Raw Honey–The Healing Face Wash


I’ve been asked many times how to use raw honey as a face wash.  Many of you may wonder why you would even consider raw honey in the first place.  Raw honey is a universal beauty tonic for all skin types because of its potent yet gentle healing benefits for skin.  Raw honey does wonders for acne, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, sensitive, mature, and dull lifeless skin.

With so many beauty products on the market, we sometimes think that every product that we use must be extremely complicated and full of tons of ingredients.

That notion is completely wrong.  Although what we wash our face with doesn’t stay on our skin that long, soap based products quickly strip the skin of its natural oils and create an imbalanced in the skin’s pH which causes many skin problems and forces the skin to produce excess oil.

When you find people who have beautiful skin that claim to wash their face with only water, yes they do have good genetics, but they are also not creating any imbalance in the pH of their skin with harsh cleansers and toners.  Maintaining a balanced pH in the skin consistently will allow the skin to do its job so much better.  Products that dry, strip, then replenish the skin continue the cycle of skin distress.  Less really is more.

Maintaining a healthy pH in your skin is an important anti-aging secret.

The less stress your skin endures from drying cleansers and toners, the more elastic it will remain over time.  Any thing with a pH of 4.5-7 is usually considered pH balanced since water is a neutral pH of 7, yet skin thrives when using products with a pH of 4.5-5.5.

Raw honey has a natural pH of 4.5.  The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of honey make it wonderful for healing cuts and burns by killing bacteria and fungus.   Raw honey also contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that is amazing at brightening the complexion, evening out the skin tone, and lightening scars and age spots.

Most honey contains iron, silica, copper, vitamin B, manganese, chlorine, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorous, aluminum and magnesium depending on where the honey is collected from.  This rich mineral content makes it excellent for skin.  Raw honey’s intense moisturizing abilities with gentle cleansing agents makes it perfect for even very sensitive skin.  When honey is mixed with water it releases peroxide properties which helps  to heal and fade scars, and also prevent bacteria causing more acne.

Not all honey is created equal.

Most of the honey found in grocery stores is “adulterated honey” meaning it literally has no nutrients.  When honey is processed and refined with heat the live healing enzymes are killed.  You are instead left with liquid sugar.  Raw honey will give your skin the healing benefits that it needs and you will also experience the best results.

To use raw honey as a face wash simply add a quarter size amount of honey or more to wet hands and massage into your skin.

Rinse your face, then tone and moisturize as usual.  You can also leave honey on your skin for as long as you like as a honey mask, or combine it with other ingredients for more cleansing and brightening.  My favorite ways to use raw honey is with rhassoul clay or as an exfoliating treatment with sugar and lemon juice.  I’ve also used raw honey in place of vegetable glycerin in my DIY hair recipes.  Raw honey has been used for centuries for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.  There truly is such beauty in simplicity.

You can find tons of other simple DIY skin care ideas here if you’re interested!  For more on my natural beauty regimen go here.

How have you used honey in skin or hair care?

(Image by Dawn Michelle)

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  1. nadine says

    I use raw honey with a drop of tea tree oil as a cleanser or mask. J always follow with an oil on damp skin.

  2. Jola says

    I have actually tried honey as a face wash a few days ago after your article about hiperpigmenation. I went to visit my parents and didn’t bring my usual Aleppo soap with me (I have acne-prone skin), honey turned out to be great! Skin is soft and moisturised and I love how it changes its consistency when put on a face. Thanks for the idea, will be using it more often now!

  3. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jola,
    This is great news! I have my husband hooked on this as well and he has dry skin. It has worked wonders for him too.
    Best wishes!

  4. says

    Thanks Dawn. I have played around with lots of different face cleansers lately. I tried the oil cleansing method for a little bit. Recently, I have been using a makeup remover from the local health food store followed by sunflower oil and water to clean and moisturize.

    I haven’t tried raw honey yet, but it sounds like something that has a lot of beneficial properties. I will have to search out some raw honey soon. Thanks again!

  5. Gina says


    Thank you for this great info about the honey face wash. Do you use it everyday? What do you put on your face afterwards, and what type of moisturizer do you put on your face afterwards as well?

    Thank you.

  6. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Gina,
    I was my face with raw honey every morning then add rhassoul clay to the honey in the evening to remove my mineral makeup. Afterwards I tone with aloe juice or the DIY toner and moisturize with a natural oil like camellia, olive, grapeseed, jojoba etc. mainly whatever I have at the time. Details and linkss for my beauty routine here. Have a beautiful day!

