Declutter? Just Do It!


Many people say that they want to declutter their living space, but there is always a part of them that is afraid to let go of possessions, they don’t actually want to do the work themselves, or a combination of the two.  I’m not going to say that it is the easiest thing to do.  But I will say that completely decluttering your home is the most rewarding accomplishment, and can completely change your life in ways that you won’t imagine.

Our home is a true reflection of who we are in the present moment.  Even if we desire something different in our lives, if we can not find a way to embody aspects of that desire in our home, we will continue to dream versus making our dreams a reality.

I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say that you want to get a raise at your job.  The higher position that you want to be promoted to takes on more responsibility, even more organization, and an assertiveness that you have never seen in yourself as of yet, but truly admire in others.  You go home thinking about how much you desire this raise at work.

You open the door of your home and see a large pile of mail that you haven’t sorted on the entry table.  When you hang your coat up in the coat closet, an overstuffed box on the shelf nearly falls on you.  You have to push coats and clothing aside to make room for the coat you were currently wearing.

You put your purse on the kitchen table, since it never really had a designated place, and the table has a stack of magazines, this morning’s newspaper, and a few other odds and ends that you will get to at another time.  The kitchen looks pretty good thank God, since you despise having to clean it before making dinner.  You walk into your bedroom to change into something more comfortable.

You notice a pile of clothes on the floor, the new shoes you just bought still in the shopping bag next to the bed stand, and a pile of documents that still need filing near the window.  You see your husband’s clothing draped over the chair, his dirty socks beneath it, as well as a bunch of small decor items completely filling up every surface, and they definitely all could use a good dusting.

You change your clothes and decide to watch your favorite show before your husband gets off from work since you have at least two hours before he get’s in.  In the living room every surface is piled with items, some decor and some miscellaneous.  You have to move a few things over on the couch before you sit down, and by this point you are just annoyed that your home doesn’t look like the model they are showing on HGTV.

You’ve had a long day at work, and you honestly just need a moment to relax before you prepare dinner, yet nothing around you represents relaxation.

Instead of thinking that you could use a vacation and desperately need to get away, or that you should just buy some new things to make your home look like the one on HGTV, let’s look at things in another perspective.  Yes the vacation should be planned and decor tips can also be helpful.  Yet here is the perfect opportunity to go in a bit deeper!

You are a beautiful person who works so hard at your job and in your life in general, yet getting the recognition that you deserve seems so far off.  When was the last time you actually gave yourself the acknowledgment that you desire others to?  Also how is it possible to take on more responsibility with a promotion at work when you haven’t found the time to create order in your own home?  If your boss was at the front door in this exact moment to offer you the promotion you desire, would your home represent your work ethic at your job?

By having order in your home every aspect of your life not to mention how you feel about yourself is improved.

This improved clarity and positive state naturally will bring more clarity and positivity into your life.  You may actually decide that the promotion wasn’t what you truly wanted, but starting your own business is.  Decluttering in essence get’s us out of past ruts and moves us into the place we want to be.

When we respect ourselves, we take care of ourselves.  When we desire more from life, we must make the space for it.  Truly decluttering isn’t so much about organizing our space with lots of organizing containers and tools.  Truly decluttering has more to do with actually parting with every single possession that does not embody the life you desire within your heart right now.

I used to believe that it was possible to declutter your home a little bit at a time and actually make amazing progress.  After five years of decluttering and working towards a minimalist lifestyle, I no longer agree with this philosophy.  Why wait five years or more for the life you want to live when you could actually choose it now!  My 33 Days Declutter Project deserves an A+ for effort in the decluttering process, yet the KonMari Method is actually much more effective and efficient.

Decluttering does make you look over your past, gifts you’ve been given, items with sentiment, things that don’t make you feel so good so we’re stuffed in the back of the closet, and things that you actually adore.  If you want to move to that next stage in your life, let’s make room for it now!  Let’s create a sacred living space that symbolizes this next phase in your life that you will feel amazing to come home to now!  You deserve it!

Are you still hesitating on beginning the decluttering process?  Seriously?  What’s holding you back from the next amazing phase of your life?  You have more power than you think!  Just do it!  Clear out your weekend schedule and go for it!

See a complete tour of our modern apartment here!  One Love!

(Image by Dawn Michelle)

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