Oils Specifically For Acne Prone Skin


I’ve been consistently using natural ingredients for a simple skin care regimen for almost four years now.  Simple ingredients have been the best thing for my skin especially without all of the questionable ingredients in many cosmetic skin care lines.  While researching natural carrier oils,  I’ve been learning about the composition of carrier oils, and what make them different.

One key factor that makes some oils work for some but not for others is the ratio of linoleic acid to oleic acid in the chemical composition in each oil.

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid also omega-9 fatty acid.  Linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid also omega-6 fatty acid.  “Acne patients have also been shown to have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin surface lipids.” —Source

When our skin is deficient in linoleic acid, our skin’s natural sebum becomes thick and sticky which clogs pores and creates acne.

Usually oily congested and acne prone skin’s sebum is predominately composed of oleic acid.  We can create the linoleic acid versus oleic acid balance needed by applying oils high in linoleic acid directly to our skin.  When our skin’s natural sebum is predominately composed of lipids high in linoleic acid we have little to no break outs.

I did my own personal experiment where I eliminated all natural carrier oils that were high in oleic acid in all of my products, and instead only used products or ingredients high in linoleic acid.  My experiment proved this theory correct.  My skin has become much clearer since using only products or ingredients high in linoleic acid.  There are many wonderful carrier oils in nature, yet if you are acne prone then being more specific about which oils that you use is important.  One of my favorite oils, tamanu oil, has incredible skin regenerative properties for scars and burns.  Once I found that tamanu oil is somewhat balanced between oleic and linoleic acid, yet still higher in oleic acid, I will only use it as a spot treatment for scars or as an under eye treatment versus all over my face and body.

Oils Higher in Oleic Acid

Avocado Oil—Oleic–63%  Linoleic–9.8%

Apricot Kernel Oil—Oleic–64.2%  Linoleic–28.3%

Hazelnut Oil—Oleic–79.2  Linoleic–12%

Shea Nut Oil-–Oleic–73.15  Linoleic–13.71

Macadamia Oil—Oleic–53.8%  Linoleic–1.8%

Sea Buckthorn Oil—Oleic–28.4%  Linoleic–6.8%

Olive Oil—Oleic–55.28%  Linoleic–17.84%

Sweet Almond Oil (Organic)—Oleic–66.6%  Linoleic–24.8%

Palm Fruit Oil—Oleic–41%  Linoleic–9.5%

Somewhat Balanced Oils Higher in Oleic Acid

Jojoba Oil-–Oleic–5-15%  Linoleic–5%

Flaxseed Oil—Oleic–21%  Linoleic–16%

Tamanu Oil—Oleic–41.4%  Linoleic–29.7%

Argan Oil—Oleic–42-48%  Linoleic–30-38%

Coconut Oil (Unrefined)—Oleic–5-10%  Linoleic–1-2.5%

Coconut Oil (Refined)—Oleic–4.39%  Linoleic–0.95%

Oils Higher in Linoleic Acid

Safflower Oil—Oleic–8-30%  Linoleic–68-85%

Black Cumin Seed Oil—Oleic–22.6%  Linoleic–55.6%

Hemp Seed Oil—Oleic–10.71%  Linoleic–56.48%

Evening Primrose Oil—Oleic–8.4%  Linoleic–72.6%

Pumpkin Seed Oil—Oleic–23.3%  Linoleic–57.2%

Rosehip Seed Oil—Oleic–13.9%  Linoleic–44.1%

Grape Seed Oil—Oleic–16.2%  Linoleic–70.6%

Soybean Oil—Oleic–22.72%  Linoleic–52.97%

Wheat Germ Oil—Oleic–12.1%  Linoleic–58.4%
(Please note that wheat germ oil is one of the highest ranking oils on the comedogenic list so results may vary greatly using this oil.  I did not have success using this oil for skin at all, although I love using it for my hair.  I wouldn’t personally recommend this oil for skin.)

Somewhat Balanced Oils Higher in Linoleic Acid

Castor Oil—Oleic–3.93  Linoleic–4.32%
(Please note that castor oil is a purging oil so definitely use with caution.  This may not be the best oil to begin with.)

Kukui Nut Oil—Oleic–25.4%  Linoleic–39.8%

Pomegranate Oil—Oleic–6.2  Linoleic–7.1

Sesame Oil—Oleic–39.21%  Linoleic–45.69%

What I’ve found in researching these oils is that some carrier and cooking oils can be genetically modified which is unhealthy and can alter the chemical composition, therefore it is important to purchase organic carrier oils.  For example I’ve found conflicting chemical composition percentages on both sunflower and safflower oil because these oils are sometimes genetically modified.  If you are buying oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, the percentages for most of the natural oils that they sell are provided which is extremely helpful and many of their oils are organic.  I also noticed that some oils percentages between oleic and linoleic acid varies slightly depending upon the where the oil is from.

If you have very serious acne, I would avoid all carrier oils with chemical compositions higher in oleic acid and use carrier oils/products that have ingredients with natural oils high in linoleic acid. This includes all skin care and hair care.

I personally don’t agree with avoiding all oils for those who are acne prone and looking for oil-free products.  I truly believe in using natural oils and essential oils to balance the skin.  Just like we learned in chemistry that like attracts like, cleansing with oils helps remove oils and dirt from the skin.  I think cleansing the skin with oils, and using them to moisturize the skin as needed helps the skin to find balance and heal.  My favorite way to oil cleanse is by gently removing the oil with a steamy wet microfiber cleansing cloth.

I have found oil cleansing to be extremely helpful and healing to my skin, yet using the right oils has been very critical to enjoying oil cleansing.

The general oils recommended for The Oil Cleansing Method, usually olive oil and castor oil, does not benefit those with serious acne or who are acne prone in the long run because of the chemical composition of olive oil.  After having tried oil cleansing that way over four years ago, I had ruled out oil cleansing all together.  The same is true for oil cleansing with jojoba oil.  Although jojoba oil is very close to our natural sebum, some jojoba oil can have a chemical composition that is a little bit higher in oleic acid depending upon where it is from.  It wasn’t until I started learning more about the differences with oils that I tried oil cleansing again successfully.

You can read exactly how I’ve included high linoleic acid oils in my daily skin care regimen for consistent results here.  Also please note that healing acne is not only a topical solution and should be looked at from a whole body healing experience.

Also if you are acne prone, and try using only high linoleic acid oils, please share your experience.  You can also see my extremely minimal beauty regimen here!

My One Year Update Using High Linoleic Oils Exclusively

(Image by Mountain Rose Herbs)

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  1. rachael says

    Could these oils be used as moisturizers as well? I have bad acne and was thinking of trying jojoba oil as a moisturizer, but after reading this I will try one of the other options. Thanks for the info!

  2. Glory Shabouk says

    i totally agree- i tried the oil cleansing metod in the past – bit it didnt really work- i was recently looking into ceramide oil for my hair and in the whole research process- found out about linolic acid- for acne and inflammation. I have some walnut oil ( 50% linolic acid) and tried it, as a cleanse- and in my HM cleanser- havent used it continuously- but have been noticing a positive change- and scars are fading. (I have had ongoing bouts with cysts for years- if no acne then there is inflammation /redness) of course will have to see how it goes long term.
    BTW- if you get a pimple- a great magic zap is onion! smash onion and dab juice ( overnight) and next few days watch it shrink : )

  3. Tsani says

    I knew that grape seed oil is good for oily skin, but I didn`t know why. This was really helpful and interesting information. Thank you! I`m using shea butter like day cream, because of its SPF, at first I was happy with the results but then my skin started to break out, may be it`s because of this oleic acid. I will try pumpkin oil or grape seed oil, although I wasn`t really happy with the results when I try grape seed oil for first time.

    Thank YOU, for shearing your experience and knowledge with us!

  4. Mimi says

    This is great info! Thanks 4 sharing & will pass on the wealth! BtW, love u’r site, fb… am a suscriber & long time fan!!!:)

  5. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Glory,
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and giving the beauty tip! It is good to hear that this concept is also working for another who is also acne prone. Hope you’re enjoying your day!

  6. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tsani,
    If you know grapeseed oil isn’t the best match for your skin then definitely try another. If you do try pumpkin seed oil let me know what you think. Best wishes!

  7. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi B,
    You can use any of the oils suggested for acne prone skin as an oil cleanser. I am currently using a cleansing oil that will be apart of my product line. I will give more skin care tips in another article as well. Hope this helps some.

  8. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rachael,
    Yes you could also use one of these oils as a moisturizer. I’ve noticed that with wonderful carrier oils, you only need a few drops for your entire face. They can last a pretty long time! Let me know how it works out for you <3

  9. cleocreek says

    You are so cool. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! It couldn’t have been more timely for me.

  10. gioia says

    Hello Dawn, thanks for taking time to share your knowledge with us. I have a question regarding your hair collection, How do you plan to preserve the products. Since I guess parabens are out of question as well as Optiphen I was asking myself this over and over again. It’s not easy when one is looking out for natural products I experienced the hassle and hope you’ll be able to find something that will be good.

  11. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Giola,
    I’m glad you enjoyed this article and I hope that it helps you. And no I won’t be using any toxic preservatives for my product line. Enjoy your day!

  12. C says

    Hi, I just started visiting your blog and it is very helpful! I am washing my face with honey and red clay at night to remove my BurnOut Sensitive Sunscreen (I don’t wear makeup), but I have found that this does not remove it completely and I am concerned I am going to bed with sunscreen residue on my face. I also tried swiping my face with oil (jojoba, grapeseed) to remove it, but then I have trouble removing the “dirty” (for lack of a better word) oil from my face. I usually end up using the remaining bits of my Kahina Facial Cleanser although I am trying to wean off of it. Do you have any thoughts or tips on what I can do to completely remove my physical sunscreen off my face in the evenings? I have tried so many green, natural cleansers but find that they are either not strong enough or too stripping on my sensitive skin. It’s pretty frustrating at times. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your response :)

  13. C says

    Hi! I recently started reading your blog and have a question regarding washing your face in the evenings. I’m cleansing with honey and red moroccan clay at night but I find it does not remove my sunscreen that well (I don’t use makeup, only Burnout Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30). Sometimes, I’ve swiped a cotton round with some oil (jojoba, grapeseed) to cleanse but then find it difficult to remove the oil with the day’s dirt from my face. I have sensitive skin and do not like to use scratchy ingredients or cloths on my face because it leads to irritation and break-outs. Usually, I end up using my Kahina Facial Cleanser, but I would really like to use a cleanser at night without any surfactants. I’m concerned I’m going to bed with sunscreen residue on my face. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  14. Malarie says

    This is one of the most helpful things I’ve ever read! I looked at my serum at home and I was using a high Oleic acid oil blend from Acure. I can’t wait until your line comes out. In the mean time, I am looking into MRH oils to make my own face and eye serum.

  15. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi C,
    I prefer oil cleansing especially at night versus using raw honey to remove makeup etc. Raw honey actually won’t remove heavy makeup anyway. I also only use microfiber cloths when oil cleansing as that has been how I’ve received the best results. Hope this helps!

  16. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi C,
    I noticed that you don’t like using “scratchy ingredients or cloths” yet if you haven’t tried oil cleansing with removing gently with a soft microfiber cloth I’d definitely suggest that. It is possible that your skin is sensitive to the ingredients in your current products so definitely look into the ingredients in your current products as well especially if they have other natural oils that are not high in linoleic acid.
    Best wishes!

  17. says

    What a helpful post! I looked at the ingredients of the products/self-made blends that I use that work for me, and they are all high in linoleic acid. I also noticed a while ago that coconut oil or shea butter would not work on my skin despite the many efforts I made, and now it’s possible that I finally know why! I too tried OCM in the past, but the blends were high in oleic acid, whereas the OCM blend I am using now happens to be balanced/high in linoleic acid. This article helps me tremendously for future blends and purchases.

    Finally – Do you have any idea when your line will debut?

    Thank you so much! 😀

  18. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi ScentualSoundtracks,
    I’m so glad that this has been so helpful! The more that I learn about specific ingredients that better I am able to care for my skin and hair. As for my product line, my schedule is just settling down a bit after working on a wonderful dance project that I just finished this past Wednesday. The rehearsal schedule really didn’t allow much else so my original launch date was pushed back even further. Once I get caught up again with everything I will have a better idea and will share it. Currently Minimalist Beauty, Azuha, and the product line are all “one woman shows” so juggling is a must, yet I am very excited to share the line when everything is ready.
    Best wishes!

  19. Carla says

    Great article,

    Can I use rosehip seed oil if I have oily acne prone skin?

    I currently remove my makeup with jojoba oil and then add a bit of tanamu to help with acne and scars

  20. Dawn Michelle says

    Thanks Carla! Rosehip seed oil was one of the oils that I mentioned above that is higher in linoleic acid. Any oil high in linoleic acid is great for acne prone skin. Definitely check out the list above of the oils high in linoleic acid and their percentages again when you get a chance. Best wishes!

  21. says

    This is really interesting, but a word of caution. Linoleic acid is a poly-unsaturated fat and will oxidise easily causing free radical damage (that’s why we use a lot of mono-unsaturated and saturated fats at Lyonsleaf)

    Rosehip oil is probably a good choice as it is high in antioxidants. Oils high in poly-unsaturates must be in date and stored in a cool dark place. Adding extra antioxidants like Vitamin E can’t do any harm and will reduce risk of oxidisation in the bottle and in your skin.

  22. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Vicky,

    I wouldn’t necessarily advise “caution” because some natural oils are more stable than others. Also these carrier oils mentioned in the article are not solely comprised of isolated linoleic acid. They still have oleic acid and other fatty acids as well. Yes some oils do have a longer shelf life than others and there are also some oils that need to be refrigerated. Knowing this is true for some oils, not all natural oils high in linoleic acid oxidize easily, nor would they cause free radical damage. Pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, grapeseed oil, and soybean oil are all extremely stable carrier oils with a long shelf life, will not oxidize easily, and yes are all high in linoleic acid.

    Hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil on the other hand for sure needs to be refrigerated, yet if mixed with a more stable carrier oil, or by adding an antioxidant like vitamin E which you mentioned, would improve the oils shelf life. Although hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil would need to be refrigerated or mixed with a more stable carrier oil/vitamin E, this does not make these oils any less healing to the skin in any way.

    Oils high in linoleic acid actually heal acne prone skin versus oils high in oleic acid which continue the cycle of breakouts and clogged pores. What I love about Mountain Rose Herbs is that they also give you the shelf life for the carrier oils that they sell along with other information about each carrier oil. It is important to read up on any natural ingredient that you are interested in trying so you know how to use it in the most effective way.

    Best wishes always!

  23. mangomadness says

    Very informative post!

    Sunflower oil and safflower oil do not break out my oily, acne-prone skin. Coincidentally, these are oils high in linoleic acid.

    Jojoba oil also works for me. I’ve used the Now brand and the Desert Essence (non-organic).

    I will try grapeseed oil next for oil cleansing/make up removal.

  24. madame oilslick says

    Good day and thank you for such an informative post. Do you have data on some of the African oils, marula, marajuca,argan even date oil prized as the gold of oil? Ready to start oil cleansing without the ignorance… I was using coconut oil now I am filled with blackheads… Duh

  25. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Madame Oilslick,
    Argan oil was listed in the article, yet I don’t have information on marula or marajuca oil at this time. There are so many natural carrier oils that its very challenging to keep up with them all. A pretty common carrier oil high in linoleic acid is grapeseed oil. Best wishes to you!

  26. Anne says

    Do u still use oatmeal cleanser as your daily skincare routine replacing chemical cleansers ? I read on makeup alley which says that oatmeal cleansing caused a commentor to have cold sores ?! Is it true !? Btw after oatmeal cleansing I apply Extra Vurgin Olive Oil to my skin…

  27. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anne,

    I oil cleanse daily, yet use oatmeal as a treatment mask for my skin. It is possible that the person who commented on Makeup Alley has a gluten sensitivity. In general oatmeal as been used for years to calm and soften irritated skin.

    Everyone is so different. If you have had success using oatmeal as a facial cleanser then definitely keep using it. I just do what I can to provide my readers with different all natural options because we are all so unique.

    Have a beautiful day!

  28. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Gabriyelle.
    Tea tree oil is considered an essential oil. The oils mentioned in this article are all carrier oils. Carrier oils are much different than essential oils and not as concentrated. I honestly don’t know the biological composition of tea tree oil, yet I do know that it is best to add essential oils to carrier oils to use topically. You can learn a bit more about tea tree oil here though.
    Hope this helps!

  29. anne says

    Ty for your reply ! I have sensitive and very dry skin do you have any recommendations ? What kind of oil should I use as a moisturiser (high in linoleic or oleic) ?

  30. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anne,
    Rosehip seed oil is wonderful for dry and acne prone skin. It is high in linoleic acid too. If your skin is excessively dry you may want to consider a very gentle facial cleanser as well. I wrote about a few here.
    Best wishes!

  31. says

    Hi! :) Great website! I used the oil cleansing method about 2 months ago with different oil combinations, yet my acne became a bit worse. I read somewhere that a steamy washcloth can’t remove all of the oil and dirt, because oil and water don’t mix and this makes sense actually. What’s your opinion on this? I’d love to try again the oil cleansing method, but I’m scared that it will make my acne worse. My skin is very sensitive, combination (I have very oily patches as well as very dry patches), dehydrated and with pimples.

    Thank you :) x

  32. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Stavroula,
    I have found oil cleansing with oils high in linoleic acid to be a much better experience than any other oils I had used in the past. I also use a microfiber cloth to remove the oil which I’ve found to be much better than a regular wash cloth. I speak more on both topics in this article.
    Let me know if you try it out!

  33. fannya says

    hi! your website is amazing! Im a bit confused because I tried Grapeseed oil and it totally broke me out :( I have very dry skin, especially on my cheeks and this is exactly where i have the most acne. Hope you answer my question. thank you!

  34. Pooja says


    I’ve been reading a lot of your articles on, great stuff! Based on your past experience and the information, is there one particular oil that you highly recommend for very very old scars? ( I have some on my legs). Thanks

  35. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Fannya,
    I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience with grapeseed oil! Did you use a microfiber cloth to remove the oil while oil cleansing? I personally had a hard time removing makeup and dirt filled oil with a regular wash cloth.

  36. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pooja,
    I really like tamanu oil for skin regeneration. You can see the list of 10 natural ingredients for healing hyperpigmentation here. Best wishes!

  37. Pooja says


    Thanks for your reply! :) but tamanu oil has Linoleic- 29.7% and grapeseed oil has Linoleic- 70.6% so then isn’t the latter one better for scars? I’m really confused.

  38. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pooja,

    Acne and scarring are two seperate issues although acne can cause scars. Tamanu oil has been used to help heal burn victims and skin after surgery. You can read about it here. It’s a regenerating oil. Although tamanu oil may help with healing acne too it may not work for everyone because it is high in oleic acid.

    In this article above the focus is oils best for acne prone skin. The oils listed above that are high in linoleic acid help to heal acne prone skin versus contribute to the problem. What I’ve been learning is that there are many carrier oils that have unique chemical compositions. When it comes to those who are acne prone oils high in oleic acid should be avoided regardless.

  39. Andree says

    I tried the OCM with olive oil and castor oil. Terrible results. I have cystic acne especially along my jawline. From what I gather from your article, maybe hempseed oil could work better for my acne prone skin? Do I need to mix a little castor oil in as well or can I just use the hempseed? Thanks so much!

  40. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Andree,
    Acne along the jawline is usually hormonal acne. I’ll have to address hormonal acne in another article really soon. Any oil that is high in linoleic acid will be good for acne prone skin. My current favorite is organic pumpkin seed oil. Definitely use a microfiber cleansing cloth. It removes all of the dirty oil after cleansing effortlessly. Best wishes and keep me posted on how thing work for you!

  41. Nina says

    Hi! I really like your website and this article is the only one which has explicitly explained what oils are good for acne prone skin. I am trying to go the natural way to moisturize my face but with no success! I have tried Josie Maran argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, jojoba oil but they all broke me out :(. I have combination skin and I break out easily along my jawline, chin, neck and temples if I use something that my skin doesn’t like. I can use oil on my forehead and cheeks and I like how my skin looks and feels so I want an oil that I can use all over my face and neck. I can’t find most of the oils rich in linoleic acid of your list where I live but I can find evening primrose pills and black seed oil. Should I give one of them a try? Sorry for my English :). I would really appreciate your advice!

  42. Pooja says

    I’ve tried a few oils as moisturizers now for my face. Tamanu oil, jojoba, grapeseed oil and maracuja oil. My skin reacts better to tamanu,maracuja than grapeseed however i am concerned that any of these oils will increase my facial hair? I just had facial laser hair removal done on my face. any suggestions? Thanks

  43. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nina,
    Use whatever oils that are high in linoleic acid that you can find. I hope that you can find an oil that works wonderfully for your skin. Also your English is great! Best wishes!

  44. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pooja,
    Ingrown hairs are seriously tricky. I honestly haven’t found a solution for them at this point. Hope you are enjoying your day!

  45. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pooja,
    I’ve never heard of these oils increasing facial hair before. I would simply continue using whatever oils that are working best for you.

  46. rachael says

    Thank you so much Dawn! I started using evening primrose oil as a cleanser and moisturizer the week of Thanksgiving and I’ve gotten amazing results! Before that I was using rhassoul clay and honey and although it cleansed well without drying, it didn’t clear up my acne like I was hoping. But since switching to oil, my skin has cleared up so much. I added turmeric and tea tree oil to the oil I use for moisturizing. This has been the only thing that has worked well for me in the past 14 years.

  47. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rachael,
    Thanks so much for sharing this and I’m so excited that this has been working so well for you! This is an amazing testimony! Have a great holiday!