  7. Melinda says

    Hi Dawn, I am estatic about this natural and inexpensive way to beautiful healthy skin. However, you stated that you follow with a toner and moisterizing? Is that necessary? If so, please what kind of toner do you use and moisterizer?

    Thanks a whole bunch,


  8. Vsez says

    I’ve washed my face w/ raw organic honey instead of my Avon facial wash this past week & my face is glowing! Don’t get me wrong I love my Avon, but I’ve never had results like this. I have a new staple in my routine. Thanks so much!

  9. keisha says

    Hi Dawn,

    I have fallen in love with your site! I have a quick question. Do you miss the rhassoul clay with water first and then once you have the paste you add the honey? I’m just wondering how exactly do you use the clay with the honey.


  10. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Keisha,

    When using the raw honey and rhassoul clay together, I mix them in the palm of my hand. I scoop out a quarter size amount of honey, then top with equal amounts of rhassoul and a few drops of water and mix with wet fingers. I massage this into my face for a few minutes then rinse.

    I can be a bit messy, but it’s no big deal to me. These ingredients work wonders together. Hope that helps.

    Dawn Michelle

  11. keisha says

    Thanks for explaining your process about the rhassoul clay and honey Dawn! How long have you been using the minimalist approach to your skin? Did you have any blemishes before starting and if so approximately how long did take for you to see results using the minimalist appproach?

  12. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Keisha,

    I’ve been using very simple skin care since January 2010 when I decided that I wanted to pay off my debt. I used to spend over $100 on skin care every month and a half or so. I can honestly say that since I simplified my regimen, started doing less overall to it, and of course drinking more water it has greatly improved.

    I began noticing improvement within a month or so. When I first started using rhassoul clay I was only mixing it with water and using it morning and night. I hadn’t discovered the wonderful healing benefits of raw honey yet. The two together is phenomenal! Now I mainly use only raw honey to wash my face in the morning and then add the rhassoul at night. I will sometimes use the raw honey and rhassoul twice a day if it looks like my skin needs it, but less really is more for me right now.

    My largest skin dilemma has always been hyperpigmentation especially after a breakout. That’s the main reason that I wrote Soften Hyperpigmentation Naturally. Minimizing my breakouts with raw honey and rhassoul clay has helped so much I can’t even believe it. Also since using natural oils, doing fruit enzyme masks (DIY or bought) every once and a while, and maintaining a balanced skin pH, I’ve seen an amazing overall improvement. It is part of my job to maintain beautiful skin. I’m just glad that I found a way to do it without spending a fortune. Let me know how it works out for you.

    Dawn Michelle

  13. lily says

    Hi Dawn,
    I have acne-prone skin. I’ve washed my face w/ raw organic honey & it has worked wonders! I hardly get acne and if i do, they go away quickly. my Skin is now soft and moisturized. since my skin is somewhat oily, i wash my face w/ raw organic honey and oatmeal powder in the evening. Thanks so much!

  14. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lily! I’m so glad that the raw honey face wash is working so well for you too! Oatmeal powder is a wonderful addition as well.

  15. Ana says

    Hi, thank you for all the great info. I recently started making a honey/royal jelly/ground nectarine pit scrub that is pretty amazing. First I used a honey royal jelly mix and then I made one from scratch myself with coffee blosom honey (very dark) and freeze dried royal jelly. It’s not quite as good so Im trying to figure out why
    Have you found any difference in using light vs dark honey?

  16. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ana,

    I’ve used uncooked creamed honey and raw honey, but not the very dark honey that you describe. The mix that you’ve been creating and testing out sounds pretty amazing though. Royal jelly is an ingredient in many natural skin care products so it is great that you’ve included that ingredient. I wish I had more info for you. Let me know how it works out though.

    Enjoy your day!

  17. miwa says

    Hi Dawn,
    I was wondering if you can mix the honey with ACV to deeply cleanse your face. I have oily skin and sometimes the honey doesn’t clean the oil on my face.

  18. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Miwa,
    I’ve never tried this combination yet it may turn out perfect for you. I was hoping that the ideas on this blog would encourage my readers to create some of their own DIY products as well. Have tried using a toner or oil cleansing with jojoba oil prior to using the honey? Jojoba oil is amazing for balancing oil production on dry, oily, and combination skin. It is gentle an also cleansing. Let me know if this helps any.
    Best wishes!

  19. miwa says

    I’ve tried oil cleansing, but it made me break out. I noticed that Trader Joes have raw neem honey. Have you tried it? I wonder if the neem would make a difference. Thanks for replying =)

  20. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Miwa, My experience with oil cleansing 3 1/2 years ago also led to more blemishes and seriously clogged pores. Check out this article and let me know what you think.

