Are Your Emotions Causing Skin Problems?


I’ve been sharing this article specifically to a lot of reader’s when replying about questions regarding acne, so I decided to repost it.  I originally wrote this in August 2012, yet it seems so pertinent now.  I’m not exactly sure why we disconnect from the whole body healing experience in regards to having clear radiant skin.  We seem to believe that beautiful skin lies within a cosmetic bottle.  I guess we can just blame beauty advertising and marketing for that.  Yes good and also simple skin care is important, yet that’s only a small slice of the pie.

After so many years of being on a healing journey, I honestly feel that having beautiful healthy skin has everything to do with having a light physical and emotional body.  When we have imbalances inside our body from toxic processed foods, chemical laden beauty products which our body absorbs through our skin, and possible hormonal imbalance, our body is overridden with negative “weight”.  While our intelligent bodies try to figure out how to rid ourselves of this mess, when it can’t release it through the digestive and lymphatic system, it gets pushed out through our largest organ… our skin.

The same is also true for those buried negative emotions of anger, rage, and low self esteem.  Negative emotions also get pushed out through our skin.  Our emotions play a HUGE role with the appearance of our skin as well as our overall health.  Let’s not even get into what stress does to the body.  Well please read on.  One Love!

I’ve definitely had my share of skin ailments from acne, eczema, hives, dermatitis, you name it.  I believe that the same chemical based cosmetics promoted to fix these skin irritations can actually exacerbate the problem more.  Even after finding many natural solutions for acne, eczema, dermatitis etc. I still find that topical ointments are not the complete solution.  I do believe in Beauty From The Inside Out, yet it doesn’t stop there either.

Drinking lots of water and consuming more fruits and vegetables than you can imagine are still only part of it.  Truthfully, what’s going on with your emotions?

I would never have thought to connect my emotions to what has manifested in my body until my mother put a copy of a tiny book called Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay in my hands in high school.  Louise L. Hay is a phenomenal metaphysical practitioner and counselor who studied the consistent mental and emotional correlations with physical illnesses from her clients over many years.   She is also a metaphysical best selling author, teacher, and lecturer who has helped millions of people uncover their own unlimited potential for personal growth and self healing in all aspects of their lives.

In Heal Your Body, the information is provided in three columns which list the problem or ailment, the probable mental and emotional cause, and a new thought pattern and affirmation.  For example the probable cause for pimples are “small outburst of anger” and the new thought pattern is “I calm my thoughts, and I am serene.”  If this is an issue that I’m currently dealing with, I usually don’t just say the affirmation all day and think that my skin will be perfect in the morning.  Instead I use this book as a guide to asking deeper questions that will bring more clarity to releasing the emotions behind the problem like “Who am I angry at, or what am I angry about?” or “Who am I still holding resentment towards who needs forgiveness?” along with the affirmations.

I found it very interesting that a common theme for many skin ailments are a lack of self acceptance and/or anger.

I’ve been having continued great success oil cleansing daily.  (I’ve had even more success with oil cleansing once I learned about high linoleic oils for acne).  If I do see a blemish emerge, I know that I am most likely experiencing some deep seated anger that I haven’t released.  Aggressive exercise or simply hitting a pillow usually helps along with yoga and meditation.  It may sound ridiculous, but in this busy day to day high tech society that we live in, it can be very challenging to make the time to see what’s really going on inside our emotional and physical bodies.  Despite all of this, it is still very important to take the time and look within ourselves and make the time to heal and release.

I’ve found that this book Heal Your Body has really brought a new perspective towards any physical discomfort or illness that I may be experiencing.  It is a brilliant reference book and guide to finding the emotional/psychological root of many dis-eases versus only medicating them.  A more in depth tool to this book is You Can Heal Your Life which is an phenomenal extension and explanation of  the principles in Heal Your Body.   This book also includes all of the information that is in Heal Your Body plus more in depth teachings on how to use this new knowledge to heal all areas of your life including relationships, work, success, prosperity, and of course your body.

What are your thoughts on this?

(Image by D Sharon Pruitt)

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