  48. viv says

    Hi, great info u hv here.. among all the oils high in linoleic acid, which oil do u recommend best for acne-prone skin, with an oily skin type? Thanks! Really hope it’ll work, hv acne for 10 years, hv been to dermatologist n tried all sorts but my acne keeps coming back n caused lots of scars too

  49. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Viv,

    From the research I’ve done and my own experience, if you eliminate oils hign in oleic acid and only use those high in linoleic acid you are feeding your skin the nutrients that will help unclog pores and help acne. I’ve been really loving pumpkin seed oil and also grapeseed oil now too! Those are the two that have been working well for me although one of my readers have commented on using evening primrose with great success as well.

    For oil cleansing I greatly suggest using a microfiber cloth gently with the cleansing process though. It has been the only thing that ensures that all of the oil during the cleansing process is removed properly. Best wishes and keep me posted!

  50. sade says

    oh my goodness, this post has opened my eyes. i attempted OCM with olive oil earlier this year,

    i still get acne and suffer from clogged pores despite exfoliating and using deep cleansing masks (bentonite) on a regular basis. maybe i’ll stop the use of jojoba oil as a moisturizer and see if my skin improves.

    thank you so much for this post!

  51. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sade, Keep me posted on how things work out with the changes you make. I wish you the best and thanks for your comment!

  52. Trish says

    If one oil which is high in Oleic oil doesn’t give me spots or clog my pores, does this mean there’s a good chance that other oils high in Oleic oil won’t too?

    Although I get spots, acne and have oily skin, I think the cause is my diet – definitely dairy and possibly white sugar or other foods.

    I used to use loads of EVOO on my hair and it would give me a greasy face for 3 days, but my spots never got worse or better because of it.

    I’m hoping I can use EVOO for for oil cleansing in the future.

  53. Trish says

    Hi Dawn

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say your skin care range will be coming out in England! It’s so frustrating when I hear about products I’d like to try but find out I can’t get them in London!!!

    Another thing: I’ve noticed (and forgive me I’m wrong) is that you don’t seem to mention toners after cleansing or face masks? If so, what’s the reason behind not using them?


  54. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Trish,
    Although olive oil may not make your skin worse, if it isn’t improving it, then it is not helpful for you. The information on oils high in linoleic acid is to bring an awareness of the oils that are both helpful and hurtful to acne prone skin and why. When I was trying to clear my skin, I eliminated all oils high in oleic acid in all of my products. That was how I knew that my research was accurate. Hope this helps!

  55. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Trish,
    I sometimes use toners and other times don’t. One amazing natural toner for skin is aloe vera juice and even rose water or a simple one you can make like this one. I personally don’t feel dependent on them.

  56. Dawn Michelle says

    You’re welcome Christa! Camellia oil is a beautiful oil for hair, yet my skin did not clear up when I was using it on my face. I didn’t know about the chemical composition of natural carrier oils at the time.

  57. Christa says

    Thanks for the quick response! I did some search, and one site said their pure camillia oil is 82% Oleic acid so maybe that’s why it didn’t work for your skin?

    So if I don’t have much of an acne problem (maybe just one or two cystic pimple here and there every so often), do you think it matters as much about oleic vs linoleic?

  58. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Christa,
    I prefer not to even have one or two pimples so I avoid all oils high in oleic acid. Having consistent overall results is also important for me for my performance/industry work. It is really up to you.
    Best wishes!

  59. marybeth says

    Unfortunately I am cursed with clogged pores and occasional acne, but also have to deal with fine lines and dull skin at the age of 42. It seems like all the oils touted as anti-aging seem to be high in oleic acid. Are the high linoleic oils also good for aging skin? I just started using maracuja and marula oils. Thanks!

  60. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi MaryBeth,

    You can heal your skin. I’ve found oil cleansing (of course with oils high in linoleic acid) and using a microfiber cleansing cloth to do miraculously at clearing up my complexion. I tried both organic pumpkin seed oil and grapeseed oil with very positive results.

    Rosehip seed oil is wonderful for mature skin and also high in linoleic acid. I wrote this article so those who are acne prone like myself can learn more about the chemical composition of carrier oils and no longer just keep trying different oils without knowledge or just swear off oils all together.

    Wishing you the very best and please keep me posted on how your skin does if you try this.

  61. Aya says

    Hi! My sister suggested that I use rosehip seed oil for my pigmentation and acne scars. I didn’t think it would work much, but i tried it anyway. After a month use, I feel and SEE the difference. My skin is smoother, less oily and the scars are fading. It may not be as fast as I want it to be, but it is less pigmented than it was a month ago.

    I recently went out with no make up but only rosehip oil as moisturizer, add on Burts Bees lipbalm, and face powder. It was so refreshing being able to wear less makeup and I didnt look as bad as I thought I would.

    I came across your page when I was browsing through the review of the Evening Primrose Oil on Amazon and when I read most of your posts (I have more posts to go through, but am loving all that I’ve read so far!!!), everything just make sense. I am totally in love with my rosehip seed oil, and will definitely try raw honey, as you’ve written in your posts. I’m thinking of adding EPO to my routine now.

    Thank you for your website. It is a wealth of information!!

  62. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Aya,
    Rosehip seed oil is a wonderful oil. It is so great that you have noticed a big difference in your skin too. Clearing hyperpigmentation does take time yet you don’t need harsh products to do it. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog too. Best wishes with everything!

  63. says

    Very useful. No one ever explained the differences in oils to me before. I had also tried oil cleansing with castor oil & jojoba & broke out massively so I stopped. I’m going to try with some other oils that you mentioned above. Thanks for the info!

  64. says

    Hello, I don’t usually comment but felt I had to on this post. Thank you so much for this info. I’ve been trying this method and had good results in the beginning using Living Libations Best Skin Ever, but then it just seemed to stop working. And my skin seemed to be getting worse. Since reading this I stopped all the oils with High OA and have been using Evening Primrose oil and the microfiber cloth and same for moisturizer at night. I noticed a difference right away. I also use raw honey in the morning. I ordered Pumpkin Seed oil to try as well. I’m really glad I stumbled across this!

  65. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sadie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with natural oils high in linoleic acid. It is kind of crazy how different oils high in oleic acid and others high in linoleic acid react with acne prone skin. What I also love most about this info is that you literally can just use one specific oil and a microfiber cloth to do all the work and get great results! Again thank you for your comment!
    Have a beautiful day <3

  66. Flora says

    Thank you for the information. I am using honey then milk to wash my face.
    Toner I used 1/2 organic apple cider vinegar & 1/2 water 1 drop helichrysum
    4 drops tea tree eo,4 drops lavander, 3 drops chamomile, eo, 2 drops
    Peppermint Eo on a 4 oz. My moisturizer evening primrose
    Oil with 1 drop helichysum eo, 2 drops tea tree eo, 2 dops lavander el,
    1 drop chamomile eo, 1 drop peppermint. My skin is so
    Much better now. Since all my life I have problem w/ acne.

  67. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Flora, Thanks for sharing what is working well for you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the week so far!

  68. Mitch says

    Hi Dawn.
    Very informative article, thank you.
    I am just starting to use natural ingredients on my face, I just need to understand the steps you do in oil cleansing with micofiber cloth? Also, what do you recommend for a frequent cystic acne in the chin area with oily skin? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. More success to you…

  69. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mitch,
    I explain in detail how I oil cleanse with microfiber cloths in the article I wrote today. I get asked quite a lot so I’m glad I have this article to refer people to. Also cystic acne in the chin area is usually hormonal acne. I also always suggest treating skin care in a multifaceted way which I get into more detail here as well. I hope that these two articles will be helpful for you. Please keep me posted on your progress.
    Best wishes!

  70. Flora says

    Thank you for the site i share this to my nieces.
    Your site is very helpful to me. Since i used
    Evening primrose oil w/c is on your info high
    In lenoic acid i don’t have any breakout now.
    My skin is never been better. Thank you

  71. Fia says

    Thank you so much for this great info. I will order som rosehip oil right away. Do you know if there is a correlation between the skin type of face and body? I should clearly not use coconut or other oleic rich oils in my face, but does that mean that I should avoid using them on my body as well? Do you know a good oil against keratosis pilatis? Again thank you for a great site!

  72. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Fia,

    I’m just going to share an intuitive answer because although I’ve read about keratosis pilatis, it is still different than eczema which I have had bad flare ups with in the past. Since keratosis pilatis is a build up of skin cells that block hair follicles, you may want to try dry body brushing. It will help exfoliate the skin gently.

    Although keratosis pilatis is not acne, I would still use oils on your body that are high in linoleic acid and avoid oils like coconut oil for awhile so that you can see if the linoleic acid versus oleic acid affects your skin. Also I’d avoid body washes or soaps which can disrupt the natural pH of skin. When the pH of skin is imbalanced, it is easier to have skin issues because the acid mantle is out of wack and not able to protect itself. Instead of using soap try using rhassoul clay or oat flour/colloidal oatmeal. Create a thick liquid like mixture that you can easily pour onto a wash cloth/sponge and use just like soap. It obviously won’t suds up but it will cleanse the skin gently.

    I hope this is helpful to you and please keep me posted on your progress. Best wishes!

  73. Claire says

    Aha!!! I am SO happy that I found this article! For the last year, I’ve been switching out the harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, etc., for natural ingredients, but still having a lot of trouble with my adult acne. I tried the OCM a few months ago using Castor, Almond, and Jojoba without much success (and a greasy hairline.) I already have the Organic Evening Primrose, Hemp, Kukui, and Rosehip, so I’ll definitely be trying it again. Thanks so much for such great information on the Linoleic Acid and it’s helpfulness with acne.

  74. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Claire,
    I’m happy you found this article too! Welcome! It’s great that you already have carrier oils high in linoleic acid. Keep me posted on how this switch works out for you.
    Have a beautiful day!

  75. Mariah says

    Hi Dawn,
    Thanks so much for this article! I’m going to start experimenting with more oils high in linoleic acid. Do you happen to know where camellia oil falls in the oleic/linoleic acid ratio? Thanks in advance!

  76. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mariah,
    I’m glad that this info is helpful for you. It was life changing for me. As for camellia oil it is high in oleic acid.
    Best wishes!

  77. Symone says

    I randomly stumbled across your blog for the first time the other day and just wanted to say a big, fat THANK YOU for the article! I’d been using jojoba oil for the past 4 months because I’d read a lot about how ‘good’ it was for oily/acne prone skin. Well, it wasn’t doing anything to improve my skin and I think if anything, it actually made it look and feel more greasy and congested. After reading this I switched to evening primrose oil and 3 days later my skin is already improving! Thank you sooooo much! I didn’t know anything about oleic/linoleic acid before and I would never have figured this out myself. 😀

  78. Anisah says

    Hai Dawn,

    This article is very informative. I had hormonal acne breakout mostly at my jaw, chin and neck area. I came across with OCM and keen on trying. I first started with Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil but it did not give me the good result.Well reading on this post it certainly due to the high content of oleic acid. I do love the effect of EVCO as my whole body moisturize as I had Eczema as well.I just bought grape seed oil and pumpkin oil plus microfiber cloth today and going to start this regime. My question is should I avoid using EVCO on my body because of the high oliec acid content while attempting to clear up my acne breakout on my face?

  79. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Symone,
    This is amazing news and welcome to the site! This was life changing info for me when I learned this too. I’m so glad this has also been helpful to you. Hope you are having a beautiful day!

  80. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anisah,
    If you are experiencing acne then yes I would suggest eliminating all beauty products that contain oils high in oleic acid and only using oils high in linoleic acid. After my skin stabilized only using oils high in linoleic acid I tried using coconut oil on my hair and it broke me out. Coconut oil is a wonderful carrier oil yet it isn’t good for those who are acne prone.
    Best wishes and please keep me posted on your progress!

  81. Anisah says

    Thanks for your feedback Dawn. Appreciate it a lots.

    I always had oily and acne prone skin but never had major breakout until I reached 30. Past 3-4 years now I’ve been having off and on major breakouts. I blame it on the hectic and stressful life as a working adult that giving me this hormonal imbalance thus as a result cystic acne. Really make me feels down and horrible.

    Switching form one cosmetic product to another just make matter worse. I also had very sensitive skin hence it cannot withstand all of this harsh chemicals. I gave up on this super expensive and complicated skin care range.

    Now I am exploring more on the natural and organic regimen. I only put something on my face which is edible. That’s my current obsession.

    I am so in love with your concept of minimal usage. One product can do wonders instead of using multiple product for cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc etc. The more variety of product you put the more irritating (at least in my case because of my super sensitive skin).

    What is you stand on oils consumption? Do you take any of this orally ( pills, cooking, dressing, mixing with drinks etc etc)?

    I am taking EPO and fish oil pill as I knew EPO can help to regulate hormonal imbalance and fish oil for my eczema.

    I also use coconut oil for cooking and mixing with my oats and porridge. Anyway I have to stop using it for now because of bad effect on my acne tho.

    I love using the microfiber cloth and yes must be 100% pure. I can feel my skin was smooth just by wiping with it. As for the topical usage of pumpkin oils no major changes noted yet but I only put it yesterday. I do hope for a better outcome this time.

    I am a major fan of most of the topic that you address in your articles. Mineral makeup suits acne prone skin, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information, the best guru is our own experience.

  82. mark says


    I have started OCM with pumpkin seed oil and I like that it doesn’t break me out. Before, I used grape seed along with EOs, but broke out with cysts. I have decided to use PSO only but only concern is that I still need to control bacteria and treat acne and PSO is not moisturizing enough.

    Aside OCM, do you do anything else for your face and do you have any tips on moisturizing oil blend? Thanks.

  83. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn,
    Can’t wait to start OCM after reading your articles and advises about it. Was just wondering if the oils you are using are the same ones as I’d use in the kitchen? Can’t find any pumpkin seed oil near me, but found some grape seed oil and wanted to give it a ago. Over 30, still battling acne, however the skin has changed after the pregnancy. Waiting for your feedback, exploring ur blog!

  84. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anisah,

    Thanks for your sweet comments. Just like you I also believe our own personal experience is the best guru. I think that it is easy to just listen to “experts” to the point we forget that we know ourselves best.

    As for oil consumption I still cook with organic coconut oil and even add it to smoothies. It is a wonderful oil for your diet but I don’t use it on my skin. I have personally not had problems consuming coconut oil, but it does break me out even if I only apply it to my hair. Please keep me posted on how the oil cleansing works out for you.

    Have a beautiful day!

  85. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,

    I’m glad that oil cleansing with pumpkin seed oil is working for you. For extra hydration and moisture I LOVE using herbal facial steams. I do them every week and when I’m lucky twice a week. I wrote all about herbal facial steaming in this article. My skin holds moisture a long time when I added steaming into my weekly skin care regimen. You can see an example of a moisturizing facial oil blend here. For acne prone skin I would swap out the jojoba oil for another oil of your choice high in linoleic acid. Both rose hips seed and pomegranate oil are high in linoleic acid.

    Best wishes!

  86. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,
    Yes the oils that I use are also the edible kind that can be found for kitchen use. Best wishes with oil cleansing and please keep me posted how it works out for you!

  87. Erika says

    Hey there Dawn Michelle! I love your blog! I’m also a minimalist and have found SO much great stuff on here to read. Going to try and use raw cocao as a bronzer/contourer now because of your post!(I have fair skin)

    I have a question though; I hope you read/reply!
    I have hormonal acne that is slowly diminishing after using coconut oil to clean and moisturize my face. (Yay! Both that it’s helping and nothing nasty is going on my face!) I’m going to try something new though soon, and it has the following ingredients: rosemary, lavender, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba, and sesame oil. Sesame seems to be the only one with a pretty high amount of linoleic acids though.
    I was wondering what your thoughts are on this combination of oils? They’re very appreciated.



  88. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Erica,

    I’ve tried lots of different things to clear my skin and using products or ingredients that only use oils high in linoleic acid has been the only thing that has given me true consistent results. One of my favorite products has camellia oil which is high in oleic acid. I can’t use it daily without some irritation even though I love it.

    Coconut oil is an incredible carrier oil yet I personally have never had consistent results using it. We are all unique yet the oleic vs linoleic acid composition has proven itself for my skin which is why I shared this. One thing that you could do is only use products high in linoleic acid for a few months then test the theory for yourself just one day to see if you notice a difference. I tried using coconut oil in my hair recently after being completely free of all products high in oleic acid for months and it broke me out. Keep me posted on your progress and best wishes!

  89. mark says


    Rosehip seed oil breaks me out. Though it includes vitamin E, could that be why? Also, it is discouraged for use on acne-prone skin. Do you know that? So far, the only oil that doesn’t give trouble is pumpkin seed oil. But it soils my MFCs, I try to get around that by first removing excess oil with cotton pads.

    Now, I only use rosehip seed oil for treating old scars and target treatment. As for grape seed oil, it shall be for frying in the kitchen. Rosewater is great toner. I’m thinking I should spot treat with lavender and tea tree EOs. Do you know which base oil is best to use?

    Lastly, I have licorice extract which I learnt inhibits hyperpigmentation and used to mix with honey as mask. Have you any experience with it?

    Kind regards

  90. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn
    I have started using the hemp seed oil, but my skin got dry, specially on the forehead. Anything I can do to prevent it? Thank you

  91. mark says

    Hi Kasia,

    I am not Dawn but maybe this could help. Apply the oil onto damp face to lock in moisture, or use honey as a conditioner/mask before applying it. I use only pumpkin seed oil with that procedure and it works wonders on my face.

    kind greetings

  92. Lindsey says

    I am new into the OCM..I love your site, it is very helpful. I don’t have a lot of acne but when I do it turns into cysts so I am nervous. Would you still recommend the pumpkin seed? I was wondering what category Argan Oil fall into? Thank you!!

  93. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,

    It could definitely be the vitamin e oil that broke you out that was added to the rosehip seed oil although it would be hard to know for sure unless you were to try rosehip seed oil by itself. I’m glad that pumpkin seed oil is working well for you so definitely stick with that as your skin heals itself. You could use a bit of baking soda and water to soak your microfiber cloths before washing them so they are not soiled.

    As for a base oil for your essential oils just use what is working well for your skin such as pumpkin seed oil. Also I have heard wonderful things about licorice extract although I have not tried it as of yet.

    Have a beautiful day!

  94. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,

    Are you using hemp seed oil for oil cleansing or just as a moisturizer? Are you using a microfiber cloth? Microfiber cloths are very good at removing the oil, dirt, makeup etc. You may want to splash your skin with fresh water after cleansing and before moisturizing to seal in the water for more hydration.

    Also drink lots of water and eat watery fruits to stay hydrated from the inside out. Minimizing dehydrating drinks like alcohol, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks can also help. You may also want to add some healthy fats into your diet such as coconut, flax, or fish oil. My skin always responds well when I do these three things on top of my skin care regimen.

    Hope this helps!

  95. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lindsey,

    Using oils high in linoleic acid is what has kept me from not having breakouts consistently for over five months now. I would definitely recommend any of these oils high in linoleic acid. I have had great results with pumpkin seed oil and some of my other readers have mentioned evening primrose oil as what has worked well for the.

    As for argan oil it is high in oleic acid. I have the specifics above in the article. I did list a ton of carrier oils so it was most likely just easy to miss. I had to double check it myself to see if I had listed it. Wishing you the very best and thanks so much for the compliment!

  96. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn, hi Mark,
    Thanks for Your advices. I apply the oil onto a dry skin to remove the makeup. I then use the microfiber 2-3 times to remove the oil and then let the skin get dry. Should I apply more oil afterwords to mositurize?
    Couldn’t find any raw honey near me though I’d like to try it out some day. Is it OK if I do OCM using hemp seed oil every morning and evening?
    As for the diet I drink only one coffee a day, but could have more water and veggies, working on that

  97. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,

    Definitely moisturize the skin with a few drops of oil after cleansing versus letting the skin get dry. Also the microfiber cloth removes everything pretty easily so just be gentle with it as well. If your skin likes oil cleansing twice a day then do that. What is most important is that you learn to listen to your intuition and your skin’s needs.

    Peace and Sunshine

  98. Kasia says

    Thanks Dawn! I will continue with OCM and see how the skin reacts, also will mositurize when needed. I read Marks’ comment on using the EOs with carrier oil for spots/ scars. What is the best combination of these? Should I apply and just leave on the skin?
    Just love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your experience and research you are doing!
    No sunshine here, just heavy rain and stormy wind! Greetings from Ireland!

  99. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,
    I wrote about adding essential oils in this article. Obviously I didn’t know about linoleic oils at the time but you will get the idea.
    Best wishes!

  100. Jessica says

    Hi i was wondering what sunscreen would be best for acne prone skin! My skin is very dry and sensitive in winter and oily in summer

  101. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jessica,

    I really like the Badger’s sunscreen because it doesn’t irritate and has great ingredients. The only thing is that sunscreen’s formulation with zinc oxide creates a white film on my complexion. Instead it has become the perfect base for my DIY foundation. I honestly don’t wear sunscreen daily yet when I do my choice is Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer.

    Have a beautiful day!

  102. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sarah,
    The microfiber cloths I’m using I picked up from Marshalls and honestly don’t remember the name on the tag. They are 100% polyester and soft. I don’t think the brand matters as much as the cloths feeling soft to the touch. Hope this helps!

  103. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn,
    thanks for Your reply. Waiting for the helichrysum EO to arrive! Can’t wait to start using it! Hemp seed oil is great and since it has a short shelf life I use it wherever I can! My skin loves it! Waiting for the new series about body care :) Will have thousands questions about chemical free hair care soon! Love what you are doing!