  21. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for posting this information! I read your post this morning, and I immediately went out to get a jar of raw honey. I only purchased a small jar in case my skin didn’t like the treatment. I should have bought a TUB! After one cleanse with raw honey (and moisturizing with sweet almond oil), my skin is already softer, more hydrated, brighter, more even and just BETTER! This is my new secret weapon. Thank you! :)

  22. Dawn Michelle says

    I’m so glad that the raw honey face wash is working out so well for you Sarah! Have a beautiful weekend!

  23. Tifa says

    Hi ,
    The honey wash works well on my face. Do you think honey can be used to wash hair (mainly scalp) as well?

  24. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tifa,
    I’m glad that raw honey has worked well for you as a face wash! In terms of cleansing your scalp with it, I’m not sure. The peroxide properties in honey have been used to lighten hair naturally. You might like this article. You may like using clay as shampoo.
    Have a beautiful day!

  25. Stephanie says

    Hi Dawn!

    I am not sure how I got onto your site, but I assume by Pinterest! I also use raw honey as a face mask/cleanser for almost a year now and have seen such changes with my skin, its a miracle. Whenever I do get a breakout, I run for my honey. Sometimes I do mix a very tiny bit of tea tree oil in it which really helps bring heads to stubborn pimples! I am very interested in this Rhassoul clay!! This is the first time reading about this clay, after reading info from your site and doing a little side research, I will defiently be purchasing! I am thankful to have come across your site and learning about it, I am always intrigued with learning new natural remedies than chemical store bought ones! Thank you again, and I will be back! I am excited! =)

  26. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Stephanie, Thanks so much for sharing your excitement! I’m also so glad that the raw honey face wash is working out so well for you. Best wishes with everything that you are doing!

  27. Najeebah Silvia says

    Hello again Dawn!

    I sooo wish I would’ve found your wonderful blog of gems sooner => but I also feel it’s right on time! I’ve started doing the honey face wash ( I get my honey from Trader Joes also – love them!) and I LOVE it. I have really really dry flaky skin that has been inconsolable since entering into my 30’s – aren’t hormone awesome!?!?! haha I’ve tried the OCM with sort of good results but it didn’t completely get rid of the flakes. I started using the honey and saw a big difference right away. As of late I’ve been trying a mix of honey and a lil dab of my oil mix (coconut, olive and a bit of almond oil)….GASP! It’s awesome. I finally feel like I have good, healthy and moisturized skin. I don’t have to check for flakes every time I get up from my desk at work. I do need to step up my water & herbal tea consumption. But all in all, I’m just thirlled cause the war with my face is over (hopefully). Sorry for the novel, can you tell I tend to ramble??lol

    Thanks for all that you do Dawn & have a great day!

  28. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Najeebah, I’m so glad that raw honey is working out for you as face wash. Trader Joe’s is pretty awesome! No worries about the “novel” since I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Have a great day too!

  29. says

    I just wanted to let you know that I use raw Manuka Honey-it works wonders for acne prone skin!!!

    Prior to reading your blog I was only using it as a spot treatment – it has a heafty price tag, HOWEVER, since I’m no longer buying toners, expensive night creams and all that other crap the 16-22$ honey is worth it :)

  30. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ali Mc,

    I have yet to try Manuka Honey. Crazy huh!! I’m glad that it is working out for you though. It is so true that when you are no longer buying a whole bunch of cosmetics you can instead spend more on one quality natural product to serve multiple purposes!

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. SM Houser says

    Is the honey enough to remove dirt/oil/makeup? Do you alternate between the honey & the jojoba oil (OCM) or do you prefer one over the other?

  32. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi SM Houser,
    I am currently in love with oil cleansing as my primary face wash and use raw honey with rhassoul clay as a weekly treatment or another facial mask. I was using only raw honey as a face wash before though and found that it cleansed off makeup and dirt very well. Mind you the makeup that I wear is either homemade or all natural without mineral oil which usually makes makeup extremely heavy and difficult to wash off. I usually do a facial mask 1-2 times per week and oil cleanse with jojoba oil and essential oils daily. Have you tried the raw honey as a face wash yet?
    ~Dawn Michelle

  33. Lynsey C says

    After using my honey mask/cleanser I have found that jojoba oil works wonders as a moisturizer and an effortless makeup remover! I massage a few drop on my face while it is still damp after rinsing the honey then pat the excess dry. It leaves your skin so silky smooth and glowy.
    At night, or when I’m lazy, or when I just don’t have time for the honey mask, I have a 2:1 ratio of honey:jojoba oil with a splash of Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar. I keep this mixture in a glass jar that I dip into and wash with which acts as an all-in-one cleanser, toner, makeup remover and moisturizer!
    Just thought I’d share my variation!

