Revelations About Detangling Curly Hair

I remember when I first started growing my hair out, I realized that if I could only find the best way to detangle my hair it would thrive.

Plastic Free Living

Beth Terry states that the average American generates between 88-120 pounds of plastic waste annually... It is not enough to just know about global warming, plastic ocean pollution, sweatshops, and that we have an environmental carbon footprint. As some point it would only make sense to learn more about how the choices that we make every day effect our lives, the next generation, and the planet.

Fresh Spring Dewy Makeup with 100% Pure, Vapour Organic Beauty & More

Whenever I think of spring makeup, I think of vibrant pops of color, bright dewy skin, and fluttery eyelashes.

Aluminum, Barium, Geoengineering & GMO Seed Link

Yesterday I took photos of the chemtrails being sprayed in Los Angeles and also want to share a very important and informative documentary with you.

"Dawn Michelle, you are by far and away the most treasured resource I have found for nontoxic hair and skin care. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. <3"  ~Lisa  No More Chemical Hair Care–Part 2–Herbal Hair Cleansers  (2-3-14)