  104. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,
    I love helichrysum essential oil. I’m glad you are enjoying your hemp oil too. I store mine in the fridge to help with the shelf life. It is a much more fragile carrier oil. Thanks for your kind words.
    Best wishes!

  105. Jes says

    Hello Dawn, I have began researching OCM because I am interested in starting this routine although I am nervous. I have been reading that if I dont use Castor Oil it wont work because that is what purges your pores. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you!

  106. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jes,

    I don’t believe that you need castor oil to create an effective skin cleansing oil. I’ve also noticed that using a microfiber cloth instead of a plain wash cloth really helps to remove the cleansing oil the best. You can see all the specifics on how I oil cleanse here. I hope that you enjoy oil cleansing when you try it.

    Have a beautiful day!

  107. Anisah says

    Hi Dawn,

    Its been almost 3 weeks since I started using pumpkin and grape seed oil with microfibre as part of my routine. I love the effect of this oil especially healing the acne scars and marks but unfortunately I noticed that since using this oil I had a lot of white heads and small bumps appear especially on my forehead.

    I usually have hormonal acne especially at my neck and jawline. The appearance of the small bums on my forehead seems new effect.

    My question now…How long do I have to wait to see the real results? Do I have to change my carrier oil? Or could this cause by purging effect…skin get worse before it get better..I’ve read it somewhere especially those who used coconut oil, they claimed using OCM during 1-2 weeks, the oil draws the impurities to the surface of the skin hence skin get worse before it get better.

    Thanking you for any feedback on this.

  108. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anisah,

    I’m glad you’ve seen improvement with this cleansing method and by using pumpkin seed oil. Yes give this healing process more time as your skin may be purging, and also check the ingredients in your makeup and hair care that they don’t contain oils high in oleic acid or other pore clogging ingredients.

    Best wishes!

  109. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sarah,
    I usually oil cleanse twice daily. Some cleanse once in the evening and just rinse with water in the morning. I’m thinking of trying this myself. Do what’s best for your skin’s needs. <3

  110. ab says

    Hey Dawn,

    I have a question. I’ve been doing OCM for a few months now. I’m 11 months pp. Since having the baby my skin has gone crazy. I started wtih Olive Oil (not good), then tried Jojaba and now am using Pumpkin oil based on your recs. I started pumpkin about a week ago and my skin is starting to break out again. So question, is there always a “purging” period when starting a new oil? Also how long do you think it should last? Lastly, what do you use for sunscreen? Thanks, love your blog!!

  111. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi ab,

    First congratulations on the new bundle of joy!!!! I’m also glad you are enjoying the blog. I’m not sure if your body is still undergoing hormonal shifts, yet that is something to keep in mind as well in regards to your skin.

    I’ve found that using a microfiber cloth really aids with oil cleansing as it removes all dirt, remaining cleansing oil left behind, and makeup like no other. Also using only oils on my skin and hair that are high in linoleic acid has been major. Once my skin cleared if I used anything on my hair with an oil high in oleic acid I’d experience a breakout on my face. I had to remove all products/ingredients high in oleic acid.

    As for sunscreen I don’t wear one daily. I mainly rely on my mineral makeup which has an SPF30 when I am wanting sun protection. I make my own mineral foundation with a sunscreen that has SPF30. The exact recipe is here. Lastly I think it’s really important to approach healthy and clear skin from multiple angles. I wrote this article most recently on this topic and also this one from awhile back.

    Hope this helps and best wishes!

  112. stacey says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    Reading your post has literally changed my life!! :)

    I have never suffered with acne throughout my life apart from the odd spot here and there but about a year ago I started to get really bad cystic acne on my chin area. My first thought was that it was my contraceptive pill, I stopped taking it in the hope that my acne would clear up, to no avail. In desperation I visited my doctor who prescribed topical anti-biotics, which didn’t work. I then tried scrubbing with bicarb and lemon which completely stripped my skin of its moisture but still the spots were getting worse. Up to this point I’d tried everything. I was getting really, really miserable and literally started to avoid social gatherings because of the state of my face. (that probably sounds a bit over the top but it was how I was feeling.

    I started to do some research on oil’s and natural beauty products in general a while back, so I started to look into whether I could use natural products for my acne. I was willing to try anything at this point. Some websites/blogs suggested using Argan Oil for acne, which my sister also uses and has had success with (she has always suffered with acne) so I got some and started using it. It gave my face a lovely glow but the acne on my chin which wasn’t getting any better.

    I then came across your blog and I am so glad I did. So I got some organic pumpkin seed oil for the last 7 days I have been moisturising with it and I haven’t had one spot and my skin is appearing less congested on my chin area. I still have a few lumps where I have managed to catch these cysts in time but even they are seeming to get smaller everyday. I am now also using honey to cleanse again (after stopping it when the acne occurred) instead of tea tree and peppermint facewash.

    Only problem is that I am getting some dry skin on my forehead/brow area but reading the above posts I may try applying it to damp skin to see whether that helps, as usually my skin has a tendancy to be dry rather than oily. I have also just purchased some rosehip oil because I have some lines and wrinkles so I am hoping to use the pumpkin seed oil in the morning and rosehip in the evening. I also use jojoba/frankincense or jojoba/gerium around my eye/wrinkle area, so I am hoping that the rosehip complements this.

    Thank you so much for this blog it really is my skin care bible and its amazing that you are sharing your knowledge and experiences with everyone. I and I am sure everyone else really does appreciate it!

    Thanks again!

  113. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Stacey,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story and success with natural products and pumpkin seed oil. I’m so glad this was helpful to you. Your comment made my day! Best wishes always <3

  114. JMS says

    Hello Dawn Michelle!

    Thank you so much for the helpful article! Very informative and well-organized!

    I am a herbalist of 25+ years and still learning!

    I changed my facial cleanser recipe from using a base of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild or Tea Tree Liquid Soaps, which contain primarily coconut oil, to a base made primarily from true organic castile paste, i.e., saponified olive oil, either alone, or mixed with 25% organic saponified coconut oil paste.

    What a disaster! It was difficult to figure out the problem for months. During the first two weeks of use, my skin glowed and looked fabulous. But, by the third week, it would break out horribly. I finally determined the problem: too much olive oil, too much oelic acid!

    Then I read your article, which cemented my understanding of this issue. Thank you so much for that!

    I also am wary of the OCM. To obtain just the proper balance, especially along with other skin care products, is like walking a tightrope.

    What I have found works best, and what I want to share, is that coconut/hemp/olive/citrus/jojoba oils, blended to balance sebum, does work. Discovering the blend can be the challenge. Once discovered, any imbalance can absolutely make the difference between breakouts and luscious, glowing skin. So we must choose wisely!

    I’m back to my original skin care formulas for the time being, using Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild with added organic tea tree essential oil as my facial cleanser base, and my skin has already turned around. Once healed, I’d like to experiment more with soap pastes, even try black soap. But I’m happy to be more conscious of the critical balance of oils, and thrilled that your article helps make sense of that.

    Thank you again, and best wishes! Please keep writing informative articles!

  115. Jon Davis says

    Hey dawn great website! Can you do the ocm with pumpkin seed oil in the morning and at night instead of my facial cleanser? Also I go to the gym in the morning, when is the best time to do the ocm before or after the gym or before or after my shower? Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  116. Jon Davis says

    Also can you recommend a good hair gel or pomade for men with no chemicals and all organic ingredients. I have been using a coconut oil and cedar wood mixture from etsy but after reading your thread it seems coconut oil clogs pores. Please help!!! :)

  117. Bobby Sinclaire says

    Hey Dawn!

    Do you know anything about oribe mens hair products and if they are safe? Will they clog pores or cause breakouts?

  118. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi JMS,
    I’m so glad that this has been helpful to you! You definitely want to find what works best for you. Each one of us is so unique. My experience with natural soaps has always been wonderful in the beginning yet because they are very alkaline they seem to disrupt the acid mantle of our skin. Definitely keep your eyes open if this becomes your experience as well. I wrote this article about the pH in beauty products that may be of interest to you.
    Best wishes always!

  119. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jon Davis,
    Thanks so much for the compliment! Yes you can use the oil cleansing method twice a day. If you go to the gym in the morning you can simply splash your face with water before the gym, and oil cleanse after so you are ready for the day. Hope this helps and have a wonderful day!

  120. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jon Davis,

    A natural hair gel that I enjoy is one that I make myself. It’s flax seed gel. It’s ridiculously inexpensive and so easy to make. You can find the exact recipe and process of making the gel here. I also wrote this article about natural hair gels.

    In that article I also mention my LOVE for shea butter, yet shea butter is also high in oleic acid. Once I cut bangs I noticed that it must be used very sparingly or not at all since I am acne prone. Oils tends to spread more easily than butters which is why I didn’t notice how my skin reacted with shea butter when I only used it in my hair before cutting bangs. I’ll have to get more into that a bit later on.

    Hope this helps!

  121. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,

    I quickly checked for the hair products you mentioned and couldn’t find the ingredients list. One thing that I noticed was that they said they contained “a novel conditioning polymer” which is not a natural or healthy ingredient for hair. A polymer is “a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.” You don’t want to put liquid plastics or resins in your hair. Many gels and styling products contain these types of ingredients which are not good for hair at all. That is a complete article in itself which I may write in the future.

    It is important to read the ingredient lists of all the products that you use for skin and hair. I tend to keep it really simple for hair and skin care myself because I like to know exactly what is in the products that I am using. If you are interested here is a series about all natural hair care that discusses simple chemical free ingredients that you can use for cleansing, conditioning, and styling hair. Also you can see a list of natural hair products on this page at the bottom. Just read the ingredient list of the products you may be interested in.

    Best wishes!

  122. Bobby Sinclaire says

    Thanks so much Dawn! You’re awesome. People really need to be aware of your site!! Have another question referring to body washes. From the links you provided I checked out some products and all the body washes have coconut oil and jojoba oil. In previous articles you stated that those two cause acne and can clog pores and I have experienced that. Can you recommend a good body wash that won’t cause a breakout but will also cleanse. Thank you so much.

  123. Cathy says

    WOW! Thank you so much for this article!!! I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to switch out my chemical laden moisturizer for a clean, natural oil or serum. I’ve recently tried Chia seed oil which gave me clogged pores. I’ve also tried YULI’s ME SkinFuel which everyone seems to rave about but it caused a rash as well as more clogged pores and breakouts in places I don’t typically break out! Reading your article shed some light as to why that may have happened!

    A few quick questions:
    1) How do you travel with evening primrose oil,grapeseed oil or any other oil that needs to be refridgerated?
    2)Although you list RoseHip oil as a good oil for acne prone skin, the mountain rose herbs site info that you provided a link to for this oil specifically states “Not recommended for use on acne”???

    Thanks again for this awesome information! I’ll now be spending the rest of the night reading through the rest of your site!!!!

  124. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn,

    First of all I am happy you are back! Hope you and your family are feeling better! I have to thank you for your blog – I had a wonderful two weeks without the make up! Doing OCM with the hemp seed oil and helichrysum EO in the evening, love the feeling when I put the oil onto my face! I use the raw honey in the morning! I put some more oil after cleansing from time to time. I think my skin has improved so much! Still have some issues and have to tackle hyper pigmentation as I have rather pale, thin skin. Going back to work next week so will have to wear some make up, but got some mineral one and I hope this will be good on my skin. Anyway, so happy with the new routine!
    Still going through your blog and read more about skin regiment.
    Next thing I would like to start is no poo and natural hair care. I know you speak highly about the rhassoul clay but I got the bentonite instead.
    Was wondering if I could do some face mask with it or mix it with honey for cleansing? You did recommend the vegetable glycerine, but I cannot find it in the shops around.

    Thanks again for changing my life!

    Just to mention, I have tried the pumpkin seed oil but it left brown marks on my skin after OCM and helichrysum EO caused a migraine for 3 days ( used 10 drops and around 1 oz of oil first, but then added more oil and it is OK now).

    Do you think applying tamanu oil directly to the scars would help to heal the skin?

  125. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,
    I make my own body wash with rhassoul clay. I create a diluted mix with water and a few drops of essential oil and use it in an applicator bottle from the beauty supply store. I refrigerate the remainder until the next use and keep for no longer than one week. It’s usually finished before then though. I will take more on this when I continue the No More Chemical Skin Care series.
    Best wishes!

  126. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cathy,

    I’m so glad that you found this article helpful. I don’t consider grapeseed oil a fragile oil that needs refrigeration because it is used for high heat cooking. I personally haven’t had any problems traveling with it. Also there are other oils that don’t need refrigeration such as kukui nut oil. As for rosehip seed oil I am finally trying it out now and LOVE it! I’ll most likely be writing about that as well in the future.

    To be honest I never heard of any company or product line that considers oleic vs linoleic acid content in oils affecting acne. When I learned about it myself and saw the scientific research which I linked above in this article I trusted that instead. There are so many products on the market that are said to be gentle for all skin types but would break me out consistently. It was not until I learned more about this balance in carrier oils and tried it for myself that I saw the difference.

    I’ve experienced hormonal acne on my chin and also consistent acne that is flared with beauty products. The hormonal acne I treated with Estroblock Pro which I talk about here and the other breakouts haven’t even happened for almost six months now since removing all oils high in oleic acid from my daily beauty regimen.

    Hope this helps and keep me posted on your progress!

  127. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kasia,

    I’m so glad that your skin is improving so much on your new skin care regimen. If you are acne prone don’t use tamanu oil. I discovered tamanu oil long before understanding the oleic vs linoleic acid balance needed for acne prone skin. Yes it is a regenerative oil but should not be used especially on the face if you are acne prone.

    Now that you’ve found a skin care regimen that is working for you, I feel it is better to keep things simple. I personally wouldn’t add more masks or other topical additions to your regimen for a few more weeks. I don’t know what it is about skin care, but I’ve seen myself do way too much when I actually just needed to understand more about the ingredients that I was using and actually do much less. That’s why my skin care regimen is so simple now with oil cleansing and herbal steaming. I hardly ever do facial masks anymore and haven’t used toners or other treatments for a long long time. Your skin has the ability to heal itself and sometimes just needs a long break. When you do try a clay mask try mixing it with honey. It may be a bit messy but still gentle.

    As for hyperpigmentation I still have a few spots that I’d love for them to be completely cleared already yet I know that it takes time and I am patient with it. What is incredible is that I haven’t had a breakout in six months thanks to understanding the need for high linoleic oils so am not creating more hyperpigmentation in the meantime.

    It doesn’t help that we are constantly bombarded with airbrushed and perfectly lit models and actresses so we feel our skin needs to be absolutely flawless as if we could walk around daily with someone literally diffusing our skin with a special light. Our perception of what skin should look like is a bit tweaked. I’m in the industry and have seen the “magic” and can still attest to feeling this way.

    So after this long reply just allow your new regimen to do what it is doing and be patient. Also take note of other aspects that can affect your skin like what I wrote about here and also here. Helichrysum EO is amazing for skin pigmentation so again be patient. <3

  128. Kasia says

    Thank you Dawn for your reply! You are so fast, it almost feels like chatting with you!

    I will stick to the OCM and honey and see how it works for me over the next few weeks. Until now I stayed at home but going back to work, which means spending more hours in the office with the a/c.

    Nevertheless, I like using oils in my skin care and the fact that I have now more space in my bathroom!

  129. Bobby Sinclaire says

    Hey Dawn

    Thanks for all the good advice. I really appreciate that you take time out of your life to inform everyone who reads this blog how to get clearer skin naturally. So I have been doing the OCM with pumpkin seed oil like you said and my skin is amazing. Yeah old marks are still there but I have not gotten any breaks outs from it and the marks are fading. Should I add some Helichrysum EO to the pumpkin seed oil to help with the dark marks and fading scars or is that not necessary? Also after the OCM I moisturize with hemp seed oil which has great benefits for the skin! Should I use pumpkin seed oil in the morning and hemp seed at night? Or is pumpkin seed oil better and should scratch hemp seed oil? Just want to know what your thoughts are on hemp seed oil.

    ALso on the body wash, I really value your opinion and I am having trouble finding one from the links provided that won’t cause breakouts. My friends uncle is a dermatologist and said he heard about this new product from his patience that he has seen give great results. I was wondering if you had heard anything or know about it. In need of a body wash. Thanks again. Really thankful there is a blog like this. Here is the link


  130. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,

    When using simple ingredients for skin or hair care, you kind of have to use your intuition as well as some trial and error for what will work best for you. You may want to alternate the oils that you use for cleansing/moisturizing or just what feels best for you. As for adding helichrysum essential oil to either carrier oil, it will enhance the healing benefits. Patience as you skin heals is best too.

    As for the body wash link, I honestly don’t have enough time anymore to research individual products but instead hope to empower my readers to learn how to read cosmetic labels instead so that we all can become conscious consumers. If you can’t understand what is on the cosmetic label, and it is not a botanical ingredient, you probably don’t want to be using it on your skin or hair. I find that clays make the best body washes and are a lot less expensive. You can add a few drops of essential oils to this mix for scent.

    Best wishes!

  131. Dirty Hippie Inc. says

    I stumbled upon this blog post almost 3 weeks ago and I’m so thankful for your informative blog and also thankful I gave it a try. I’m almost at 3 weeks using only oils or raw honey for washing and only EPO or rosehip seed oil w/ essential oils for moisturizer. it is going great. thank you! I do want to say my skin (which I used to think was oily) actually feels tight and almost dry after I finish cleansing and moisturizing. I thought Rosehip seed oil might be to moisturizing for my skin but it almost seems like I could use a little more moisture in the mix. Any suggestions would be great! right now I’m using rosehip as the carrier and 2 drops lavender and 1 drop geranium essential oil mixed with the 9ml of rosehip seed oil. thanks again!

  132. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dirty Hippie Inc.,
    I’m so glad this has been helpful and it is great that you are also noticing an improvement in your skin! For hydrating the skin I use herbal facial steams which I give details about here. Another reader steamed her skin with an herbal tea with benefits a well. Let me know if you try it.

  133. J mckay says

    Hello Dawn. Do you have a recommendation for skin that has acne rosacea, flakey and dry? Do you think pumpkin might work for me?

  134. Bobby Sinclaire says

    Hello Dawn,

    Just wanted to say I tried the rhassoul clay face wash in the morning and it has done wonders with my skin. I still do the OCM at night with pumpkin seed oil which is great as well. Was wondering from your experience if it is good to do the rhassoul clay face wash in the am and oil cleanse in the pm or is it better to do the oil cleanse twice a day and rhassoul clay face wash a few times a week? Also I live in the cold climate weather of Chicago and my skin gets dry if I don’t use a moisturizer. Would you recommend coconut oil was a body moisturizer or do you have a better alternative. Thanks so much again and have a great weekend!!

  135. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi J McKay,
    I think that pumpkin seed oil would be great. Another option is rosehip seed oil. I have combination skin and have recently been testing out rosehip seed oil and LOVE it. Another thing that has really helped me hydrate my skin is herbal facial steaming. Let me know if you try it out.
    Best wishes!

  136. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,
    I’m so glad that you are also liking rhassoul clay as a face wash! When developing your own natural skin care regimen it really is trial and error and figuring out what is best for you. There are many variations that will be successful. Just keep note of what your skin likes as you know it much better than I. My best recommendation is to keep things as simple as possible. As for a body moisturizer any of the high linoleic oils listed in this article will be perfect.
    Enjoy your day!

  137. AGAPE says

    Hello Dawn!

    I’m really interested in rose hip oil but I every time I Googled it was not advisable to use it on oily and acne-prone skin. I am 32 years old with an oily and pimply skin. I also suffer from eczema. I tried mixing rose hip oil to my prescribed try itylotion and it worked great! Tried it in my face for 2 days already and it lessened my oiliness.

    Is it okay for me to continually use it on my face?


  138. says

    Thank You Very Much!!
    This article has helped a lot in deciding what kind off oil that is best for me..!!
    Thank You Again!! (cos once is not enough) ^^

  139. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi AGAPE,
    I honestly like rosehip seed oil myself and am also new to trying it. I also am aware that most info states to steer clear of this oil if you are acne prone, yet I am truly in awe with this information about high linoleic acid carrier oils. This information about high linoleic oils has been more valuable to me than anything else. Rosehip seed oil is potent so I’m finding that using a few drops in addition to another carrier oil that is also high in linoleic acid to be wonderful.
    Best wishes!

  140. AGAPE says

    Everyone here is raving about the benefits of argan oil. True, it made my skin glow, hydrated and relieved the itchiness of my eczema but argan also made me breakout in face back and chest.
    Your article re: oils high in linoleic is very helpful. Thank you. I’m wishing that the rosehip seed oil will help me with my eczema.

    Again, Thank you so much.

  141. Tina says

    You are an absolute GENIUS! Everything I’ve been reading for the past 6 months says Olive oil is good for my face. The only problem is, I STILL break out. I started using Organic Hemp Seed oil, and in 2 days…2 DAYS my face is already clearing up! Thank You for this post! God Bless You!

  142. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi AGAPE,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! And yes I hope that rosehip seed oil is a winner for you too. Please keep us posted on your progress and best wishes!