  34. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Linsey, Sounds like the perfect simple skin care regimen. Jojoba oil has made such an amazing difference in my routine as well. Thanks for sharing and hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  35. Marisa says

    I’ve been using raw honey for almost two months. Love how it feels and my skin is definitely softer, BUT I started to get all these small bumps.
    Now I am not completely sure if it was the honey that did it. I have acne prone skin and was using topicals for my acne and then decided to go natural. Recently, I’ve started using jojoba oil and vitamin e oil. but the bumps were there prior to using these oils. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

  36. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Marisa,
    I wrote this article with you in mind. I hope that there is some information in it that will spark something and be helpful to you. Also try adding essential oils to your jojoba oil. It changes the consistency of the oil and adds some crazy amazing benefits to the skin.
    Dawn Michelle

  37. Beckyspaniel says

    When I was first told by a friend to try using raw honey as a face wash, I was skeptical that it would work. I’ve worked in high end spas and used expensive products for years. How could something so minimal be the answer to my acne and hyper pigmentation problems? I purchased Raw unfiltered unpasturized honey for less than ten dollars at the health food store and within a week started to see visible improvements in my skin, just washing my face twice daily with the raw honey; not to mention it taste great. I don’t feel the need to conceal my skin behind makeup anymore thanks to this miricale food, but it does seem to take it off my mineral
    makeup. Truly one of the best kept natural beauty secrets! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Beckyspaniel, Raw honey is truly amazing! My absolute favorite combo is raw honey, organic sugar, and lemon juice. It’s what I call the DIY Gentle Exfoliating Mask. I’m so glad you’ve also enjoyed the benefits of such a simple skin care beauty secret. Best wishes!

  39. Jeannie says

    Hi Dawn, I tried the honey and rhassoul clay for the first time tonight. I mixed the two in a glass bowl and applied to my wet face. As I rubbed it around however the clay beaded up into like little hard pebbles. Is that normal? Does that happen to you? Will try it with just water tomorrow. Wasn’t sure the clay was doing anything for my skin since it beaded up like that.
    Love your website and your philosophy.

  40. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jeannie, When I use rhassoul clay with raw honey I simple scoop a tiny bit of the two with a spoon and mix in the palm of my hand before applying. I always run one hand under running water before applying as well so that it mixes smoothly. If the rhassoul clay is powdered finely it should mix pretty well. I’ve also use rhassoul with water and it was also good. If you notice that you skin needs more moisture, raw honey will do the trick. Best wishes and I’m so glad that your love the site!

  41. Regine says

    Following your suggestion, I started using raw honey as my facial cleaner 4 days ago; and I love love love it. Thanks so much!

  42. Tonia says

    I’ve been using Trader Joe’s raw organic honey as my face wash for the last month and I must say I can see a difference. The dark spots on my face appear to be fading, and my skin is not oily as it used to be. I would find myself dabbing and loaded down with oily tissues, but since washing my face with hney I haven’t had to do that. And I also use a organic brown sugar, raw organic honey and lemon juice scrub once a week and it’s wonderful!

  43. Dawn Michelle says

    Wow Tonia this is great! I’m so happy that this simple DIY beauty is working so well for you. Raw honey is the truth! Best wishes!

  44. Jamie Watts says

    How about protection again UV rays etc? Do you have a more natural method of ensuring protection?

    Also, will this honey-based cleanser unclog nose pores? That’s probably my most prominent issue with my skin.

  45. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jamie,

    When I use sunscreen I use the Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ which I mention here. Also one thing that I’m learning about my skin care in particular is that less is more. Our skin naturally has the skills to balance itself yet many times it’s pH is out of balance by many commercial products and synthetic ingredients.

    Adding a gentle natural exfoliant like rhassoul clay will greatly help with clogged pores. I used to use rhassoul clay daily with raw honey, yet now I only use it to exfoliate. Raw honey contains natural antibacterial agents and gently kill bacteria while moisturizing and brightening skin while not altering the skin’s pH balance.

    Also approaching your skin care from a few different angles can really help overall too! Enjoy your weekend!

  46. Geraldine Housen says

    Hello Michelle,

    I’d love to incorporate more essential oils and or “natural” ingredients into my skin regime, but I find that raw sources (specifically raw honey) are personally above my daily budget.

