recipe

I can sometimes get bored with the usual salad that I make.  This past weekend I decided to change things up and try something new.

Rhassoul Clay Versus Bentonite Clay

Let's look at some of rhassoul clays and bentonite clays unique qualities and my experience with them both.

Ask Minimalist Beauty--Help My Dry Color Treated Hair

Switching to natural hair color and hair lightening treatments, deep conditioning, trimming, and even water only hair washing can help dry colored hair.

One IN One OUT--A Simple Rule of Minimalism

Instead of constantly collecting new items, take the time to find things that don't work, or are not loved, and let them go with each new item that you bring into your home.

"Hi Dawn, Your blog is amazing. I love your perspectives on life and minimalism. Thank you, you're so inspiring." ~Charity Simplify Beauty To Maximize Dreams  (8-10-14)