  143. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks so much for the compliment and for sharing this with us! Yes I know what you mean about the information about certain carrier oils like olive oil. It is great for your skin if you aren’t acne prone. There is no one size fits all with everything. I am so glad that you are also already seeing an improvement with your skin. Keep us posted on your progress! <3

  144. Deluxey Puvanasingam says

    Hi Dawn,
    First of all I would like to take my time to wish you a very happy Women’s History Month!!
    This is an AMAZING post, just what I needed. I have been alternating between coconut oil and body butters with numerous butters and oils that something I had used past week gave my sensitive, combination, acne prone skin skin irritation I am still trying to get rid of. I had been trying to narrow down whether it was the coconut oil(although I had used that until about a month ago and started to give a try last week) or the shea or ccoa butter or other stuff in the body butter and had just stopped everything yesterday and letting my skin breathe to heal naturally. As I was stressed about what to use, I had stumbled upon your website and this post.
    As I said, I have sensitive, combination (more on the oily side in the summer), acne prone skin and would like some help choosing a carrier oil. I was immediately interested in the evening prime rose oil yet have not read many reviews of people trying it.
    I would like a carrier oil to help with oil production in the summer, hydrate in winter, help with hyperpigmentation as I am highly prone to it as well as acne, non greasy and help with clear, glowing complexion.
    Do you have any suggestions for me?
    I absolutely have no idea what to use on my face as I am scared to even try one of my other oils such as coconut or jojoba for getting more skin irritation (tiny little bumps all over face)

  145. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Deluxey Puvanasingam,

    Thanks so much for your comment/compliment and I hope you are enjoying your day so far. Since evening primrose oil is the oil that first caught your attention that is most likely the oil you should try first. Our intuition speaks to us in different ways and sometimes it is just that “thing” that catches our eye, or a feeling, or whatever way we will notice the message.

    Yes I completely understand being hesitant to trying an oil at all especially having had an issue with coconut and jojoba oil. All carrier oils are not created equal which is why when I learned about the balance of oleic vs linoleic acid in carrier oils I had to share this. Also please take note of what oils may be in your hair care which can also affect your skin on your face and body as well as your makeup.

    Besides evening primrose oil, some of my other readers have also found grapeseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and rosehip seed oil helpful. No matter what oil you try if you are acne prone just go with a 100% pure carrier oil, preferably organic, that is high in linoleic acid. You can also try oil cleansing if you are looking to change your facial cleanser or any of these gentle options as well. Also try only one product/ingredient at a time so that you know what is working and what is not. Wishing you the very best as your skin heals!

  146. Deluxey Puvanasingam says

    Hi Dawn,
    Thank you. You are absolutely right. As I was doing my research on pumpkin seed oil as that i the most prevalent choice here,I KNEW it did not sound right and my mind kept going back to evening primerose oil.As someone usually have right gut feeling, I should always honor that ans thank you for pointing that out to me.
    As I read more on evening primerose oil, some questions I have now are whether I can use it directly on the face or add to my moisturizer? and do I always have to refrigerate it?
    And Thank you so much for the help and the guidance. Highly appreciate it :)

  147. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Deluxey Puvanasingam,
    You can use evening primrose oil directly on your face. It is a sensitive carrier oil so refrigeration is advised. This may seem out of the box, but I’m also aware that evening primrose oil is also sold in large capsules so that would be an ideal way to travel with this oil and still use it without refrigeration. Just a thought. I think that some things not being as convenient as others is a big deterrent to some, but there are always ways around it.
    Best wishes and definitely trust your gut!

  148. Deluxey Puvanasingam says

    Yes, absolutely. It is also funny that my fortune cookie app for today JUST turned out to be “DO not cut what you can untie;” fits in PERFECTLY with this situation.
    Just for clarification, you did mean, cutting up the capsule to use on the face not take it orally right?

  149. Deluxey Puvanasingam says

    Thank you so much for the help, highly appreciate it. I will let you know how this works out.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week/weekend!!

  150. says

    Hi Dawn,
    I’ve been trying out hemp oil doing the OCM. The hemp oil while cleaning my pores out is too drying for my skin. I’m peeling like crazy. I’m going to try grape seed oil next probably.

  151. says

    I’ve been trying out hemp oil doing the OCM. The hemp oil while cleaning my pores out is too drying for my skin. I’m peeling like crazy. I’m going to try grape seed oil next probably.

  152. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Hazel,
    If your skin is so dry that it’s peeling you may be interested in herbal facial steaming for hydration as well as even trying rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed oil is a very soothing and moisturizing carrier oil that is also high in linoleic acid. Also please make sure that you are hydrating your skin from the inside out by drinking more water and avoiding dehydrating beverages as much as possible like soda, coffee, and alcohol. I hope that you find the balance that you need to continue healing your skin. Please keep us posted.
    Best wishes!

  153. meghan says

    I think you are on to something here. I have tried everything and just started using the oil cleaning about a year ago and my skin is so much better but i still get some breakouts. It is very difficult to choose the right oil especially since there are so many choices as with all other things in the market. I think if you combined this with the comedogenic ratings of the oils then that will really help narrow things down. Choose the ones with higher linoleic from your list then look to see which have a zero on the comedogenic scale. Then once that is chosen, the essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be mixed in the appropriate amounts. Then after that the correct method of applying should be used such as using an exfoliate to rid the dead skin cells. And there you have the three causes of acne tackled: carrier oils to take care of the sticky sebum, essential oils to rid of bacteria, and exfoliation to rid of the dead skin cells stuck there clogging the pores. Thank you, you have really helped in my long research. I will definitely try this right away.

  154. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Meghan,
    I’m so glad that this article was helpful to you and please keep us posted on how things work out for you. There are so many oils to choose from and this info really changed things completely for me. I hope things work well for you too!

  155. Bobby Sinclaire says

    So based on comedogenic ratings of the high linoleic oils, hemp would be the best. I can’t find the comedogenic ratings of pumpkinseed oil, evening primrose oil, and rosehip oil. Pumpkinseed oil has worked thus far but still am seeing some breakouts. Sunflower oil however has a 0 comedogenic rating and is high in linoleic acid. Does anyone have experience with this oil? Would love some feedback Dawn, THANKS!

  156. Linda says

    I really want to try the kukui nut oil, its high in both oleic and linoleic oil, but a bit higher in linoleic. What do you think? sorry about my english, im from norway.

  157. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added this oil as well. Just note that safflower oil is a highly genetically modified so it is very important to make sure that you are purchasing an organic high linoleic safflower oil.
    Best wishes!

  158. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,

    Sunflower oil is one of those oils that is often highly genetically modified. I found conflicting information about this oil in general. The organic sunflower oil on Mountain Rose states that their sunflower oil is high in oleic acid, yet because it is a high GMO carrier oil I would only want to purchase organic. On the other hand safflower oil is rated very high in linoleic acid and the organic safflower oil on Mountain Rose Herbs also carries a high linoleic and organic safflower oil. Genetically modified safflower oils are high in oleic acid. I have yet to try either oil though.

    I am also glad that you are seeing improvement in your skin using high linoleic oils. Just keep in mind that healing acne takes time and is not only a topical solution. Both this article and this one go into more detail about healing acne from different angles.

    Hope this helps!

  159. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Linda,
    I honestly feel that the oil that you are led to trying is a great place to start. We are all unique and following your intuition is the best navigator. I have yet to try kukui nut oil myself but it is on my list of oils to try in the future. If you are seriously acne prone your skin may also benefit from the oils that are much higher in linoleic acid as well.
    Best wishes!

  160. Kasia says

    Hi Dawn,

    Was just reading some of the comments above about the hemp seed oil. I also have now problems with the dry skin. I use a mix of the hemp seed oil and the helichrysum EO and the microfiber cloth. Sometimes I moisturize with the hemp seed oil afterwords, but putting on make up is difficult. I have been doing OCM this way for the last 8 weeks. I drink at least 2l of water daily. Is there anything I should add to the routine to hydrate my skin? Or change the oil? Also, when moisturizing with the oil after cleansing, do you remove the excess with a paper towel?

  161. Michelle Dawn says

    Hi Dawn;

    I just happened to stumble onto your article while I was researching carrier oils for homemade skin care recipes and I’m so glad I did! Now it makes so much sense to me why none of the products I use work for me! I am so excited to switch to different oils to see what a difference it will make.

    And interestingly enough, I noticed your name is the reverse of mine. I’m Michelle Dawn. What a coincidence!

    Thank you so much for sharing this information :-)

  162. Bobby Sinclaire says

    has anyone tried passion fruit seed seed oil also known as maracuja oil? It has a linoleic rating of 62% but I can’t find the comedogenic rating. Everything I have read about this oil sounds great. Also using hemp seed oil for OCM which has been working well. Will try safflower oil and see how that goes with updates. CHeers!

  163. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Michelle Dawn,
    I hope that this is helpful to you and please keep us posted on how this works for you. It’s also nice meeting a Michelle Dawn. That is a coincidence! Best wishes!

  164. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,
    I haven’t tried maracuja oil yet I wonder if anyone else will chime in if they have tried it. I think it is great that you are experimenting to find what works for you. Have a beautiful day!

  165. Shil says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    I had stumbled upon your website while google searching on oatmeal or was it somethingelse. I loved your blog and found it very informative. I wanted to ask you about the Rosehip seed oil. Is it suitable for oily skin or combination skin for all? You have mentioned yours skin is combination but Moutainroseherb website has quoted that oily skin should avoid this. I am from India and I am not able to get this offline. :-( So I am trying to buy it online and they are charging exorbitantly. Would like to be sure before I buy it.
    Thanks in advance.

  166. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Shil,
    I have combination skin and really enjoy rosehip seed oil. It is a high linoleic oil as well. When choosing a high linoleic oil I suggest using an oil that you are most drawn to and to use your intuition when making the decision. I have personally had success with grapeseed, pumpkin seed, and rosehip seed oil so far. Hope this helps!

  167. Hanna says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your blog and for this post especially! I have had acne-prone oily skin since my early teens and in the 20 years that followed I have tried all kinds of chemicals to control it: antibiotics, different medical creams, the pill etc. When I was younger I never thought twice about putting these chemicals and pharmaceuticals in and on myself but for the last five years I have become more aware of all the chemicals we surround ourselves and also pollute the environment with. So I have been looking for a natural skin care regime that would suit my skin but haven’t been able to find one – until now!

    I found this post about a month ago and immediately made a skin oil concoction of my own using organic rosehip seed oil with thyme and tea tree essential oils. I also made a toner with organic green tea and organic apple cider vinegar with thyme and tea tree essential oils.

    I was very doubtful at first since I tried OCM a year ago with different mixes of olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and apricot kernel oil and it went horribly wrong! For the first week my skin felt and looked great but after that it started breaking out like crazy. I spent loads of time on the internet looking for answers why my skin reacted like this but never found any information about the linoleic-oleic acid balance and what a difference it makes to acne-prone skin like mine. I just found the usual “your skin is just breaking out because it’s cleansing itself” and I believed it and carried on with these oils. After about a month I had to stop because my skin was getting so bad and irritated that I thought that this couldn’t be just my skin’s cleansing process. After this I just thought that I simply couldn’t use oils on my skin and had to settle for products that had at least some chemicals in them (f.e. benzoyl peroxide).

    But with the information I found in this post and in other posts in your blog I have finally been able to kick my “benzoyl peroxide habit” 😉 I dare to say this now because it has been four weeks and no signs of major break outs!

    So thank you so much for helping me make my skin (and my life) better!


  168. Cathy says

    Hi Dawn! This website has been by far the most helpful is trying to use face oils!
    I was wondering if you know anything about olive oil squalane? I can’t figure out if it is more linoleic or more oleic or if that even applies? Thanks again!!!!

  169. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Hanna,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am thrilled that this information has also been so helpful for you too! Wishing you only the very best of everything <3

  170. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cathy,
    Olive oil is high in linoleic acid and olive oil squalane is hydrogenated (chemically altered) oil and also not recommended for acne prone skin. I hope this is helpful <3

  171. Kathryn says


    I’ve been using pumpkin seed oil as my moisturizer in the mornings (washing with raw organic honey) and then in the evenings for an oil cleanse (with microfiber cloth) and about mid-way through the day, I keep getting this burning sensation on my skin. It is very similar to the sensation I will get from sunscreen. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do to help with this?

  172. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kathryn,

    I’m not exactly sure what is causing the burning sensation. You may have to isolate each product/ingredient to see which one is helping and which one is not. When you change your entire skin care regimen at one time it can be difficult pin pointing what is working for you.

    Try using a cotton wash cloth for a day or so to see if the microfiber cloth is exfoliating your skin too much. You can also try only using raw honey to cleanse one day and only oil cleansing another day to see what is causing the irritation. If you can give your skin a break from all of it for a day or two while being makeup free that may calm your skin as well. I hope this helps some.

  173. Bobby Sinclaire says

    Hey Dawn, hope you are well. Do you have any experience with african black soap (the organic brown one, not the chemical store black soap)? I know you said no to soaps but I keep reading good things about this soap. My overall skin has been great but I can’t seen to fully clear my forehead even after doing OCM for almost two months already! It is weird because every time I go on vacation to a tropical island or even to Florida my skin is perfect but as soon as I come home I break out again. ANyways looking forward to your feedback as always. Thanks again

  174. mark says

    I would rather not use pumpkin seed oil for moisturizing my face, as it can be slightly hash/dry alone to leave on skin. So I usually add it to my cleanser for a deep cleansing effect. I think it is the enzymes in it that caused that burning sensation. If you must moisturize with it then mix with a compatible soothing product. Are you using pure/organic pumpkin seed oil? You want to be sure there are no additives, as it may include flavoring/essence. You may also want to check your pH that it is normal (4.5 – 5.5).

    If you have sensitive/dry skin, I recommend using high linoleic, orgnanic and GMO-free sunflower oil, and likewise, sheabutter oil. Mix with more parts of sunflower than sheabutter oil. I have oily to combination skin but I use this as my daily moisturizer and it works well for moisturizing my face. A little goes along way, so, warm on palm to lighten before applying on slightly damp (dry-patted) face.

    I personally don’t use a sunblock, and would rather use other means when possible, like using a hood, hat or face cap. The point is to protect againt hash weather/environmental conditions. But that’s just me. Moreover, the natural oils have some SPF in them.

    Best wishes!

  175. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bobby Sinclaire,
    African black soap is very alkaline. I’ve used it in the past off and on for years, yet never had consistent results with it most likely due to its alkaline nature. If I do try it again I will definitely not be using it daily like I did in the past. I think that alternating body care with simple ingredients like the ones above allow the skin’s pH to stay balanced longer than using alkaline products daily. I’m so glad that you are seeing improvement in your skin too!
    Enjoy your day!

  176. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing! Shea butter and Shea nut oil is high in oleic acid so just keep an eye on using that oil for your skin if you are acne prone. Have a great day!

  177. mark says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for the warning, but high oleic acidity does not always imply acne breakouts. Likewise, high linoleic acidity is not always a panacea against acne. Oils have other properties, and for acne treatment, a starting point would be to see the oil is non comedogenic. But it doesn’t suffice to only check that, as I got major breakouts with safflower (81% linoleic acid) which is rated to zero comedogenicity. Yet I have used shea butter oil with no breakouts. I have found that there are certain ratios of both acids that work well for my skin, one of which is one part of oleic to two parts of linoleic acid. It does the skin no good to rid one or the other. The key is finding a balance with both that works well for your skin. The reason I include shea butter oil is that softens and helps the skin to regenerate. It also protects the skin.

    Besides, oil is not always the cause of breakouts. If bacteria are trapped in your pores before you apply an oil to your face, it will of course make the bacteria to multiply. So it is important to keep a clean skin and control bacteria.

    Kind regards!

  178. Justine says

    Hi Dawn,

    Can I use any of the higher ineolic acid oils as a moisturizer ? Can I see pumpkin or hemp to moisturize instead of using for cleansing?

  179. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,
    I’m so glad that you have found what works for you. There are so many factors to consider for healing your skin and acne which is why I wrote this and this article. Even though safflower oil is one of the highest oils in linoleic acid, it is also hard to know exactly what you are getting since it is also an oil that is genetically modified. I mentioned that I was unable to find consistent information about safflower and sunflower oil because they are both genetically modified. Lastly you can always add an essential oil such as lavender essential oil to you carrier oil for antibacterial properties.
    Have a beautiful day!

  180. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Justine,
    I use high linoleic oils to cleanse and moisturize my skin. You can use them however you feel best for you. I hope this helps and have a beautiful day!

  181. mark says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for your reply. Safflower and sunflower oils are usually dry/high linoleic oils, so if you come across any that are high in oleic acid, then they must have altered.

    I personally don’t like lavender on my skin, as it irritates it. Same with tea tree, but I have used it on stubborn breakouts. Recently, I have diluted avocado oil with sunflower oil and added two drops of rosemary essential oil in a 5ml jar. This blend is regenerating and does not cause new breakouts. So for those whose are looking for alternative to rosehip oil, I would recommend it.

    Kind greetings!

  182. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,
    Yes safflower and sunflower oils are usually high linoleic acid oils. When I was doing research about oleic and linoleic acid in carrier oils I found that these two oils can be made into high oleic acid oils when genetically modified. It’s crazy that nature is being altered but it is important to try to use organic whenever possible. Also thanks for sharing what is working for you!

  183. T says

    This is a great post and sooooooo informative! Thank you for this information.

    I’m interested in making a sugar scrub for my little sister who has very acne prone skin. What types of oils do you suggest I use in the scrub?

  184. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi T,
    I’m so glad that this article is helpful for you. If you want to create a sugar scrub for acne prone skin you can use any of the oils listed above that are high in linoleic acid like grapeseed oil. I honestly prefer making sugar and salt scrubs with vegetable glycerin because the shower/tub isn’t slippery after using and it rinses well while still hydrating the skin.
    Best wishes!

  185. Dawn Michelle says

    You are so welcome T! I stopped using oils in my DIY body scrubs once I discovered that vegetable glycerin was a better option for avoiding the slippery tub/shower.

  186. Nephthys says

    Hi Dawn, i just noticed ur picture on this site and my god u have lovely glowing skin!! 😉

    i have a question cuz today i tried to do the oil cleanse method for the first time but only tried it on my cheek/nose area as a tester. i used few drops castor oil, coconut oil, and 1 drop jojoba to nourish my skin cuz i was afraid of drying. my skin feels really smooth & clean, but it got itchy and some mild redness. the redness went away but still kinda itchy.

    did i use too much castor oil? do u know if it irritates skin? which oils are the best for oily/sensitiuve skin based on ur experience??

    thanks in advance
    take care

  187. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nephthys,

    I’m sorry that you are experiencing skin irritation. If you can give your skin a day or two off from everything that sometimes helps. You mentioned in a previous comment that you have oily/acne prone skin. I would avoid oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil for starters and try only one oil that is high in linoleic acid to see how your skin reacts to it.

    When you are beginning a new skin care regimen it is crucial to isolate your ingredients so that you know what is working for you and what is not. After you find a few ingredients that your skin loves you can then create your own unique blend especially for you. I have not personally tried every oil that is high in linoleic acid, yet I have tried pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and rosehip seed oil and had a wonderful experience using them. I always recommend that readers choose an oil that they are intuitively led to.
    Best wishes!

  188. Erica K. says

    Hi Dawn,
    I used castor oil to clean my makeup off, and then steamed my face, massaged some organic pumpkin seed oil on, and did that for a few days, and than I broke out a little bit more, so I ended up switching to grapeseed oil(Napa Valley Naturals)and that created more cystic acne in one day. Also, my skin still remained oily all day. Should I just stop using OCM?

  189. wk987 says

    Citrus Clear’s Sensitive Face Wash is exactly what you need – I use it daily! I only use natural and organic products. This wash is not too strong nor too weak. Shrinks pores dramatically, gets rid of blackheads, even ones that seem to have been there forever, and no noticeable peeling or reddening. Just nice results! For reference I am 32, a redhead and have fair freckled skin.

  190. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Erica,

    Did you try using a microfiber cloth during the steaming process to remove all of the oil. I’ve found with oil cleansing that when leftover oil with dirt/makeup remains on the skin it can create clogged pores. Using a microfiber cloth helps to remove the cleansing oil very well and easily.

    Also castor oil is a purging oil so can pull toxins out of the skin very quickly leading to breakouts especially in the beginning. Please know too that healing acne is not only a topical solution. I wrote both this and this article to share that healing the skin is a whole body process.

    I’m not sure if you are a makeup wearer, yet definitely look at the ingredients in your makeup if you do wear it to see if it may be contributing to your skin’s condition. I’ve found that mineral makeup and also natural chemical-free brands that don’t contain high oleic acid oils to be better for the skin. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best wishes!

  191. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi wk987,
    Thanks for sharing what is working for you, yet this product isn’t 100% natural because it contains fragrance which has unknown toxic ingredients, as well as other lab created ingredients including surfactants which are the foaming components. Unlike many of the commercial products on the market this one is a bit better, yet I always thrive to offer truly natural solutions for beauty and health.
    Best wishes!

  192. Mel says

    Hi There!
    I am so excited to try your method of using “Linoleic Oils & Cleanse Cloths”
    I suffer from acne-prone skin and have growing hair on my chin from being hormonal…
    I am looking for something to help!
    I just purchased natural lavender oil in hopes of that helping but I also own “Grape Seed Oil” and would really try your methods!
    I have found as well that less is more and the healthier the better for my skin!
    Please shoot me an email anytime or find me on Twitter MKC_Esthetician anytime!
    Thanks for your help!

  193. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mel,
    Please keep us posted on how your new skin care regimen works out for you. I always suggest only trying one new product/ingredient at a time so that you can definitely pinpoint what is working and what is not. Wishing you only the very best!

  194. varsha says

    dear Dawn Michelle,
    I was thinking of using black sesame seed oil on my severe acne prone skin .Would it work? I’ve got severe scarring also. Your advice would be very helpful. Your hair tips were invaluable. Thank you so much for those tips.

  195. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Varsha,
    Do you mean black seed oil or sesame oil? Black seed oil is higher in linoleic acid than sesame oil, yet I will be completely honest by saying that I tell all of my readers to try a high linoleic oil that they are drawn to. I feel that by doing this they are following their intuition versus just what I may suggest. I know that we’ve been dialoging often yet have I suggested the concepts in this article to you to assist healing your skin?