    I understand your notice of removed nutrients, but can you offer me any suggestions?

  47. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Geraldine,

    Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area? Their raw honey is priced really inexpensively compared to other stores. I have bought Whole Foods 365 Brand of raw honey for around $6 too.

    Another inexpensive form of natural skin care would be oil cleansing. You can use one oil such as jojoba oil to cleanse and moisturize you skin. If you’d like to add essential oils to your jojoba oil here are some options. I’ve fallen in love with using microfiber cloths which you can read about here which will make sure that all the oil is removed from your skin.

    Aloe vera is another very healing natural product that you could use to tone and moisturize skin as well as for hair. You can find it sold by the gallon very inexpensively at Trader Joe’s as well or at Mountain Rose Herbs. I hope this helps!

  48. Lisa says

    Hi Dawn,
    So I’ve been using the Raw Honey method for a couple of days now. And I’ve developed patches of tiny bumps on my skin. I’m wondering if it it’s just a reaction from changing products. Before I used acne face washes and creams. I don’t think it’s allergic but it could be possible. Any clue why this is happening?

  49. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lisa,

    When I was working in cosmetics we were always told if a client has small tiny bumps as a reaction from using a product, it usually is an allergy to an ingredient. At the same time it could also be the skin detoxing. This is when using your intuition comes into play. For starters if you were using products that has strong chemical ingredients or were very drying/dehydrating, your skin may be trying to adjust from not using them. On the other hand, you want to make the transition from what you were currently using to something natural as smooth as possible.

    Whenever I’ve allowed my skin to heal and balance itself, it has actually surprised me. What I’ve done is given my skin as much time to be makeup free as possible. I would then give my skin a thorough cleansing and moisturize. The next day or so I’d do absolutely nothing to my skin outside of rinsing it with water. I wouldn’t wear makeup during those days either. What this would do is simply allow myself some time from trying to figure things out and also my skin some time to heal itself undisturbed. Then if I try the product again and if it doesn’t work as I’d like I know for sure and am ready to take a different approach or try a different product or method.

    If you want to try a very simple natural skin care approach you could try oil cleansing. I also recommend a bunch of natural cosmetic lines to choose from on the Beauty No-Nos page if that is the direction you feel like going in. Please keep me posted on how things work out and I wish you the very best.

    ~Dawn Michelle

  50. Janetta says

    Hi Dawn,

    I’m learing all sorts of interesting infomation about natural skin care from reading your blog. I’m approaching 30 and now it seems as if my skin wants to act up. I break out mostly around my chin and cheek area. I’ve been told thats due to hormonal changes and I have “hormonal acne”. I want to stop using commericalized products and try something natural and organic. Have you found that raw honey, rhassoul clay (where can I purchase some), and jojoba oil have helped with this type of acne?

    Not only do I get bumps under my skin but also white heads as well. Most recently I’ve noticed light patches on my lower chin. The first light spot appeared after I had a micro peel plus, then it seem to spread after I started getting microdermabrasion (3 treatments)I’m brown skin so its fairly obvious, do you have any reccomdations for this? I’ve been told I have sensitive but oily skin and most “acne” products dry me out and causes my skin to break out more.

    I’m desperate to find a regimen that works, I have never had a acne problem until now. Sorry for the long post but I need to give some background info :)

    Peace and Blessings

  51. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Janetta,

    Using raw honey or even Manuka honey as a face wash is absolutely amazing no matter what your skin type is. Also oil cleansing especially with microfiber cloths are another simple all natural option for healthy skin. You may also want to look into a multifaceted way to heal your skin.

    Whenever I experience skin troubles, I try to figure out what’s going on inside my body. If you are taking new medications, under extreme stress, eating differently, are allergic to something etc. you skin can react. Your skin is one way to have a clue about your physical health. My best advice would be to see a nutritionist. You will then be able to find out what’s going on inside your body in terms of vitamin/mineral deficiencies for example and make the changes needed to create the balance that your body needs which will in turn create beautiful skin. Seeing a skin specialist alone will only be a topical solution versus getting to the core of the hormonal imbalance. There are also other naturopathic doctors that can be helpful. Use your intuition and see someone you feel comfortable with.

    Our bodies are changing constantly and sometime we have to make changes with it. I wish you the very best and hope that this is helpful. Going chemical free with beauty is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health so I always recommend it.

    ~Dawn Michelle

  52. Janetta says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thank you so much for responding to my post. I appreciate all the advice you offered and I will be looking into seeing a nutritionist as soon as possible. I think I will detox as well to help me figure out if something I’m eating is breaking me out.


