One IN One OUT--A Simple Rule of Minimalism

Instead of constantly collecting new items, take the time to find things that don't work, or are not loved, and let them go with each new item that you bring into your home.

My 1st Time Adding Indigo to My Henna Treatment

If you follow me on Instagram @mnmlistbeauty, you most likely saw me post a few weeks ago that I was going to use indigo in my hair for the first time.

Moving... Making It As Easy As Possible

Here are some of the things that I've been doing to make this transition of moving as easy as possible.

No Sew Kimono Look

Here is a very easy way to recreate the look of a kimono with a very large scarf.

"DM: I recently found your website and I’m in love. I’ve poured through so many articles and “pins” for direction in helping me find my true style while minimalizing and your info is a life changer... I am taking baby steps in this direction by first deleting all pieces that don’t make me feel wonderful. You’re the best!" ~Cody   (7-17-14)