    Also healing hyperpigmentation takes time and patience. I offer suggestions for natural remedies for hyperpigmentation here. Here is another article that may interest you too.

    Most importantly it is creating a simple natural skin care regimen and healthy lifestyle which eliminates the breakouts in the first place. I recently had a breakout myself from my consistent use of shea butter in my hair which is high oleic acid. I had used way too much yet once I stopped using it the breakout seized. Sadly I had to give shea butter up completely. I have a few scars that are in the process of healing.

    Let me know if anything else comes up for you <3

  196. Erica K. says

    Thank you Dawn Michelle! I am now using Alimapure mineral makeup, and noticed that doesn’t cause me to breakout farther. I am also exercising now and trying the apple cider vinegar diet. Hope this will help.

  197. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Erica K,
    You are so welcome and it is great that you are taking care of yourself from various angles for good health overall. I wish you the very best during this new journey!

  198. Amreena says

    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you. I started using organic grape seed oil on my acne prone skin and within a month I noticed my skin was more even and no more acne. I have now switched to evening primrose oil and thinking about getting the rose hip oil. Your blog has really been so helpful, thanks for sharing such wonderful tips..Wish you all the best

  199. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Amreena,
    This is great news! Thanks so much for sharing and I wish you all the best too!

  200. Amreena says

    Thanks Dawn! Can you suggest any essential oil which I can mix with the carrier oil to brighten up my skin? Thank you :-)

  201. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Amreena,
    Sandalwood essential oil, lavendar essential oil, and cedarwood essential oil are all wonderful for brightening the skin. You can find organic essential oils here if you’re interested. Hope this helps!

  202. Elysia says

    Hi Dawn! How nice to find such an informed article AND a blogger who responds to questions! Woohoo!
    I have had acne for the past several years, ever since I got Lyme & underwent treatment (still struggling with it but haven’t been on the hardcore drug treatment in few yrs). My skin also became very sensitive – often becoming allergic to things after using for awhile. I recently developed a lovely allergic rash on my face from a combination of a cleanser that had a small amount of salicylic acid & a new natural moisturizer that had some irritating ingredients like Vit C, glycolic acid & others. It took me forever to heal it, & I tried everything! My ND finally recommended oatmeal so I did some research & I made my own colloidal oatmeal masks (ground up organic whole rolled oats, raw honey, chamomile & calendula tinctures) & holybananacakes my face got so much better!! And not just the rash – after a couple weeks of using it, ALL of my acne is gone! Except for 1 or 2 Aunt Flo brings with her, but they come & go fast. I’m seriously in shock.
    My ND had also recommended moisturizing with jojoba emulsified with warm water. I was afraid this would break me out but it didn’t. Maybe because, though it’s low in linoleic, it’s also low in oleic?? I do have some blackheads though, which my salicylic cleanser helped with before. I’m thinking I might try another oil for moisturizing but wanted to get your take on irritation potential. When my rash was still active, I tried cleansing with a castor, apricot kernel mix but it was super irritating (most likely the castor). Might’ve been some EVOO or EVCO in it – can’t remember. I have added EVCO to my masks & have been fine with it as long as I remove it – it did cause acne when I left it on. Any particular oil you’d recommend for very sensitive, acne-prone, dry-prone (occasionally oil t-zone), fairly young skin?
    And anything for the blackheads that won’t irritate? I can’t afford to get squooshed by an esthetician right now 😉 I read that white willow bark is the natural form of salicylic acid & does not irritate like the synthetic, but still not sure if it’s too strong for me. I’ve also done bentonite masks which are wonderful but didn’t notice much help with the blackheads. But maybe I need to do more often? Thanks in advance, so very much!!

  203. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Elysia,

    Welcome! One of the best high linoleic oils that I enjoy for my skin is pumpkin seed oil. I also love grapeseed oil and rosehip seed oil. We are all unique so I would suggest choosing a high linoleic acid oil that you intuitively are led to try. Rosehip seed oil is the most moisturizing oil of the three.

    Because high linoleic oils help to soften the sebum in the skin, it naturally heals acne and smoothes the skin overall. I love oil cleansing with high linoleic oils using a microfiber cloth which I explain in this article. I also use an high linoleic oil to moisturize. I personally don’t use anything but oils for my skin care along with a weekly herbal steaming session.

    Best wishes!

  204. Anna says

    Hi thank you so much for this I finally understand why I was breaking out with some oils but not with others!! But wondering if you can help me, I have recently bought grapeseed oil which claims to be organic and cold pressed, but I noticed its linolic acid percentage is 72% instead of 70.6%, and also it says on the bottle for external use only? I bought from a place selling massage oils instead of a food oil because I didn’t want anythin genetically modified, but now I’m wondering weather the fact that it’s not good enough to eat means it isn’t good enough for my face either! Do you think it’s still beneficial to my skin or not or am I just being way to paranoid about my oils haha? Thanks if you can help x

  205. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anna,
    If the oil that you purchased is organic without extra ingredients it sounds perfectly fine. Carrier oils will have variable ratios of linoleic/oleic acid based on how they are made but will be approximately the same regardless unless genetically modified. Hope this helps!

  206. Rose says

    What I love about you: even though my skin or hair type may be different from yours, you explain the science behind why certain techniques work or don’t work. So I may not end up doing things exactly the way that you do them, but I’ve learned the best way to modify it for me. :)

  207. Rachael says

    Thank you for this informative article. About how long would you say someone should try a certain oil before switching (if they were still getting breakouts)? I have been using Pumpkin seed oil for about 1.5 weeks and I have noticed my skin go up and down. I get hormone related acne on my chin and jaw line and since this is a normal acne prone time during my cycle, I’m not sure if I should try another oil or stick it out and wait. How would you use tea tree oil on acne?

  208. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rose,
    Thanks so much for your comment! I do my best to share as much as I can so that anyone can tweak the info to make it work for them. Definitely share what is working for you if you’d like as I know it is always helpful to others. Wishing you the best of everything!

  209. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rachael,

    Glad you enjoyed this article, yet I hope that you can find a wonderful solution for your skin as well. Please read this article and this one too for more tips to healing your skin. You may also want to check the ingredients in your hair care and makeup to make sure that they are not irritating your skin and creating the breakouts as well. Chemical free is the best way to go.

    If you are a makeup wearer it is also helpful to keep your makeup brushes clean and the lids of mineral makeup if you use that clean as well. I wrote about that here. Also if pumpkin seed oil is not working for you definitely try a different one. I have had some readers comment that evening primrose oil worked wonders for them. You can see a ton of readers share info in the comment section of this article.

    Lastly tea tree oil is extremely potent and can possibly cause irritation to skin. If you have sensitive skin I would try alternative option first or try lavender essential oil instead. Also as an essential oil it would have to be diluted in a carrier oil. I would find the best carrier oil first and make sure that it is suitable for your skin before adding any essential oils to it. I share how to dilute essential oils for oil cleansing here. The article I just linked was also written before I learned about oleic vs linoleic acid in oils.

    Hope this helps!

  210. Mimi Johnson says

    This is absolutely true and a good summary of the info out there on natural oils and acne. I am trying to heal my gut from the inside out. If you have adult acne, you have a gut imbalance. Grapeseed oil cleared my skin nearly 100%. It took 8 months tho because I can’t use other products. I just was with microfiber cloth, tone with cotton pad and spring water (no chorine to irritate the skin) and rub into my hands 3 drops grapeseed oil (NO added vitamin E) and press into skin 2 x per day. Finally clear skin. Pay attention if you have adult acne. Your body is trying to tell you you are at risk for auto-immune and other heatlh issues!!!!

  211. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mimi Johnson,
    Thank you so much for sharing this info! Our skin is just telling us what is going on on the inside. I also appreciate you sharing how long it took for you to heal your skin. Many think they will have instant results, yet it does take time for the body and skin to detox.
    Best wishes always!

  212. Rachael says

    Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for your reply. What types of shampoos and moisturizers (for body) do you recommend?

    Thank you!

  213. Elysia says

    Thanks for the reply! I wanted to find the best microfiber cloth for super sensitive skin (I read that the general ones can be irritating for some) and an e-Cloth rep recommended the glass & polishing cloth. It is not soft & fluffy, it’s more of a tightweave with a smoother feel. Well, I tried it and it made my rash worse :( Then I came across some pretty incredible sounding info on konjac sponges. Supposed to be great for people with sensitive skin. Have you tried them? I know there are different kinds.

  214. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Elysia,
    I found really nice microfiber cloths which are really soft at Marshall’s in the home section. I don’t remember the brand but they also have towels in the same soft fabric. They come in a variety of colors. It really helps when they are super soft. <3

  215. Jennifer says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,
    I started researching cleansing with oils and came upon your site. I have had pretty bad acne-although not severe-for ~16yrs. Gone to 2 dermatologists and have had a difficult time overcoming it- I can’t take any oral medications cuz even the topical creams give me stomach issues.I realize I need to put better food in me and have been doing pretty good the last 5 months with plans to only get better. Two weeks ago I decided to try the Life-flo organic cold pressed grapeseed oil (ingr: vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil 99.5%, tocopherol (Vitamin E))since it was pretty high in the linoleic oils , the ratio with the oleic oil was pretty large and it was the right price. I also bought microfiber cloths. The first ten days were AMAZING. LIFE CHANGING. I didn’t wear makeup I felt confident (foreign for me) I was GLOWING, my face looked so freaking pretty- even though the acne didn’t entirely clear up I looked good. On the 11th day it was a 360. My face looked dull again and I noticed every spot I had on my face and it was no longer feeling soft and smooth. I’m wondering what went wrong. Morning and night I was washing with the oil, steaming for approximately 30 seconds and then wiped/sometimes scrubbed off the oil. My showers pretty much were like steaming hot so maybe I’m drying out my face? Or I’m wiping my face too hard? After washing I pat dry and then apply more oil -at night, I would apply a pretty good amount of the oil on my face and in the morning put a tiny amount on my dry areas. Do you pat your face dry or air dry? Maybe I’m using too much topically at night? Do you use the oil to moisturize? Would it maybe be better for me to apply a different oil after the washing? Should I only wash my face once a day? Do I really need to scrub with the cloth 2ce a day? I’ve also just been leaving the oil in my shower. It says store in a dry cool place? Should I not keep it in my bathroom? Would it be better in the fridge? Sorry, I know that I have a million questions but I feel like it was working better than anything I’ve ever tried plus I like the results on the rest of body. In advance, I really appreciate your input and the time you take on your site and in answering questions. You’re a beautiful woman and I love following you!
    Thanks, Jennifer

  216. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jennifer,

    It takes time for your skin to adjust to a new skin care regimen. Also microfiber cloths are really wonderful at exfoliating the skin so using them gently works well as you don’t want to irritate your skin. You can cleanse and moisturize with the same oil, and I like to apply the oil to moisturize on damp skin.

    Store your oil in a dry cool place if possible. Grapeseed oil specifically does not need to be refrigerated though. As long as you are taking in consideration of the other factors that effect our skin’s appearance and eating a healthy organic diet you should continue to see improvement in your skin. Also thank you so much for the compliment <3

    Best wishes always!

  217. says

    Hello Dawn! Wow I was looking up oil cleansing and ran across your site. By the way excellent site and great information. I just moved to DC and my skin has been going crazy!!! I’ve always had acne prone skin and was hoping that the climate change wouldn’t flare it up and it has. Well anyways I wish I would have found your site before I spent $70 on an organic everything all from a boutique. (Was trying to support small business) I was desperate to find something that would help my skin that I spent the money and the worst part is she doesn’t disclose her ingredients, so I don’t even no what the hell I’m putting on my face. But nevertheless I used the oil as a cleanser twice and each time it left my skin really dry afterwards. And I thought that was strange being that it is a blend of oils. So idk what do you think? Discounted use or keep trying? Is this a normal process of skin adjusting to oil cleansing? Thank again!!

  218. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pamill,
    To be honest it is really hard to say why your skin may be dry since you are not clear what is in the products that you are using. I can say that I and many of my readers have truly benefited from using high linoleic oils for oil cleansing and moisturizing. You can call the boutique that you purchased your products from and see if they will give you the ingredients list. It is extremely important to know what is in the products that you are using. Also here are some tips for dry skin.
    Best wishes!

  219. Ke-Shaun says

    Is oil face cleansing a bad idea for the summer? I love the results, but am concerned about it making my skin more susceptible and sensitive to sun damage.

  220. Bethany says

    Hi Dawn,

    I am so, so glad I found this article! About 2 months ago I threw away all of my chemical-laden products (*ahem, face wash!) and ever since then have been trying to get my skin back under control. I used to only have random pimples here or there, but after I stopped using my face wash (which contained benzoyl peroxide) I broke out horribly on my forehead and chin, and still have not been able to clear it. :(

    I’ve been washing my face with raw organic honey ever since I got rid of my face wash, and while I love how it feels, it has done nothing to clear my acne. It does sooth my skin, but I continue to get new blemishes. Frustrating!

    I’ve tried OCM twice now (the 1st time for about 2 weeks, and the 2nd time for only a few days), and both times began getting lots of little hard bumps & whitehead on my chin (already have lots of hard bumps on my forehead), which is not something I’ve had before. I was using a blend of macadamia nut oil and castor oil, sometimes with a few drop of tea tree oil. After reading your article, I see why I may have had a problem! Macadamia nut oil is high in oleic acid.

    Anyway, I am greatly afraid to try something else because nothing seems to help and my skin keeps getting worse. But I desperately want to find a solution. (By the way, I have stopped wearing makeup completely since I started breaking out. Also eat extremely clean – Paleo, organic, etc.) I think I am going to order some evening primrose oil and try it.

    My question is this: how do you know if you’re temporarily purging or if your skin is breaking out due to the oil? I never know whether to keep going or stop immediately! I’m just scared to test the waters again…


  221. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ke-Shaun,

    Oil cleansing is amazing for skin especially if you are using the right oil for your skin type. You can always follow up with a sunscreen for skin protection especially during the summer months. One of my favorite sunscreens is Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30. It is usually alpha/beta hydroxy acid peels that make your skin susceptible to sun sensitivity. Hope this helps!

  222. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bethany,

    Breaking out is frustrating so I’m hoping that you find what works for you. For starters know that the appearance of our skin is also a reflection of what is going on inside the body. I wrote this article sharing more about that. Emotions can play a lot into our skin as well. It’s great that you are eating very healthy too!

    It takes time for our skin to completely heal and the length of time depends for everybody because there are so many different factors to consider and we are each so unique. I wouldn’t be afraid to try a high linoleic oil to oil cleanse. I would suggest using a microfiber cloth instead of a regular cotton wash cloth because it really helps clear out congested pores unlike nothing else I have tried.

    I would look for a super soft microfiber cloth. I found some great ones at Marshalls. No particular brand, yet they were in the kitchen towel etc. section. I share exactly how I oil cleanse here. Whatever high linoleic oil you are led to try go with that. That instinct is usually our intuition.

    Best wishes!

  223. Bethany says

    Thank you for the swift reply! I’m going to order the evening primrose oil and look for some microfiber cloths. And try to keep the positive thoughts and energy flowing, lol! :) Thanks for the help!

  224. Grace says

    A very interesting post! I’m confused whether or not I agree since my experience with some of the oils on your list vary. For me I think it just depends on whether my skin likes the oil or not. Even though they’re high in oleic acids, I’ve found Jojoba and Argan oil to work the best on my combo sensitive, acne-prone skin which reacts to many cosmetic ingredients. In contrast I broke out terribly from Grapeseed oil which is high in linoleic :( However I did break up from Avocado, Tamanu, coconut, and Apricot Kernel Oil which are high in oleic acids according to your list.

  225. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks so much for sharing! I plan to make a note that wheat germ oil is high in linoleic acid yet also the highest on the carrier oil comedogenic list. Every carrier oil is very unique. This information completely changed how I view carrier oils and has provided me with consistent results of having clear skin once I omitted all oils high in oleic acid.

    Jojoba oil is somewhat balanced in oleic/linoleic acid which is why I feel results vary with that oil. I haven’t tried argan oil so can’t share any personal experience with it. It is most important that you find what works for you.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  226. Lisa says

    Hi Dawn,
    Love this article and your whole site!
    I have a question about one of the oils.
    I picked up Organic Rosehip seed oil after reading your article yesterday, except I noticed the one I got is with Vitamin E Oil, they didn’t have it without.
    I do have acne prone skin and just got over severe cystic acne, I’ve been clear for about 4-5 months now. I do have some hyperpigmentation from my acne. I’m tired and my skin is tired of using these cleansers with mass amounts of chemicals on my skin so I decided to try OCM. My question is, will the Vitamin E in the rosehip oil I bought throw anything off to cause breakouts, etc? Should I use this oil along with anything else or by itself?

  227. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lisa,

    I still haven’t been able to find much information on the chemical composition of vitamin E oil. So I am honestly not sure how it will affect the balance of other high linoleic oils. I’ve only used pure carrier oils without vitamin E so am not sure what the effects with be.

    I’ve had a great experience with rosehip seed oil despite the claims of it not being good for acne prone skin. That has been my experience and using high linoleic oils in general. Also when I use high linoleic oils I’ve been using them individually to determine exactly how my skin feels about each one. Definitely use your intuition on which oils to try.

    I hope this helps!

  228. oyinda says

    Hello Dawn,

    I just purchased carrot seed oil and grapeseed oil. I have got acne prone skin and I was wondering if I can I mix these oils together or use them separately?


  229. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Oyinda,
    I would try grapeseed oil first alone to make sure that your skin loves it, then add the carrot seed oil to it and see how your skin likes the mix. You can make a small batch of the oil mix before creating a larger batch. You can add 5-10 drops of carrot seed oil to every 1 oz of grapeseed oil. It’s always better to start with less. I mentioned how to add essential oils to your carrier oils in this article.
    Best wishes!

  230. chantelle says

    Hello Dawn,
    I stumbled on your website, I have combination skin and tend to break out on my cheeks, cystic acne. I haven’t tried the oil cleansing method but I do use oil to remove makeup. On makeup free-days I cleanse with raw honey, tone with alcohol free cucumber witch hazel and 1 drop of Jojoba Oil. I read your article and immediately ordered organic cold pressed grape seed oil( Life-Flo). I now use 1-2 drops as a moisturizer. I noticed I am breaking out more, but I like that the oil doesn’t not leave my skin greasy. I heard I should give a new oil some time on my skin, Should I keep using it or stop? Also-How should I store it? Whats the shelf life?

  231. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Chantelle,

    Welcome! Sometimes it will take time for your skin to adjust to a new skin care routine, yet I honestly prefer to see improvement using something new versus having an adverse reaction. It is possible that grapeseed oil may not be the best match for you. I have had other readers who preferred other high linoleic oils for their skin instead of grapeseed oil. We are all so unique so it is important to use your intuition when finding what will work for you. Grapeseed oil does not need to be refrigerated so can be stored in a cabinet.

    There are so many factors which play into maintaining clear skin outside of our topical treatments. Our skin also represents what is going on inside the body. Please check out this and this article for more information. Lastly sometimes when we are working hard to clear our skin we can overdue things. It is great that you have makeup free days to allow your skin to breath. Even having minimal skin care days is helpful to allow your skin to balance itself as well. Also if there is another high linoleic oil that you are intuitively led to try go for it. I hope that this is helpful to you.

    Best wishes!

  232. Emm says

    I found this website months ago when I was searching for a natural moisturizer to use on my skin. Having found I was pregnant, and having super itchy dry legs from both the pregnancy and the extremely cold winter, I wanted to find something that was as easy to use and soothing on my legs as baby oil (but didn’t contain petroleum products) and that I could use on my belly and face, as well. In the past I’ve tried olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. I didn’t get the best results with any of them. I had especially high hopes for the coconut oil since so many women seem to swear by it, and was equally disappointed with the way it made my skin break out. Since I found this site, I decided to try grape seed oil, and months later I had to find the site again to say thank you!!!! It’s so easy to use. I just smear it on my body after my shower and before drying off. I use it all over: my face, my legs, my growing baby bump. It makes my skin feel smooth, keeps me from feeling itchy, and it definitely doesn’t make me break out any more than I did without it. I’ll probably have to be more careful going out in the sun, but it’s absolutely the best moisturizer I ever found and I’ll never go back. And for only a few bucks, it lasts for half a year. Great value! Thanks so much for your research into this.

  233. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Emm,
    Thanks so much for sharing the success you’ve had with grapeseed oil! Also wishing you only the very best for you and your baby! <3

  234. Laurie says

    Hi Dawn,
    I noticed that you do not mention Borage oil. I was told that Borage oil has the highest amount of GLA. I am currently using grape seed oil (my fourth try- I used jojoba, safflower (ended up being high in oleic acid), Evening primrose oil and now the grapeseed). It has been a long process, but am starting to clear up. Do you have any comments about using borage oil internally or topically?

  235. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Laurie,
    I’ll have to look more into borage oil. I am glad that you are seeing positive results with evening primrose and grapeseed oil though. I hope you are having a beautiful day!

  236. Rose H says

    I’m glad I found this post. I have never suffered from acne, but have had horrible eczema as a child/adult. My skin on my entire body has always been very sensitive and I would always break out into hives. So, I always cleaned my face with hot water followed by cold water. It worked for my son too, but not my daughter. It Wasn’t until I looked more into oils and how they worked that I tried a modified oil cleansing method for my daughter. Jojoba oil works great on every part of her face except her forehead, lol. Running into this post I think that castor oil will be a good choice for her. I’ll definitely let you know.

  237. Sunny says

    I absolutely love this information that you’ve shared, and have passed along the link to others in order to spread the word about the benefits of oil cleansing.

