Minimalism = A Chic Lifestyle

There is actually no deprivation at all living with less, only an abundance of everything that you LOVE!

Organic Cotton Kimono--My S/S 2015 Design

Today I designed a kimono sleeve jacket that I could easily pair with pretty much every piece in my capsule wardrobe this season.

Are We Consumed By Our Things or Truly Living?

My time has become my most valuable asset in my life as it can't be bought, sold, refunded, or exchanged.

Roasted Turnips, Potatoes & Leeks Medley

With this simple recipe I was in heaven and the hubby was pleased too!

"Hello Dawn Michelle- After three months I am finally getting promising results from WOHWing. I think the turning point was when I started considering the health of my scalp. About 6 months ago my hair and scalp suffered from chemical damage from harsh/hard water. I had been traveling internationally and my hair did not like the quality of water it was being exposed to. This past January I purchased a shower filter. That helped a lot! But my hair was still weak. After reading up on chlorine damage I realized that my hair AND scalp had been compromised by chemical damage. Eureka, I was realizing that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair!! A healthy scalp also contributes to adequate sebum production. As a result I researched and experimented with different herbal rinses that benefited the scalp, such as rosemary and hibiscus. And a couple of weeks ago I tried rose water. My hair loves it! My hair’s and scalp’s health has radically change. It’s as soft as a baby’s. Thanks for all your support and knowledge!! I am finally starting to understand what you’ve been saying about the quality of sebum-conditioned hair!" ~TJ The Pros & Cons of Water Only Hair Washing (3-17-2015)