  53. Janetta says

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve been using honey to wash my face and the jojoba oil for almost a week now. But I noticed my face is breaking out with little fine bumps everywhere :O I know one of them is breaking me out but not sure which one. Have you ever had this problem?


  54. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Janetta,

    Are you wearing makeup at all? Raw honey alone doesn’t sufficiently remove makeup from the skin which is why I will either mix raw honey with rhassoul clay or oil cleanse to remove makeup. I have found that my skin will break out if all of my makeup is not removed properly. Another option is to cleanse your skin with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths will remove all of your makeup with just warm water. Then you can use whatever cleanser that you like problem free.

    Also small bumps can be the skin detoxing or a possible allergy to a product. I am not a skin specialist yet this is what I learned working in cosmetics. If you do not see an improvement definitely make the changes needed so that you do. I hope that this is helpful.

    Dawn Michelle

  55. Janetta says

    Hi Dawn,

    I’m not really into makeup so the most I wear is eye liner and mascara, sometimes lip color if I’m feeling fancy Lol. But I always take it off before bed. Im think I might have been using the jojoba oil too much, I was using the honey then the oil right after and putting it on my face to moisturize for the day. I’m going to cut back on using it and just add 1 or 2 drops to my daily moisturizer and see how that goes. I’m going to try the microfiber cloths as well. As always thanks for responding to my post :)


  56. Paul says

    Does it work for red marks or brown marks from acne?

    Is this effective as oppose to using raw honey as a mask for 15-20 minutes?

    If one should try honey, should one opt to buy raw honey first or manuka honey?

  57. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Paul,
    Raw honey is wonderful for brightening the skin. I honestly haven’t tried manuka honey before yet have heard some amazing things about it. You may also find this article helpful about reducing hyperpigmentation naturally and also may benefit from adding turmeric into your skin care regimen. Turmeric masks are extremely helpful for healing acne and fading acne scars as well.
    Best wishes!

  58. Chloe says

    Hey Dawn,

    I just started using raw honey as a face wash tonight hoping it would help clear up my acne and scars. But i also use sebamed facial clenser before the honey in the shower and then after the shower i use and antibiodic cream perscribed from my doctor. I was wondering if all this would he too much on my skin. I only do this routine once a day but i dont want to wreck my skin. Any tips would be appreciated :)

  59. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Chloe,

    I recently wrote this article all about acne and hyperpigmentation which may be helpful to you. I am all about doing less to your skin especially if it is irritated. I consider acne as irritated skin. Also today I wrote this article about the specific oils to use if you are acne prone. I think there is a lot of information in both articles. When dealing with any skin issue there is a lot to take into consideration. Let me know if you have another question after reading those two articles.

    Dawn Michelle

  60. Levina Dumbi says

    Dear Dawn, pls what can i use to clear the blemish on my face and lighten the face a little without side effect? Pls i need your help.

  61. says

    I really enjoy your site, it has a lot of great reliable information! I was wondering, where does one get raw honey? I know of beekeepers that sell honey straight from their farm and I’ve used that befoe with lacking results, and I began to think perhaps that is not raw honey. So how do I know if it is in fact raw and what is the most reliable place I can get it?

  62. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Alithea,

    I’ve purchased raw honey from both Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other natural grocery stores. The container will say “raw” on the label. I find raw honey as a face wash to be extremely gentle and hydrating for the skin. It has worked wonders for my husband (he has dry skin), yet for me I found oil cleansing with oils high in linoleic acid to be even better as a daily face wash for my skin (I have combination skin). I’ve read that some enjoy oil cleansing at night and using raw honey as a face wash in the morning. We are all so unique so it does take some trial and error to figure out what works for each of us. I wish you the best of everything!

  63. Jessie says

    Hey, I came across your page when googling Raw Honey Face Wash. I’m not entirely sure what type of skin I have. I never use to have skin problems but for the last year my skin went out of wack. I’m trying to solve the problem naturally as I tried the OCM but it’s not for me. I currently am using raw honey with a little bit of organic oats that I grounded up into a powder form. I guess my question to you is…. How long does it usually take to see results generally? Do you think adding the oats will be too abrasive as Im slightly exfoliating with it 2x a day. My main concern is my texture. Its rough, dull and has tiny tiny bumps.

  64. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jessie,

    It takes some investigation to really understand what is going on with your skin. I’ve been doing my best to figure this out for myself for years. I’ve realized that having clear skin is so much more than just our skin care products. Looking at many possibilities are needed to create the balance inside your body as well as topically for beautiful skin.