    That said, I’ve been using grapeseed oil (Life Flo) for cleansing for almost one month now, along with the microfiber cloths. The first two weeks were glorious; my congested acne prone skin improved greatly. However, the last two weeks have been a struggle. My skin seems to have a layer of small (but persistent) whiteheads and comedones now, which the oil doesn’t seem to clear up. I’d hate to switch to a different oil at this point, because this could be an adjustment period for my skin. However, like others in similar situations, I’m a little disappointed and frustrated!

    I should also mention that while I am a vegan and do a decent job (most days) of eating healthy foods, I definitely don’t get enough sleep. I see that others in the comments have had similar issues with starting out with OCM, but I am really tempted to try another oil in case my face has reacted negatively to grapeseed oil. Any suggestions?

  238. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rose H,
    I’m so glad that this has been helpful to you. Thanks so much for sharing and have a beautiful weekend!

  239. karishma says

    what do i do? i got deep acne scars plus my skin is oily..which oil to use..so that it does not cause acne?

  240. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Karishma,
    I wrote this article to give a very detailed description on how I healed my acne and acne scars. I hope that it is helpful to you so that you will know where to start. Best wishes!

  241. cynthia matherne says

    Evening Primrose Oil—Oleic–8.4% Linoleic–72.6%
    Have you tried this oil for oil cleansing? I would think because it so high in linoleic and so low in oleic it would be best for oil cleansing acne prone skin. What is your thoughts? I love your blog:))))

  242. Beth says

    I have acne now that I’m off the pill and in perimenopause. I never went through this before,it’s very distressing. After trying antibiotics, tretinoin, clobetasol, AHA, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide I was at my wit’s end! My friend was using vitamin E for his psoriasis, I decided to try the closest thing I had to that, castor oil. I was astonished at my acne clearing up! I then found your oil article and tried Hemp oil. I had it handy as I make my own soap. In 2 days, well I could just cry! My peaches and cream complexion is returning. You have done those suffering this skin disease a great service! God bless you!

  243. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cynthia Matherne,
    I haven’t tried evening primrose oil myself yet a few readers have commented that it worked really well for them. My favorites are pumpkin seed oil, hemp oil, and rosehip seed oil. Have a beautiful day!

  244. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you so much for sharing this and I’m so excited that your skin is responding so well to high linoleic oils. This information was truly life changing for me so I couldn’t keep it to myself when I started seeing consistent results. Best wishes with everything!

  245. varsha says

    Recently, I’ve started oil cleansing my face with black cumin seed oil, I can find a decrease in the size of the new breakouts and old existing zits, but I feel that my skin is too oily. After OCM, I tend to splash my face with water to remove the excess oils. Is this ok?

  246. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Varsha,
    Do what works for you. I’m glad that you’ve been noticing a vast improvement with your skin using black cumin seed oil. That’s what is most important. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  247. Dee says

    I just read this article and I found it very informative. I’m wondering if you or anyone else know the oleic/linoleic balance of tea tree oil and neem oil!
    I’m currently using argan oil and coconut oil (both organic) and they work okay for me but I’m always looking for something better. I break out on my jaw/cheek area especially around that time of the month but during the summer they seem to last longer. I think I will try some of those oils from the list of oils high in linoleic acid.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  248. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dee,
    Coconut, argan, and neem oil are all high in oleic acid. You can see the percentages of neem oil here. As for tea tree oil it is an essential oil and I honestly don’t know the biological composition of tea tree oil. Essential oils and carrier oils are very different. Hope this helps some.

  249. selina says

    Hi Dawn,
    I am a little confused with your article. You state that acne flareups and clogging can be due to an overabundance of oleic acid, and not enough linoleic acid, however, you suggest jojoba oil as a carrier oil in your OCM blend, which has a balanced but higher amount of oleic acid to it than other carriers. Why wouldn’t you use an oil high in linoleic acid for acne prone skin, such as Hempseed oil which also ranks a 0-1 on the comedogenic scale?

    If you feel castor and hempseed is too drying, maybe add in 10% jojoba? I haven’t started any OCM yet, just doing lots of research, but based on what you state, it seems a blend of castor and hempseed is the best solution.

    One other point- jojoba is supposed to be closest to your skins natural sebum, but if you are acne and clogging proned, then isn’t that saying that your natural sebum is over producing waxy hard oil (clogging) therefore, it doesn’t make sense to “add” jojoba, since in theory – it would exacerbate the already waxy/hard clogged oil – right? Jojoba = skin natural sebum. When skin natural sebum is too much it causes clogging – why add more? Hope you can clarify. THANKS!

  250. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Selina,
    In the article titled Two Amazing Natural Solutions For Acne I noted at the bottom of the page that I had since learned about high linoleic oils and I linked to this article. Here you can see exactly how I cleared my acne and my current skin care regimen described in detail here. Hemp seed oil is amazing and one of my three favorite oils. I hope this info helps to answer your questions.
    Best wishes!

  251. Mary Jo says

    I found this article very interesting. For my skin, I cleanse then moisturize with Marula oil, which is high in Oleic acid (66-78%) with only 4-7% linoleic. It’s cleared my skin and my teenage kids up within two weeks of using it as our facial wash. Could this just be the difference in our chemistry?
    Mary Jo

  252. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mary Jo,

    I think in general oil cleansing is much more gentle on skin than traditional face washes. This is what I personally noticed when I first started oil cleansing with olive/castor oil mix four years ago. If you have consistent results with marula oil for months and months to come, you have found a winner.

    For me specifically using high linoleic oils has made a drastic difference in my skin with consistent results. Still I am aware that all carrier oils are unique with other properties aside from the oleic/linoleic balance. Do what works for you. <3

  253. selina says

    How long does it take to remove the clogging and blackheads, I thought it was supposed to be immediate but my oils didn’t take anything out yet is been two washes. The clogging is hard sebum that comes out with a hard deep sqeeze, but I was trying to avoid that by starting the oil method. I use castor and hemp seed . All high linoleic. I am getting discourage and squeezing the plugs myself which is causing swelling, and a pimple from the pucking. I thought the effects of the oil was to pull out all the plugs immediately. Will I still have plugs? How long does it take for them all to go?

  254. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Selina,
    I feel it takes up to a month to see improvement in your skin when starting a new regimen. Also please know that when healing your skin applying topical treatments is only one aspect of the picture. Our skin is our largest organ and is literally trying to excrete toxins that are inside the body. I share how I cleared my acne and acne scars here. I also wrote this article and this article to help my readers understand that healing our skin in a multifaceted system. Also please do your very best to keep your hands off of your skin, as squeezing plugs and popping pimples can possibly cause scarring.
    Best wishes!

  255. La says

    Is it okay to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil into any of the carrier oils mentioned above and then use this daily for oil cleansing? What ratio of essential oil to carrier oil should you use?

  256. Mirella says

    Hey dear Dawn,
    thank you for your site! You are adorable!
    I think we have a lot in common in regards of hair (I have the same texture as you, just my hair is to the middle of my belly long) and in regards of skin ( I suffer from acne and am now healing thanks to the natural remedies). I found your blog to be SO HELPFUL.

    Next step I want to try is oil cleansing. I already tried hemp seed oil as conditioning oil and it broke me out badly. I am now using neem oil, which is amazing on my skin and heals my scars also. I want to try pumpkin seed oil, but I live in a small town in Germany and in the bio market there is only cold pressed pumpkin seed oil from ROASTED seeds, not raw seeds. I really dont understand if there is a difference if the oil is actually cold pressed and bio. What pumpkin seed oil do you use? I bought also safflower oil (it smells gross 😀 ). Would the effect be better if I mix them with castor oil?

  257. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi La,
    I share how to add essential oils to your carrier oils here. This article was written before I learned about high linoleic oils but the ratios of essential oil to carrier oil still relate. <3

  258. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mirella,
    Thanks so much for the compliment! I use cold pressed organic pumpkin seed oil from raw seeds. Roasted oils are definitely different. And yes you can mix the oil that you like with castor oil, yet I prefer to keep my cleansing oil simple. Just make sure that your skin is happy with both oils before mixing them.
    Best wishes!

  259. Kam says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,
    I am so happy to have found your website! It is such a wealth of information! I don’t wear makeup at all just physical sunblock, recently switched to Devita moisturizer/sunblock. Do you still recommend oil cleansing for those that don’t wear makeup?

  260. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kam,
    Welcome! I haven’t worn much makeup at all this summer, mainly lip color. I oil cleanse at night and splash with water in the morning. Oil cleansing is great for refreshing the skin without disrupting the pH balance. Find what works best for you. <3

  261. Irene says

    Thank you for this article. I am researching creating an acne serum for a friend’s son who is 14 and just getting pimples. The oleic vs. linoleic factor in carrier oils is just what I needed.

  262. Dawn Michelle says

    Thanks Karen!
    Omega 3’s are important for good health so I incorporate them into my diet.

  263. Victoria says

    This is amazing! I have used the OCM and cleansing oils for a few months, with good but not excellent results. My skin looks brighter and plumper with fewer break-outs, but the oils weren’t clearing out blackheads or preventing all break outs. Your post has resolved the mystery for me! Thank you, thank you! And VitaLivesFree’s youtube channel for talking about this post and sending me here. 😀

  264. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Victoria,
    This info changed my thoughts on oil cleansing completely. I hope that it is helpful for you too. Please keep us posted and best wishes!

  265. Sarah says

    Dear Dawn Michelle,
    Thank you for all your good advise and wonderful beauty recipes you are awesome!
    I have had acne for nine painful physical and emotional years, but about seven months ago I started the oil cleansing method using evening primrose oil.

    When I first stared doing it my skin brockout but then magic happen and my acne started to go away. I occasionally get acne breakout, but my zits are geting smaller and smaller!

    I have now started to use calendula essential oil in my evening primrose oil and chamomile Hydrolat as a face toner and it’s helping even more! And now I’m starting to get complements about my skin, that has not happen in a long time! I’m so happy about that!

    But I was wondering do you have suntan lotion recipe for acne prone skin that I can use for my face and body?



  266. parker says

    Is pumpkin seed oil suppose to tingle or anything of the sort of make your face feel dRy.

  267. sarah says

    Do you have a suntan lotion recipe for acne prone skin That I could use for my face and body?

  268. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for sharing this and I’m really happy that you found a simple skin care regimen that is working so well for you. Also I don’t have a suntan lotion recipe only a list of natural sunscreens here. Enjoy your day!

  269. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Parker,
    You skin may be dehydrated in general yet you don’t want anything to make your skin feel dry. I find it helpful to apply oils to wet skin so splashing the face with water before applying an oil can help a lot. Also make sure that you are hydrated from the inside out and possibly incorporate healthy fats high in rich omegas to soften your skin as well. Hope this helps!

  270. Nikkita Thimmaiah says

    Hi Dawn.
    Should i oil cleanse my face twice a day ?
    What type of face makuep to us to avoid acne ?
    Can i use it just after oil cleansing ?
    After cleaning off the oil with the soft fiber cloth. Should i rinse with water ?
    But i loved ur article :)
    Thumbs up for it :)

  271. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nikkita Thimmaiah,
    You can read all of the details on how I oil cleanse in this article along with a weekly treatment that I really enjoy. A year ago I would oil cleanse morning and night. Now I oil cleanse at night and wash my face with water in the morning then moisturize. Rinsing with water after oil cleansing gives your skin extra hydration before adding a few drops of oil to moisturize too. I also wrote some of my recent skin care updates in this article. I hope this helps!

  272. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi YG,
    If you are looking for an oil best for acne prone skin just make sure that it is high in linoleic acid. Sunflower oil and safflower oil can be genetically modified and I’ve seen organic sunflower oil both high in oleic acid and high in linoleic acid so it depends on the maker of the oil. Is your skin dry or oily?

  273. Tyler says

    Hi! I’m really unsure of what oil i should use, I have acne prone combination that sometimes gets flaky and sensitive. I’ve tried coconut oil and avocado oil but they break me out! I’ve heard good things about grapeseed oil but I’m worried in case it won’t moisturise my skin enough, or I’m thinking about sesame and hemp seed oil. I’m so confused about which one is best, what do you think?

  274. yg says

    well, it’s actually combination, plus acne on the oily area too. i have tried jojoba, sweet almond before and realized the acne look redder after applying.

  275. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tyler,
    Finding what is best for your skin is trial and error. Hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and rosehip seed oil are my favorites. Hemp seed oil is the lowest on the comedogenic rating for oils and it is high in linoleic acid so that may be a great one to try first. Best wishes!

  276. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi YG,
    Hemp seed oil is the lowest on the comedogenic rating for oils and it is high in linoleic acid so that may be a great one to try first. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are both not high in linoleic acid. It will take some trial and error as well as giving your skin some time to adjust to a new regimen. Keep your skin care simple and consistent. Trying a bunch if different things can cause irritation.
    Best wishes!

  277. Jess says

    I’ve actually found that seabuckthorn seed and fruit oil has been amazing to clear up my skin and even out my skin tone. It’s got to be the best topical product I’ve ever tried. I use those oils together at night time. You can add a bit of the fruit oil to another carrier oil to use as a a daily moisturizer. I added about 5 drops to grape seed oil that I store in a little dropper bottle. Don’t add too much or it will be orange.

  278. Sylvie Gubbels says

    Hello, I’m so happy to hear about the Linoleic acid differences, makes so much sense and I can’t wait to try using the right types of oil now. I was wondering if you knew the percentage of Linoleic & Oleic acid in Sandalwood oil. I just bought it and its super expensive and can’t seem to find the answer. Thank you so much for sharing.

  279. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sylvie Gubbels,
    If you purchased an essential oil of sandalwood, these ratios of linoleic versus oleic will not apply the same way since essential oils are completely different than carrier oils. I hope this helps some.

  280. Sarah says

    Hi! Is all your tips and advice for skin care applicable for all skin ethnicity types? Obviously hair care is different, but wasn’t sure on skin. I love what you’re saying here and want to give oil cleansing a try. My son wants to try it, too, as he is dealing with acne and is pretty tired of all the bleaching (clothes, towels, etc…have to be really careful) the benzoyl peroxide is doing.

  281. Jessa says

    Thank you so much for this article! I found it through a Pemberley Jones link-up and although it has only been about a month, I have seen shocking improvements in my skin. For years I’d been managing my painful adult acne with BHA and Benzoyl Peroxide, as I slowly leaned toward a healthier lifestyle. Almost a year ago, that stuff started giving me hives and I could no longer use it. Thankfully, that pushed me to search for more natural options, but nothing was working and my skin only continued to worsen. When I read this article I immediately discontinued using the higher oleic oils I’d been trying. I added in Pai’s rosehip oil and Osmia’s spot treatment (what led me to PemJo in the first place!) and have seen remarkable improvement. I was seriously starting to think I’d be stuck with bad skin forever! My pumpkin seed oil should arrive today so I’m excited to add that into my regimen and see how I fare. I’m loving the rest of your site as well :) Just wanted to chime in my thanks and encouragement!

  282. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sarah,
    The research that I did on high linoleic oils is linked in the article for reference yet didn’t have any information about ethnicity or the amount of melanin in the skin. Oil cleansing is very popular in general, yet I’ve taken it further with high linoleic oils. Best wishes to you and your son!

  283. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jessa,
    Yaa I’m so happy that you’ve found something that is working for you and that this article has been so helpful in general! Wishing you the best!

  284. Meg says

    hi! I think this is some very neat info! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for slightly indented scars? I was thinking tamanu oil might help? Thanks!

  285. Lydia says

    Hi Dawn! One of the most informative articles I’ve ever read on natural skin care, thank you very much for sharing all of this!!! I steam my face w a damp microfiber cloth & use organic rosehip oil. Not only has it controlled the blemishes, but the over all appearance of my skin is better than it has ever been!!! Please continue to embrace your beautiful lifestyle & share with us the life changing tips you come across!!

  286. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lydia,
    Thanks for your comment and I’m so glad that this is working so well for you. Best wishes!

  287. Puja says

    This has become my ‘go to’ article since I came upon it. Thank you so much for posting it and putting the effort into making this summary. I thought I would add a new tid-bit I found that you may also find interesting:

    Linoleic acid is Omega -6
    Oleic acid is Omega -9.

    Funny how so many terms we learn are simply duplicates of others :o)

    Love your site

  288. Anonymous says

    Hi Dawn,

    You are a blessing- I used to wonder why coconut oil never worked on my skin as it broke out time and again. It looks shiny and dry in appearance- partly also contributed by diet i figured.

    I`d like to try soybean or sesame oil then after having cleansed with raw honey- see how it goes. I know it might take time but its good to still have options. My question is do I try with an essential oil or plain for a start.

  289. Cathy Ivey says

    Hi Dawn!

    Thanks so much for posting this awesome info, it is so helpful.

    I am about to make a purchase on Mountain Rose Herbs for Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Tamanu. I just started using African black soap (with Mango) for washing, but am curious how you would recommend I use the oils I’m purchasing.

    Should I use Hemp for day time, and then Pumpkin or Rosehip at night? I am thinking of using Tamanu for a spot treatment, but am curious about your thoughts.

    I do have acne prone combination skin that has been a bit oilier lately, so would love to hear what you think would work best with the oils I’m purchasing.

    I’ve seen you mention trying one oil at a time to make sure the skin likes it… Which would you recommend I try first? Or should I combine two?


  290. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anonymous,
    Oh wow thank you! I’d try to just use the oil first to make sure your skin agrees with it before adding the essential oil. Use no more than 10 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce carrier oil. If you are using a very potent oil like tea tree essential oil use around 3-5 drops. Lavender essential oil is my favorite, yet you can add any one that you feel is best for you. Best wishes!

  291. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cathy,
    You can use the oils for cleansing and moisturizing. Soaps take the skin out of its natural pH balance which you can read more about here and here. Definitely try only one oil at a time so you are clear with how it works for you. Best wishes!

  292. Dhania says

    Hi there, Dawn.

    Thank you so much for this greatly needed information. This explains why certain really popular oils tend to break people out more than its helping them (cough EVOO and coconut oil cough)

    I’ve just bought Castor Oil, since its high in Linoleic Acid, I’m pretty pumped on trying it. I was just wondering if I should use it alone or should I mix it with another oil to dilute it? Some websites say that Castor is drying and needs to be diluted with another oil. I have an oily and acne-prone T-zone. I have comedogenic acne on my forehead and chin. Which oil do you think is best for me? Thanks for your help! :(

  293. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dhania,
    This info has been life changing for me so I hope that it will be extremely helpful to you too. Castor oil is a purging oil so I wouldn’t use it for cleansing until your skin has found its proper balance which could take a good amount of time depending upon where you are starting from. I love pumpkin seed oil, yet hemp oil is also amazing and is high in linoleic oil and a 0 on the comedogenic scale. Best wishes!

  294. priyanka says

    hello mam
    your blog is so informative.your research and knowledge is great.i read at your blog that pumpkin seed oil is good for acne prone skin because of high in linoleic acid.i wanted to try this oil but is it good if i use it as only day and night moisturizer or i have to cleanse with it.

  295. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Priyanka,
    You can use pumpkin seed oil as a moisturizer for day and night. Incorporating high linoleic oils into your skin care regimen while eliminating high oleic oils however you choose to do it will be helpful. I’m glad that this article has been helpful to you.
    Best wishes!

  296. Gina says

    This is an awesome website! I have been oil cleansing with grapeseed oil and castor oil for a couple months now. In the beginning my face was AMAZING literally no breakouts. I never really stayed consistent with the ratios of the oils I was using however, and I am wondering if lately I am using too much castor oil because I have been breaking out consistently:( what are some ratios that you recommend?

  297. Dawn Michelle says

    Thank you Gina!
    Castor oil can be a purging oil so I don’t use it on my face for oil cleansing. I like to use pumpkin seed oil alone. I don’t mix it with anything. I share how I oil cleanse in this article. Hope this helps!

  298. says

    Coconut oil consistently makes my face breakout, but works for the rest of my body. Jojoba oil, however, seems to help particularly with my skin. I blend a little neem oil into my jojoba oil and get even better results.

    Of course, this is on top of eating no processed foods (refined sugars, refined flours, etc), drinking half a gallon of water each day and really doing my best not to fiddle with my skin!

  299. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Raederie,
    I’m so glad thst you found an oil combination that works for you. It is so true that diet is everything though!

  300. Meg says

    I am thinking about trying to make my own cold cream. Do you have any suggestions for the best oils to use this for?

  301. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Meg,
    I’ve never made a cold cream before yet if you are acne prone a high linoleic oil would be best. Hemp seed oil is a great one to try since it is also rated a 0 on the comedogenic scale. Hope this helps!

  302. Hollis says

    Dawn Michelle,

    I came across your blog and I must say that it has been a life saver. I had been using castor oil as a cleanser since January and it did help my skin clear up a lot. I had horrible acne and it was the worst it has ever been. It healed up with the castor oil but throughout the year I was still having consistent break outs. One would clear up and I’d get two new ones. Then I noticed how dry my face was getting, my normal mineral moisturizer was helping but throughout the day I would get a filmy build up on my face because of all the dead skin cells falling off and mixing with the lotion. I was about to give up on trying to fix my skin when I found your blog. I read through everything you wrote and ordered pumpkin seed oil from mountain rose herbs as well as grape seed oil. I started using the pumpkin seed oil only 2 days ago and my skin is not dry at all anymore and its healing up my existing blemishes perfectly. I am using the grape seed oil as a body moisturizer and it is really helping the acne I had on my back. This has been a life changing experience. Thank you so much for having this blog and helping people with troubled skin find ways to heal!

  303. Meg says

    What oil would you suggest for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin that would also help treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles and which doesn’t have a really strong smell?

