Indigo Chambray Playsuit--Styled

I told you that I was packing this season's capsule wardrobe with jumpsuits and dresses so here's another one.

Once It Has Served Its Purpose, Let It Go!

With a new perspective around why you choose to keep something, it is now easier to release everything creating clutter and energetic heaviness in your home.

Green Jumpsuit & Moccasins--Styled

What I love so much about jumpsuits are their effortless style. Also adding unique accessories makes all the difference.

Dandruff & Hair Fall? Herbal Remedies To The Rescue!

Here are some simple natural remedies with herbal hair rinses and vinegar rinses as well as herbal infused oils for dandruff and hair fall.

"Hi Dawn – I tried the Rhassoul clay recipe using half distilled water and half aloe vera, but after reading all the posts I first did a lemon juice rinse to clean the residue from my hair. Yipee! It worked so well, I’m still amazed at how soft my hair is and how easy it was to comb it out while wet. I’ve tried many other shampoo free recipes, natural shampoos, and nothing has worked like this. Not even all the salon and over the counter shampoos and conditioners. The only thing I’ll try different is to add an essential oil for a pretty scent. Thank you!" ~Angie Rhassoul Clay for Shampoo (4-14-2015)