    The most recent article considers your emotions which are a major part as well as diet, digestion, water intake, hormones etc. You can read more here. The other article discusses a multifaceted approach to skin care which you can see here.

    I had a discovery last year which I also wrote about that brought all of this information together with understanding carrier oils and the oleic vs linoleic acid content which greatly affect acne. You can see this information here which also links to scientific evidence.

    Lastly all skin types need hydration. To maintain hydration in my skin I do weekly herbal steams which have also greatly improved the texture and moisture levels in my skin. Steaming also allows you cleansing and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the skin at a very deep level.

    Using raw honey and oats as a gentle facial cleanser daily is fine as long as your skin enjoys it. This combination may not remove all makeup if you wear it so definitely stay aware if this the case for you. Leftover makeup after cleansing can also irritate the skin.

    I’ve linked a ton of articles in this response mainly because it is difficult to diagnose anyone over the computer so prefer to share as much as I have learned so far instead. If you are trying new skin care solutions only use one new product/ingredient at a time to have a clear understanding what is working for you and what is not. Hydrating your skin from the inside and outside will also help with your gentle exfoliation. You may also need to add more healthy fats to your diet.

    Hope this helps and keep me posted on your progress!

  65. Desi says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    I discovered your blog yesterday and I Love it! Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

    I currently cleanse my face with Jojoba Oil (a few drops of Neroli Essential Oil added) and Rose Hydrolat (a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil added), every morning and evening!

    First I spray a cotton pad with the Rose Hydrolat/Lavender mixture and gently wipe my face & neck. Then I used another cotton pad with a little of the Jojoba/Neroli mix again, gently wiping my face and neck. I then use a little more of the Hydrolat to remove any excess oil, mainly in my forehead, cheek, chin and neck. I tend to get dry itchy breakouts around my nose and brows so I don’t remove the oil from those areas. It’s worked wonders for my skin.

    I tried your raw honey cleanse this morning and love the way my face felt after. I think I might start alternating the two. Jojoba & Honey. I’ve been reading up on Morrocan Beauty Secrets and Rhassoul is always mentioned. Is there a particular brand that you suggest? I’m from the Caribbean and would have to order it online.

    Thank you again for your wonderful blog.



  66. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Desi,
    Welcome and thanks for sharing your simple and natural beauty regimen! I purchase rhassoul clay usually from Mountain Rose Herbs yet I don’t think they ship internationally at this time. I’ve seen rhassoul clay sold online in various forms yet purchase a powdered clay. I’ll keep my eyes out for another seller in the meantime.
    Best wishes!

  67. Desi says

    Hi Dawn, Thank You. I read through your posts and found where you mentioned Mountain Rose Herbs. Luckily I have a friend traveling to America shortly. I’ve ordered and shipped it to her US address. I can’t wait to try it. In the meantime, I’ve got lots of oats and a coffee grinder :-) I will try that until my precious package arrives. I’m thinking of doing a Moringa/Oat Blend (I have lots of dried Moringa leaves) What do you think?

  68. Cass says

    Excellent post. Thank you for giving us more than anecdotal experience. You know what you’re talking about.

  69. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cass,
    Thanks for your comment! I hope that you are having a brilliant day <3

  70. Rachael says


    Thank you for this article and your wonderful blog!

    I’ve been using natural mineral makeup and mineral sunscreen for some time now.

    However, I’ve been washing my face up until a week ago with Simple brand moisturizing face wash. While, it is the most gentle non-irritating commercial face cleanser I have found for my skin, I still had to put on globs of oil after washing or my face would get really dry.

    A few weeks ago I had to stop taking birth control pills due to finding out that my migraines make a me a stroke risk on the pill.

    Estrogen withdrawal caused a 2 week massive migraine. When I have a migraine my face turns a deep red color, gets dry and itchy and BURNS like crazy. You can imagine what I looked and felt like after 2 weeks of this. I have fair Irish skin, very pink cheeks and a minor case of Rosacea to boot!

    I stumbled upon some information about washing your face with raw honey for treating Rosacea.

    After a week of washing with nothing but raw honey and wearing no makeup or moisturizer whatsoever, my skin is actually calmer than before I got the migraine! Yes, the migraine did go away finally :)

    Plus, it’s not dry or oily at all!

    I’m so hooked for life.

  71. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rachael,
    I’m so glad that you don’t have migraines anymore! I am also happy that using raw honey as a face wash has been healing for your skin. I appreciate you sharing this and hope that you have a wonderful day!