  304. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Hollis,
    I am so glad that this has worked so well for you! Although I’ve tried different high linoleic oils pumpkin seed oil has been my absolute favorite for oil cleansing. Wishing you the very best as your skin continues to heal!

  305. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Meg,
    Have you tried rosehip seed oil? I wrote an article on why I love it here. It has a nice scent as well. Let me know if you give it a try. <3

  306. Erika says

    Thanks for a very informative article! I just want to share my experience. I would say that I havr acne-prone skin, but the weird thing is that O usually appear on my chin area. Anyways, I bought an organic rosehip oil and applied in to my oldgacne scars and acne on my chin and I haven’t seen much improvement.. I didn’t do any research prior to my use of rosehip oil for acnes, which is a mistake :( Anyway, what I noticed though is that when I have zit breakouts on my chin, they’re a lot bigger than they used to be.. I’m so frustrated at the moment.

  307. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Erika,
    Acne that appears along the chin and jawline is hormonal acne. Also you can see the different steps I took to to heal my acne here. This article on understanding your skin may help too. You may also want to seek out a holistic doctor to help balance your body/hormones. Hope this helps!

  308. Sybil says

    What did you mean when you said that castor oil is purging? Very informative article!!Now I need to experiment!

  309. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sybil,
    When I say castor oil is purging I mean that it is extremely cleansing and can cause the skin to break out initially more to heal the skin quicker. Acne doesn’t always surface at the same time. Castor oil can cause it to surface much faster than desired.

  310. Ramnik says

    Hi Dawn, thank u so much for providing the wonderful info in your website.
    I have acnes from last 15 yrs. now I have acnes n scars both. I want your help in knowing that should I use 1st pumkin seed/ any other oil recommended by you for treating acnes
    & when my acnes stop then tamanu oil for treating scars..

    plz help.

  311. Ramnik says

    one more point that I have an extremely oily skin n my skin turns red whenever I go out in sun.so I normally apply sunscreen lotion with high spf.

  312. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ramnik,
    Try pumpkin seed oil first and see how your skin responds to it. Pumpkin seed oil did help with my scars. Oil cleansing with a microfiber cloth helped with my scars too as it gently exfoliates the skin. With any product that you use make sure the ingredients are all high in linoleic acid. I use Badger’s Sunscreen which is all natural with a high SPF. I mix a tiny bit of pumpkin seed oil with this sunscreen to make it spread easily and evenly when using on my face. I hope this helps and best wishes. Keep us posted on your progress.

  313. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lindsay,
    I have not tried every high linoleic oil yet rosehip seed oil or evening primrose oil are good options for a light scent.

  314. dimitris says

    Hi!Your blog save my life!you are amazing!i used to put on my face every night pumpkin seed oil and the results are fabulous!thank you very much,i want to try rosehip oil but i am scared of people saying “no on oily skin”!

  315. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dimitris,
    I’m so glad to hear that pumpkin seed oil is working so well for you too. If you are having great results with pumpkin seed oil there is no rush to try rosehip seed oil too. Allow your skin to continue to heal and enjoy the process! <3

  316. dimitris says

    Thanks for your reply!I will keep on using pumpkin seed oil!II will continue to read your articles! !

  317. Kaye says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    I have only started using Pumpkin Seed Oil as a cleanser twice a day and wiping it off with a muslin cloth or a Morihata Yoshii washer, however because Pumpkin Seed Oil is green my face washers are stained also green. I have tried soaking them in warm soapy water but they are still stained with green. Do you have any suggestions for washing the oil out. I cannot use microfibre cloths as I have found them to be too harsh on my face. Thanks so much, Kaye

  318. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kaye,
    I wash out my cloth with soap and water after each use so there is no heavy oil build up. Maybe this will also help you too. <3

  319. Kaye says

    Thanks Dawn Michelle,I have tried washing them by hand in soapy water but they are still quite green so will put them in washing machine and see if that helps.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  320. Leah says

    Just wondering if the green tinge of pumpkin seed oil will stain your skin? I was so surprised that the colour was so green! I’m scared that if I use this as a moisturizer at night, i’ll wake up looking like the Grinch!

    Hope you reply


  321. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Leah,
    I have never noticed or heard from other readers of pumpkin seed oil staining the skin. Hemp seed oil is also a rich green color and I have never had that experience with that oil staining either. They both make incredible skin care cleansers and moisturizers though. <3

  322. Saba says

    Hi Dawn,
    I have dry,dehydrated,acne prone skin.I need a moisturizer for my skin without clogging my pores.I tried rosehip seed oilas moisturizer but it leaves an oily residue on my face.I have mountain rose herbs facial oil classic rose.
    Can I use it as a facial moisturizer??
    After reading your blog on oils for acne ,I m not sure if calendula oil and kukui nut oil are high in linoleic acid.
    Can you please let me know the Linoleic acid of calendula oil.
    I think kukui nut oil is high in linoleic acid.
    Thanks a ton for your help.

  323. Katherine says

    Thanks for this information! I have sent a few oily/acne prone friends who were interested in my oil-cleansing routine to this page to check out.

    I tried some of the high linoleic oils you listed while I was figuring out my own system, and found them a little drying for me. I actually have ultra-dry skin, and find the more oleic oils more moisturizing. Acne isn’t a big problem (although I do get the a few zits when I’m not eating well), but scaling & peeling skin is, and the oleic oils seem to help with that.

    Thank you for giving me resources for the breakout times, though, and introducing me to rosehip oil; I love it! It will also be a safer introduction for my friends to your site & the wild world of oil cleansing.

  324. Saba says

    Hi Dawn,
    I have very dry,dehydrated skin with pimples and acne.I m finding it difficult to strike at the right spot to balance my specific skin type and condition.
    I tried rosehip seed oil as moisturizer but it made my skin look greasy and oily(I used around 3-4 drops for my whole face).
    OCM is not for me.
    Mountain rose herbs carry a facial oil with classic rose which Contains: organic Rosehip seed oil, Kukui nut oil, organic Calendula oil, and a combination of pure essential oils that includes organic Neroli, organic Helichrysum, organic Sandalwood, Frankincense, Carrot Seed, and organic Lavender and they say it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy and oily residue.
    So I was wondering if I can use it as my facial moisturizer.

    It has two oils that are high in linoleic acid(rose hip seed ,kukui nut)but I m not sure if calendula oil is high in linoleic acid.
    Can you please let me know if calendula and kukui nut oil are acne causing or pore clogging oils and all the essential oils mentioned above are also not pore clogging???
    So I just want to know whether the classic rose facial oil by mountain rose can be used to treat very dry dehydrated skin with acne ,pimples without clogging pores ??

  325. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Katherine,
    I’m glad you have found rosehip seed oil to work well for you. Have you tried herbal facial steaming? It is very hydrating to the skin. I’m overdue for one and it really helps with maintaining moisture in the skin while opening up the pores before a deep cleansing if you so choose. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing the site with your friends too. <3

  326. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Saba,

    I think that the oil from Mountain Rose Herbs you mentioned was also in their Facial Kit that I tried. I don’t remember having any issues with the oil although I did not use it daily. Kukui nut oil is higher in linoleic acid, but if the calendula oil is the same as the calendula infused herbal oil that they sell, the base is olive oil which is higher in oleic oil.

    One of the best ways that I’ve found to hydrate my skin is to do an herbal facial steaming. I LOVE the mix that Mountain Rose Herbs sells as it contains dried flowers and herbs which feel lovely in the steaming process. I’ve tried othe herbs too yet their mix has been my favorite so far. Sometimes hydrating the skin allows a natural oil to penetrate the skin better too. I hope this helps!

  327. Cindy says

    Hi Dawn,
    Wow!! What awesome information..I have been reading almost non-stop since I found your website. I am writing because my 15 yr old daughter has bad acne that won’t heal and we can’t seem to find anything that helps. She went to the dermatologist 5 weeks ago and was prescribed Tactupump that she is to apply on acne at night after cleansing her skin with a facial cleanser and to use it for 3 months. It’s very drying to her skin and it hasn’t cleared up, but we were told that it could take up to 3 months to see results. I just bought grape seed oil for her to try instead of her usual facial cleanser and she used
    it for the 1st time last night and then used a little of the medication that she was prescribed. My concern is still using the topical medication while oil cleansing..do you have any thoughts on this? She also just splashed her face with water this am and put a few drops of the oil to moisturize. I don’t want to call dermatologist because I fear she will tell me to stop with the oils, but I strongly feel that the oil cleansing will help. (I’m also on my way to buy microfibre cloths)

  328. Cindy says

    Sorry..also wanted to say my daughter is very active in hockey, softball and working out, so she is sweating a lot. Anything you can recommend for her to use immediately after she plays/works out as she can’t always shower where she is. Thanks again for all you have been doing!

  329. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cindy,
    Grapeseed oil is a great oil to begin with, yet I have experienced the best results with richer oils such as hemp seed and pumpkin seed oil. I saw a drastic difference when trying these oils. It is about finding what works best for you/your daughter as we are all unique.

    I’m not big on prescription topicals for acne as I don’t feel that they heal the problem. They also irritate the skin’s acid mantle layer. Do what feels intuitively best in regards to what the doctor prescribed.

    Please also look into the diet and elimination balance for your daughter as one of the reasons why many experience acne is the bodies way of eliminating toxins when toxins can’t eliminate properly through the digestive system. More info on that here and here. Another reason could be contact dermatitis which is literally being irritated by chemical products… cosmetics, soaps, laundry detergent etc. Best wishes!

  330. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cindy,
    Rinsing your face with just water after an intense activity or workout works perfectly until you get home. That’s what I usually do after my dance classes. <3

  331. Cindy says

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I had the same thoughts about the topical meds, so I think I will get her to stop and see what happens. She scared scarring may come back, but I believe oils can help with that. I will try the hemp or pumpkin seed oil and I think I will add some lavender oil to that.

    Thanks again for all that you do!


  332. Cindy says

    I have to learn to ask my questions in one email..sorry. What are your thoughts on raw apple cider vinegar for digestive system. I heard 1 tablespoon in the morning and evening are very good for you..


  333. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cindy,
    Please keep me posted on how things work out for your daughter. Have a great weekend!

  334. Gracey says

    I had been trying all sorts of oils for the oil cleansing method and was really frustrated with continual acne, until I picked up some grape seed oil on a whim. It was amazing. 90% of my acne went away within a week, and my skin continues to look better and healthier. I hadn’t understood why it worked better but this post was really informative!

  335. Cindy says

    Hi Dawn,

    Other than rosehip seed oil, what oil is good to use as a moisturizer that is also good for fading scars?? My daughter tried it and noticed some red bumps on her forehead and she may want to try another if it keeps happening.


  336. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Gracey,
    I’m so happy that grapeseed oil worked so well for you! I so appreciate you sharing this too!

  337. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cindy,
    Try pumpkin seed oil and a microfiber cloth. The gentle exfoliation from the cloth helps with fading scars. You don’t have to rub the skin with these cloths either. I prefer the cloths that are sold with kitchen cloths as microfiber bar cloths. They are softer than microfiber cloths sold in the car supplies section. I get mine from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Hope this helps!

  338. Cindy says


    Is using just a carrier oil as a body wash a good idea? Also, we have a steam in our shower..is it ok to have a steam every day?

  339. Ami says

    Hi Dawn, thank you for all the great info! I’m so glad that i stumbled upon your blog! I have been using rice bran oil…I don’t see it on your list. Do you know if it high in linoleic or not? Thx!

  340. Kausar says

    Hi Dawn,
    I have very dry skin and also suffering from acne.
    I have a serum that I bought recently which has the following
    Jojoba Oil, Camellia Seed Oil , Argan Oil , Watermelon Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, and just a touch of an essential oil blend of Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Yuzu.
    Can you please let me know if this serum is pore clogging and which oils are high in linoleic acid and which are not??
    I don’t want to further clog my pores.
    You have a very good knowledge of oils.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  341. Kelly says


    Ive spent most of the night reading this and the comments. I’m just not sure where to start. How do we “wash” our face? And what do we use as a moisturizer after? I’ve been battling mild acne for 17 years. I have sensitive, acne prone, combo skin.
    My real question is. What oil do you suggest I “wash” with, followed with what oil should I moisturize with? Thank you!!!

  342. Cherie says

    Hi Dawn,

    Love your post about the different types of oils, it’s really informative and I would definitely try some of them out as a moisturizer for my combination but acne-prone skin.

    May I ask if all these oils that are high in linoleic acid are non pore clogging? I have evening primrose capsules available as supplements; can I break the capsule and use the oil as a moisturizer for my skin or must I get one that is specifically for skincare use? If I intend to use these carrier oils for facial moisturiser or massage after washing and toning my face, can I mix a few of these oils or should I just stick to one type of oil?

    Also, since oily and acne-prone skintypes should be using carrier oils with high linoleic acid content, does it mean that people with mature or dry skin should do the opposite and use oils that are richer in oleic acid? I’m hoping to get a facial oil for my mom who has dry and dehydrated mature skin.

    Hope for your advice and thanks again for your help and wonderful post!

  343. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cindy,
    Here are some natural options for body cleansers. Steam opens the pores so that is never a bad idea in my mind. Have a great day and hope this helps!

  344. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ami,
    Rice bran oil is higher in oleic acid. If you are curious about any oil not listed Google “chemical composition of ______ oil” and you should find the info. Best wishes!

  345. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kausar,
    Some of the oils listed in this serum are also listed in this article above with the oleic/linoleic ratios. For the other oils not listed Google “chemical composition of ______ oil” to continue the research. It is challenging to know exactly how what the composition of oleic vs linoleic acid is in a premade serum without the recipe. I test carrier oils by themselves to see how my skin reacts to really know what works for me. I hope this helps some and best wishes!

  346. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kelly,
    I personally oil cleanse with pumpkin seed oil which is a high linoleic oil. I wrote in detail exactly how I oil cleanse here. Another oils that I also found to be wonderful is hemp seed oil. Some of my readers have raved about evening primrose oil and grapeseed oil. I moisturize with pumpkin seed oil as well and sometimes use rosehip seed oil as a moisturizer. I’m currently out though. Definitely look at treating your acne as a full body healing. Your skin is only sharing what is going on inside the body. I share three articles going into more detail about this here, here, and here. Best wishes!

  347. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cheri,
    Go ahead and use the evening primrose that you have. Oils in the cosmetic section usually cost more. If you are dealing with acne I think it is better to use one oil at a time. When you mix oils that you have not tried and tested and it doesn’t work as you hoped, it can be challenging to know exactly why and which oil is working. Also rosehip seed oil would be a great option for your mother. Best wishes!

  348. Halli says

    Hi Dawn,

    I am a 44 years old male who has been using carrier oil blends on my face when showering. I do not use a steaming hot cloth on my face and have not wiped off the oil twice with a cloth, as you and the oil cleansing method suggest. I just gently rub the oil blend in, wait for a minute or so and then use the shower water to wash the oil off.

    I have two questions:

    1) Will the microfiber cloth in the shower give better results, although I am not wearing makeup?

    2) If I recall, the oil cleansing method blends together two oils, one astringent and one conditioning. If I understand it correctly, then having at least some astringent (castor, grape seed, hazelnut) is necessary to pull out the dirt. Am I right that you are only using conditioning high linoleic oils like pumpkin and rose hip to cleanse AND moisturize?


  349. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Halli,

    Microfiber cloths help tremendously with exfoliation, removing dirt and the cleansing oil, as well as makeup for the ladies. They make a huge huge difference. Use a microfiber cloth gently as it does the work for you.

    As for a cleansing and conditioning oil for oil cleansing, I use high linoleic oils because I am acne prone. If you aren’t acne prone you can use whatever oil works best for your skin. The scientific theory of like attracts like is why oil cleansing works so well. It doesn’t matter whether it is a “cleansing” oil or not in my opinion. Use what works best for you!

  350. agnes says

    started OCM 2 months ago.Was doing well really liked it but now after two months noticed so many spots on my face.i always been suffering with acne prone skin.Even now when 34 i used to have spot or two on my face.but now it’s a lot and almost everywhere on the face not like it used to be t zone.using 30 %of flaxseed oil and black seed oil.From all review and opinion that should be perfect combination for me.Should i stop OCM then and go back to wet wipes i used to use?

  351. tino says

    Hi Dawn,

    I`ve tried soy bean oil with so much eagerness, my skin is not responding. How do you apply these oils?

    My face is shiny, my forehead is still wrinkly, i break out in heat and sweat consecutively- its not improving. I then thought I need to detoxify as I read that sometimes acne on the forehead and wrinkles might be related to toxins in the liver, colon and blood. I`m almost concluding my detox, probably because its clearing out.

    Is my method of application correct? I look very shiny, feel hot, and sometimes sweaty at the end of the day.

    How best can I apply

  352. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Agnes,
    Flaxseed oil is higher in oleic acid. You can see the ratios listed above. I prefer to only use one high linoleic oil at a time to ensure my skin works well with it. I don’t mix carrier oils and my favorite is pumpkin seed oil. I also enjoy rosehip seed oil. Maybe only using high linoleic oils will work better for you. Using a microfiber cloth when oil cleansing as well as herbal facial steaming really helps too! Best wishes!

  353. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Agnes,
    Okay so your not using flax seed oil. What I’ve noticed about castor oil is that it can be a bit too much to use daily. It’s cleansing properties can make the skin purge excessively and quickly. Again maybe try one high linoleic oil. <3

  354. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tino,
    Give it more time and continue eating well, drinking lots of water, etc. The body does not become congested overnight and so it won’t clear up overnight either. Let’s say you’ve been eating an unhealthy diet for one year. Detoxing for a month may not relieve the body completely. Most people have experienced toxins in the body from food, cosmetics, pollution, etc. for many years. If you don’t feel like soybean oil is working for you though you can try another oil. My favorite is pumpkin seed oil. You can read the details of how I oil cleanse here. Best wishes!

  355. says

    Hi Dawn! Thank you this article really opens a new perspective on how to use oils for acne-prone skin like mine.. I once tried to use east african shea butter as a moisturizer because I read that shea butter doesn’t clog skin at all and has lots of vitamin A. But as I used it every morning and night, it actually made my skin break out. So I was wondering why, because it’s non-comedogenic so it should be suitable for acne-prone skin. Now I know maybe because it’s higher in oleic acids.. Btw do you have any posts about shea butter?

  356. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Felita,
    I’m glad that this was helpful to you. I did write about shea butter when I was using it for my hair here but I don’t use it anymore. Have a beautiful day!

  357. Nunu says

    Hey! I’d like to ask why you specifically prefer pumpkin seen oil over the others, e.g. hemp? Do you find it more moisturizing, easy to work with/store etc? I ask this because have been using hemp for 2 months now, but since my skin is the type that “gets used to” products, I’ll need to change after a while and trying to make my mind on which to buy! :) I also have rosehip, but being careful with it because I break out easily (cystic acne) on my jawline. Also, do you ever add castor oil?

  358. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nunu,
    Pumpkin seed oil is the one that worked best for me. I tried hemp seed, grapeseed, castor, and rosehip seed oil. The best two for my skin are pumpkin seed and rosehip seed oil. My skin is too sensitive to try everything and it would be too expensive to anyway. Since writing this article readers usually want to know what has worked for me so that’s why I share my success with pumpkin seed oil. It’s all about having the information and finding what works best for you. Hope this helps!

  359. Annie H says

    Hi Dawn, I have been reading your blog and getting some excellent advice. I read a response you wrote to a person who experienced tangly hair and breakage when using Henna. This is usually the result of excessive protein in the hair. For natural hair it is better to do protein treatments once a month. Its easier to add moisture to dry hair than remove excess protein which takes several weeks. A good leave-in should be ultra moisturizing without added protein.

  360. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Annie H,
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Even though henna is not a protein it does react similarly on the hair for some. It really is about finding that perfect balance for your own hair. I hope you are having an amazing day!

  361. Amy says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for all the great info! When you still have active acne do you use ocm daily? Also, what do you think about barbary fig oil? I heard good thing about it but it so expensive! Do you think it overrated?

    Happy holidays!

  362. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Amy,
    Oil cleanse based on your skin’s needs. I also oil cleanse at night if I wore makeup that day. It is important to become tuned into your skin’s needs. Also I’ve never tried barbary fig oil myself so can’t say much about it. Happy holidays to you too!

  363. Tamra Holden says

    Hi Dawn,

    I just came across your website and am soo excited to get some answers. I have tried to used the oil cleansing method for myself and my daughters and this explains why they are having breakouts. But I was wondering if you have answers or thoughts for my skin. I am 50 and have mild rosacea. My skin is super sensitive and gets blotchy with anything it doesn’t like, and that is most everything! I have tried a jojoba/castor oil combo, argan oil with rosehip, jojoba by itself, sesame and avocado by themselves, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  364. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tamra Holden,
    Have you ever tried pure rosehip seed oil just by itself? When you create or purchase oil mixes and are not sure how your skin reacts individually to each oil it is difficult to really understand what is working and what is not. I wrote about rosehip seed oil here. <3

  365. Fernanda says

    I love you information…
    I have a question that i think you can help me..
    I tried every rose hip oil alone ,mixed with jojoba, jojoba alone, with castor oil, pumpikin oil, almond, grape seed and my skin was never so clogged and with huge pores. When I started using natural stuff I used lots of essential oils, and had the worst reaction..so than tried the oils alone..
    I am seriously almost giving up, I washed with honey didn’t work,clay ,vinager, yogurt, turmeric…
    Now I am doing oats with camomile and clay for washing,vitamin c toner and punpikin oil, ocm 2 times a week with jojoba / castor.
    My skin still looks clogged..
    So I went back to my vitamin c to see if it helps.
    I sufer from sinus , allergies so I really wish to have a natural regime ,but I my skin look so clogged and scars all over,and I normally don’t break up.
    Do you think some peaple can’t use oil?
    Any sugestions?