  72. Nicole says

    Hello just want to say I love this website and so far I really like the raw honey cleanse!!!!! I need some recipes for natural curly hair shampoos and conditioners

  73. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for the compliment! I’m really glad that you are also enjoying raw honey for a face wash. I currently have a list of the DIY recipe categories listed in the side bar. I recently did some changes to make navigating this site easier. For natural hair care recipes you may want to start with this hair care series. It shares a ton of info.
    Best wishes!

  74. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Purva,
    Look for raw organic honey. The brand is not that important in my opinion. <3

  75. LaMicah says

    Hi Dawn,

    I have sensitive and acne-prone skin and about 4 months ago I had a huge breakout from using make-up and the same make up pad. I only use to breakout in my T-zone from time to time but since using the make-up my cheeks have broken out really bad. I then decided to use witch hazel face wash and toner and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way by switching to different products which was a bad idea, but I have pretty bad hyperpigmentation which is pretty embarrassing and seems like it’s taking forever to fade away even though I’ve been using Ambi fade cream. I also purchases Raw Honey, but Idk if using it on top my face wash, toner and creams is keeping me from seeing results. Sorry for the long story but I guess my question to you is do you have any advice on what I can do/use to get my skin back clear?

  76. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi LaMicah,

    Your skin has the ability to heal itself so I honestly suggest literally leaving it alone. Even if only for the weekend or when off from work or school don’t wear any makeup and only wash your face gently with water. Sometimes your skin needs a serious break from products which in many cases only make your skin worse not better.

    Also get rid of chemical skin care products. I share a series of skin care article on this here. There are so many toxic ingredients in beauty products.

    Lastly it is important to care for your skin from the inside out with a healthy diet, exercise, etc. I share here how I cleared my skin and acne scars. This article may help too.

    Best wishes!

  77. carolyn says

    Will honey remove your make up? Is there anything else you can mix it with ? I read that honey is a good cleanser for make up free skin. What has been your experience?

  78. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Carolyn,
    Raw honey will not remove makeup alone. I mentioned that I’ve mixed raw honey with rhassoul clay in the past which helps remove makeup, yet oil cleansing which I share here has proven the best way to remove makeup for me. You can see my current beauty regimen here. <3

  79. Licia says


    Please what can i use to clear facial sunburn gotten from the use of a cream that contain steriod.(clear essence)

  80. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Licia,
    Do you mean that the cream burned your skin like a chemical burn? I did write an article about how I healed my sunburn awhile back if you mean healing a sunburn which you can see here. Aloe vera is wonderful for gently soothing and healing skin. Hope this helps!

  81. keerthi says

    Hi Dawn
    just now i have gone through ur website…its really very good even i want to try raw honey..my question is can i apply raw honey daily i.e twice to my face?i have a dusky skin tone.I want to improve my skin complexion..please help me
    and also the main question is how to know wheather I am allergic to honey or not?how to do a patch test?please explain me. I want to try raw honey to my face..

  82. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Keerthi,
    Raw honey is an awesome face wash. It won’t remove makeup though but if you don’t wear it you can easily use solely raw honey as your morning and evening face wash. You can find more natural facial cleanser options here and also get the specifics on how to do a cosmetic skin patch test here. Best wishes!

  83. Awo says

    Hi Dawn! Are you still using raw honey for your skin? I currently don’t wear makeup now but plan too but would like to keep my skincare routine to just two products. Can I just use water to wash my face if I’m using all natural and non- toxic makeup?

  84. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Awo,
    I have added raw honey into my skin care regimen and will share the details in an article coming up soon. Washing your face with just water is wonderful in the morning but even natural makeup needs to be removed properly. There is a natural mascara that I found removes easily with just water though and I wrote about it here. The dark brown/espresso removes easily with just water yet the black needs a bit more help. Regardless face makeup especially needs to be removed with more than water in my opinion. Using a microfiber cloth with warm water is also an option yet I find using an oil with a microfiber cloth to be more gentle. I hope this helps some.

  85. Nav says

    I have been using Raw Honey (cant afford manuka right now.. but will give it a go one day.. ) but i love love love Raw Honey

    My skin is acne prone but im over using chemical based products on my face, honey is everything! (i get mine from the vitamin shoppe). I have been using it since Aug 14, 2014

    and i have noticed if my diet is stable, so is my acne as soon as i get fussy with my diet…. my face starts to show it.. which just tells me i don’t need products made for acne treatments, which is a great thing!! i just need to eat good (for the most part).. and stick with products with are great for your skin, as raw honey is for me :)

  86. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nav,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! How well we eat is everything! I’m so glad raw honey is working well for you too. Have a beautiful day!