  366. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Fernanda,
    My suggestion would be to take a break from all of the skin care that you have been trying. If you have a day or two that you can be makeup-free if you wear it, take it. Wash your face with just water for these two days so that the acid mantle of your skin can balance itself. I’m not sure how long you tried each natural skin care option, but it is a lot to put your skin through. Using only water for a few days on your skin can really help especially if you are being irritated by all the different “products”.

    Most importantly focus mostly on eating healthy whole foods, nothing processed, and drinking lots of water. Just by eliminating processed foods and eating a whole foods diet your body will slowly detox. You can read more on a whole foods diet here, some major skin care advise I presented for another reader here, And info on how our emotions effect our skin here. Hope this helps. <3

  367. Kris says

    How about peanut oil? What’s the oleic/linoleic content, and is it safe to use for skin? I actually tried it before, and it was the BEST oil I’ve ever used on my skin. I’m just worried because there are hardly any reviews regarding peanut oil.

  368. Kitty says

    Hey Dawn,

    I was just wondering if you had any pitted acne scars and how to help reduce their appearnence.


  369. Stacey says

    I just need to clarify something before I order my first oils. I’m interested in using pumpkin seed, rose hip seed and pomegranate seed oils. I was under the impression that these are all essential oils but upon shopping the Mountain Rose Herbs site it looks like that’s not the case? I’m so excited to start putting your advice to work and want to make sure to get the right things.
    Thanks so much!!

  370. Frances says

    I am sooo beyond happy that I found your site through some comments I read on Youtube!!! You are probably the first person online that I’ve seen focused on not only “cleaner”, natural beauty but on being minimalistic! The youtube channels I watch that focus on clean eating and natural beauty always talk about having lots of products.

    I’m planning to try your linoleic acid thing out soon! Currently I’m oil cleansing (ran out of the crunchybetty tamuna thyme mix) and moisturizing with avocado oil (using it for almost a year now). I have a bottle of black cumin seed oil, but I’m a little scared to use that instead of avocado because a few weeks ago, I was spot treating with black seed oil and started getting all these bumps and pimples and thought it was because of the black seed oil. Do you think that maybe my clogged pores and breakout was from the bcs oil or the combo of both the avocado and bcm????

  371. Jana says

    Hello Dawn Michelle,

    Some months ago, I started to use the cleansing method using the oils suitable for my oily skin with a little acne and I must write I have found it very useful. I am over 40 years. My most-favourite oil is organic grape seed oil and my skin has become more beautiful than it was after cleansin woth using water and some gel.
    What I miss on your lists above is cocoa butter which is considered highly comedonic. What is your opinion?

  372. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kris,
    To find out the oleic/linoleic acid balance in an oil Google “chemical composition of _____”. If peanut oil is working for your skin forget about reviews and use what works best for you. It is comforting to know that others are doing the same thing but sometimes you just need to trust yourself and go with it. Best wishes!

  373. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Frances,

    If what you are currently using is giving you the results you desire stick with it. If avocado oil is working keep using it. If not then trying something new is worth it.

    I’ve never used black cumin seed oil so I can’t give a personal testimony on that oil. The oils that I have tried are pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, grapeseed oil, hemp oil, and castor oil. Pumpkin seed oil and rosehip seed oil are my personal favorites, yet it is important to find out what works for you. Castor oil caused my skin to clear too quickly which means my skin had a purging session so I don’t advise using it until your skin has normalized.

    Learning what your skin loves is trial and error and I always advise only using one oil at a time before adding essential oils or creating oil mixes. That way you are clear with exactly what works for you. I hope this helps and definitely check out this article on clearing skin in a multifaceted way, this article on exactly how I cleared my skin, and lastly this one on my one year experience using high linolieic oils.

    I hope this helps!

  374. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jana,
    Sadly both cocoa butter and shea butter are high in oleic acid. This is why I no longer use them on my face or in my hair for that matter. I share my experience with this here. The only way to know how your skin will react to something is to try it out. You can do a patch test over a certain amount of days or however you feel is best. Just keep notes on the process. Hope this helps!

  375. Andrea Henderson says

    I want to place an order from you to our store in The Netherlands. I want to know if you can ship here and accept credit card as a form of payment. Reply back asap.

    Andrea Henderson

  376. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Andrea Henderson,
    I’m not sure if you are talking about Mountain Rose Herbs which I always recommend but is not my store. I know that they currently don’t ship internationally. If you are speaking of my Etsy shop Azuha, I do ship internationally. Have a great day!

  377. Tiffany says

    Hi Dawn, I just want to tell you that I REALLY appreciate all the effort you put into your post comparing oils I have found so much conflicting information & yours is very clear & concise. Thank you! Also I am a single mom on a tight budget & was wondering if you have used or would recommend Nutiva organic Hemp oil? & the other carrier I was looking at blending with it is from:http://usa.emilenoel.com/oils/seed/ it’s the pumpkin seed. I know you are very busy & I’m sorry for commenting on such an old post but I really can’t waste $ “trying out” different brands & hoping they are what they say they are. Thanks again :)

  378. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tiffany,
    As long as the oil you are purchasing is organic cold pressed and unrefined you are getting a very high quality carrier oil. If it isn’t organic then cold pressed and unrefined is very important. I’m so glad that you found this information helpful and keep me posted on how things work out for you. Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  379. Stacey says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,
    I’ve been using coconut oil on my face at night for about 3 weeks now. I really think that it looks like the dark circles under my eyes are less noticeable as well as my skin-tone seems to be more even. Is this a possible benefit of the coconut oil or could it just be in my head? Thank you for the wealth of information you’ve shared with your readers!

  380. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Stacey,
    If coconut oil is working for you then keep using it! Different things work for different people. It’s all about just knowing what works best for you! <3

  381. Christine Frances says

    Hi Dawn!
    A little overwhelmed with all the info! So I’ve tried oil cleansing and I read how important it is to choose the right oils. I have very oily complexion what oil would you recommend and or combination of oils? Thanks for all your effort on this page. You are amazing! :)

  382. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Christine Frances,
    High Linoleic oils are amazing for oily and acne prone skin. I always suggest using only one carrier oil at a time so that you are sure that it works well with your skin. Also using high Linoleic oils on oily skin helps the skin produce less oil over time. Best wishes!

  383. says

    Hi Dawn
    What a wonderful blog- thank you!
    All the other articles I read about the OCM suggest using castor oil with a carrier oil. I’ve heard various percentages but was planning on trying 1 part castor oil to 4 parts pumpkin seed oil. But I see in your comments that you don’t recommend castor oil because it is “purging” …..but isn’t that the point? That it deep cleans? I have very nice skin right now but I’m using a topic acne medication and I have to stop using it once I get pregnant. I’m hoping that the OCM can help balance my skin so that I don’t need it.
    I used the OCM about a year ago (castor oil with olive oil) and had awful results, but I had just stopped the birth control pill so I think it was mostly hormonal, plus after reading your blog, I understand olive oil isn’t the best choice for me since I’ve struggled with acne at times. I also tried a whole bunch of different “natural” moisturizers and my skin got a bit rashy, which didn’t go away after I stopped the OCM and tried other natural cleansers so I suspect I’m sensitive to essential oils.
    Would you recommend I only use pumpkin seed oil to cleanse? I would then plan to wash with water and a wash cloth in the morning and use a bit of pumpkin seed or hemp seed oil to moisturize. I’ve considered adding a couple drops of tamanu oil to either the cleansing blend or the pumpkinseed or hemp oil in the daytime. I know that tamanu isn’t the best ratio of fatty acids but I’ve read other blogs suggesting it is great for acne. Hard to decide!
    During the day if you workout, do you cleanse with anything? or just some water and then the OCM at night?
    I’m also avoiding grains, soy and sugar (with the exception of some raw honey) and eating plenty of cultured foods like cultured vegetables and raw whole milk kefir, to help with my digestion. Plus meditation to help with stress. Hopefully this time around with the OCM will be different!
    Thank you so much for your guidance. I really appreciate it.

  384. Hannah Almontaser says

    My skin has recently become very dry. I have sensitive skin as well. Which oils should I use for dull, dry skin? Thanks!

  385. Belle says

    Hello Dawn! Is safflower and sunflower oil are the same? Would it be bad for my skin if I use grapeseed toner with grapeseed oil as moisturizer? Or it is better if I use grapeseed toner with sunflower oil?

  386. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Abey,

    Your on the right path with looking at healing your skin from various angles. Castor oil is a cleansing oil yet it can cause the skin to purge/cleanse too quickly which means more pimples at one time as the skin heals which is why I don’t suggest using it. The idea of things getting extremely worse before getting better is usually too much for most.

    I wash my face with water only even on days I work out because that is what works for me right now. If you need to oil cleanse after working out do it. It has taken my skin a full year to get to this point of minimal skin care and positive results. The acid mantle of my skin needed to completely heal first.

    I also used to feel tamanu oil was great for acne prone skin until I learned about the oleic/linoleic acid ratios. I wrote about my one year only using high linoleic oils here. Hope this helps!

  387. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Belle,
    Safflower and sunflower oils are not the same. Also what do you mean by grapeseed toner? Did you mean grapeseed oil? Also I always suggest using only one oil at a time to ensure that your skin agrees with it. Best wishes!

  388. Belle says

    Hello again, Dawn! My toner is a non-chemical based product and it has grapeseed oil in it. It made my skin a bit dry that’s why I’m planning to use sunflower oil as my moisturizer. Would that be bad for my skin? Both are high in linolineic acid right? My skin is oily and my toner with grapeseed oil did great for my skin but I noticed that it’s drying my skin a bit. Pls help :/

  389. says

    Thank you so much for your response! It’s really extraordinary that you take the time to answer everyone’s questions. Thank you! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Dawn!

  390. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Belle,
    The toner you are using may have other drying ingredients. You would have to try grapeseed oil in pure form to know how it affects your skin. Rosehip seed oil is really wonderful for hydrating the skin and I wrote about this oil here. Best wishes!

  391. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Natalie,
    I haven’t tried borage oil personally. Wish I could say more. There are so many amazing carrier oils. It is challenging and also expensive to try them all. Hope you are having a great day!

  392. Pris says

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve dabbled in trying oils so I already knew that my skin likes Argan, and a little Tamanu (about 20% in my DIY serum)is just enough to benefit my skin but not feel greasy. I’m somewhat oily/dry/acne prone, so I tried the somewhat balanced kukui and pomegranate. The kukui oil alone absorbs super fast, but wasn’t quite moisturizing enough. The pomegranate oil was a little too thick for my liking, but super moisturizing. I’m currently using a blend of kukui, pomegranate, argan, and a little tamanu that my skin is loving so far, without a single under the skin bump like I was getting with jojoba and rosehip oils. If you have sensitive skin with an oily T-Zone and dry skin, I would try out a half and half blend of kukui and pomegranate to start.

  393. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Pris,
    Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries and what is working best for you. I does take some trial and error, yet it is so empowering to find what works! Have a great weekend!

  394. Jasmit B says

    Hi Dawn,
    Firstly wanted to say I love your blog so much, it has been very informative and has changed my whole outlook on my skincare and health routines.
    I just had a couple of questions about storing oils, specifically Rose hip and Pumpkin Seed oil, I have read that to extend the shelf life of rose hip oil it is important to refrigerate it, but does this mean that whilst oil cleaning with it/moisturizing, the oil would be cold on one’s face? Also do you recommend refrigerating pumpkin seed oil to keep it from going rancid or oxidizing?
    I also had another question regarding sunscreen, my face is very sensitive to the sun but also very prone to clogging and I hate the white cast on my face do you have any recommendations of a natural sunscreen that would not leave a white cast?
    Any help would be appreciated :)

  395. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jasmit B,
    Rosehip seed oil is a more delicate oil so storing in the fridge will extend the shelf life. Pumpkin seed oil is fine in a cool dark place. As for sunscreen I only use it when I am outside for long lengths of time over 30 minutes and do not wear it daily. That is just my current choice. I use sunscreen by Badger’s brand when I do. You can see more healthy sunscreen options here and everything I am currently using in my beauty regimen here. There are details there on how I use the sunscreen. Best wishes and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

  396. AV says

    So glad I found this page!! I started using the safflower oil for about a month now and it just looks like it makes the acne or acne scars softer or less visible but not much. I was thinking of changing to the jojoba oil. Should I stay on the Linoleic side and go down to the black see oil?

  397. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi AV,
    If what you are using now is working for you stay patient and stick with it. Healing takes time. Best wishes!

  398. says

    I have acne-prone skin and had really bad complexion for a few years before I started trying out coconut oil a couple of months ago. It’s so surreal how awesome it is! My acne didn’t go away 100%, but my face definitely looked so much better. Anyway I decided to look up other types of oil to try and see which one works the best. That was when I stumbled upon this page. I decided to buy sesame oil since it has more linoleic acid and omigosh it is amazing! Thank you for this post, I can’t believe more people do not know about this!

  399. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m so glad that sesame oil is working so well for you! Thank you so much for sharing this and I hope you are having a beautiful day! <3

  400. Cree Ann says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thank you so much for sharing all you know! I’m hoping to become as natural as possible and your journey is very inspiring.

    Last week I bought 3 Essential Oils, Rose and Tea Tree-for face and Rosemary-for hair all from Native American Nutritionals-have you every heard of this brand? I’m 31 and still suffer from acne. I know in part it is due to my diet so I eliminated meat for two years but bought it back when I became pregnant last year and I’m still nursing now. I’m hoping to stop eating meat as soon as I’m done nursing within the next 3-6 mons or so. There is minimum sugar in my diet mainly from natural fruits and little to no juice or soda. I like to exercise but haven’t had the time to but will pick it up again.

    So my question is how do I find out which essential oils have high linoliec or low and oliec acid? And do you find it safe to mix the essential oil with the carrier for acne treatment?

    Thank you,

  401. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Cree Ann,

    Essential oils are comprised differently than carrier oils so the oleic versus linoleic acid balance is not considered. As for adding essential oils to carrier oils do not add more than 10 drops of essential oils to 1 ounce of carrier oil. I also don’t suggest tea tree essential oil especially if you have sensitive skin as it is too potent. Lavender essential oil is much more gentle and still has antibacterial properties. Try the carrier oil on its own for a few weeks to make sure your skin loves it before adding essential oils. Congrats on the new baby too <3 Hope this helps!

  402. Laura says

    This was a wonderful post! Now it totally makes sense why some oils work for some people and not others! I started last year with going all natural with skin care and had already done so with makeup. I love to experiment too and my friends have started asking me to make them stuff! Thank you for telling us your journey :)
    Oh! and Cree Ann, I have purchased from Native American nutritionals…it’s other name is Rocky Mountain Oils. Very high quality and excellent customer service, good prices and extremely reasonable shipping costs! I get cucumber seed oil from them to use in my skin care, love it! Good company ethically too.

  403. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks so much for sharing this and I’m so glad this article has been helpful to you! Best wishes on your natural beauty journey! <3

  404. Dana says

    This was an interesting read! I’ve used oils such as olive and coconut oil, but I felt as though they would break me out. Now I use Tamanu oil on post-acne marks; however, I want an all-over-the-face oil that is loaded with antioxidants, great for acne-prone skin, and helps with hyperpigmentation/scars. With that said, what would you recommend I use, grape seed oil or rosehip oil ?

  405. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dana,
    I prefer rosehip seed oil over grapeseed oil yet use what works best for you. Rosehip seed oil is a skin regenerating oil. <3

  406. Alexis says

    Hello: Thank you for your article,
    I am trying to mix an oil cleanser for me. I really like using an oil cleanser at night to wash my makeup but I noticed I’ve been breaking out. I have acne skin.
    Now, I mixed coconut oil, jojoba oil, few drops of carrot seed oil, few drops of Aragan oil and Vitamin E.

    Do you have an acne oil cleanser you mix since you have acne skin too? Thanks in advance.

  407. RD says

    Thank you for your informative website. When I was a teen (I am 35 now), I suffered from acne that left indented scars on my face. Although I know that this kind of scarring is difficult to remove, are there any remedies that can fade them over time? I am not referring to hyper-pigmentation but to deep indented scars. Thank you.

  408. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Alexis,
    I have a less is more approach to beauty so I only use one oil, not an oil mix. My two favorites are pumpkin seed oil and rosehip seed oil. Yes I am acne prone but my skin is also ridiculously sensitive so I found it important to only try one oil at a time. I advise my readers to do the same as it is the only way to understand exactly what carrier oils are working and which ones are not. Even when you desire to add an essential oil it is important to first try the carrier oil by itself for at least a week if. It more before adding the essential oil. Only add 10 drops or less of essential oil to every one ounce of carrier oil. I hope this helps!

  409. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi RD,
    The first thing that comes to mind is a regenerating oil which will help the skin cells repair themselves. I share a few in this article. If you are still acne prone avoid tamanu oil unless only a spot treatment as it is a high oleic oil. I will also state that if you are using a traditional skin care system, these products usually disrupt the skin’s acid mantle balance which doesn’t allow the skin to heal itself. Instead it is solely trying to balance itself after each use of your cleanser, toner, treatment, moisturizer, etc. Less is truly more. It is also very important to eat a nutrient rich diet so that your body has what it needs and is in optimal condition to heal itself versus trying to solely eliminate foreign foods/substances from the body. You can read more on that here. Best wishes!

  410. says

    I used to spend $40 on teeny tiny bottles of argan and rosehip oil and my skin didn’t react too well to them. But because of this article I tried pumpkin oil and it’s been about two months and my complexion has noticeably improved. And the 8.5 oz of pumpkin oil was only $15. Thank you so much for sharing your research!

  411. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Frances,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! Pumpkin seed oil really is amazing!

  412. Anna says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,
    I’m loving your articles. How long does your natural makeup stay on without need re application? I hate using the chemical products but they at least keep my makeup in place all day. Also, what do you recommend as a natural setting spray. Do you make your own?

  413. Stacey says

    Hi Dawn,
    I know that rose hip seed oil is supposed to be refrigerated but is that still the case when it has been mixed with other carrier oils?
    Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, I’ve learned so much!

  414. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anna,
    The makeup that I make lasts all day and I use it for stage makeup and dance performances. I don’t wear makeup daily anymore though and have never used a setting spray just a simple DIY face powder. <3

  415. Bhoomi says

    Hi Dawn, very helpful article. Can you please advise Which ‘rosehip seed oil’ would be best for skin, Winterized or unrefined virgin oil?
    I want to buy from ‘Mountain Roses Herbs’ but their rosehip oil is winterized. I am now confused. Please let me know.

    Thanks again,

  416. Kate says

    Thank you Dawn!! You’ve given me hope for my troublesome skin. I tried OCM a year ago and used castor and jojoba and it wrecked my skin. Cystic acne like crazy and everything online just kept saying it was an “adjustment period” and to keep on. Now from your blog post I understand that it was the wrong oil! I’m so thankful. 5 days into OCM with rosehip oil and I’m already seeing improvements! Yay! I’m so so excited. I ordered the pumpkin seed oil that you recommended. Do you think I should switch to pumpkin seed when it arrives or just stick with rosehip since it’s working so well? Thank you so much for what you do. I know how much work goes into a blog and so appreciate your time and effort. Cheers!

  417. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Bhoomi,
    The rosehip seed oil from Mountain Rose Herbs is organic and unrefined. I always look for organic and unrefined oils. I hope that helps! <3

  418. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kate,
    That’s so awesome that you are already seeing an improvement with rosehip seed oil. I would keep using it as long as you continue to see improvement. Have a beautiful day!

  419. Isabelle says

    Hello Dawn!
    I’m 17, and I have been suffering from acne for about 4 years now. My skin is very oily and I cannot remember a day when I haven’t broken out. I started OCM three weeks ago, with 50% castor and 50%s sweet almond oil. The following 2 weeks showed no improvement and a lot of new/unfamiliar cystic acne, especially around my mouth and jaw. It finally stopped getting worse, but it simply didn’t get better. So I took your advice and I have been using pumpkin-seed oil with a comparatively smaller amount of castor oil as my OCM for the past 2 days. But within that time, my skin has gotten EVEN worse than it has ever been – painful pimples deep underneath the skin, whiteheads on my forehead and and generally no improvement whatsoever(except for a more even toned complexion?). Should I sweat it out and continue, or give up?

  420. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Isabelle,
    Try oil cleansing with ONLY pumpkin seed oil and omit the castor oil all together. Also acne along the jawline and chin is hormonal acne. Most importantly acne is a result of toxins within the body trying to get out. If these toxins can’t be eliminated through the digestive system they usually come out through the skin. Not sure if you’ve seen this but check out this, this, and this article. Hope this helps!

  421. Archana says

    Hi Dawn,

    I just stumbled upon your blog as I was researching the oil cleansing method. You write very informative articles! I have a question about this oil cleansing method. I am concerned that many of these carrier oils are high in many vitamins that may not be good for us. I’m sure I’m missing some major point, but you write that Retinyl Acetate & Retinyl Palmitate should be avoided. Aren’t they both essentially Vitamin A? If so, I noticed that at least some of these carrier oils contain are high in Vitamin A (i.e. Rosehip oil & Pumpkin seed oil). Could you clarify this for me? This would help me greatly, as I am trying to avoid retinoids. Thank you!

  422. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Archana,
    Retinyl acetate and retinyl palmitate are isolated forms of vitamin A. Isolated ingredients do not include the whole nutrient composition that occur in nature and are usually chemically derived or synthetic variations. Naturally occurring vitamin A is good though. Have a great weekend!

  423. Hannah segar says

    Hi dawn Michelle
    I’ve been using OCM for around 6 months and have been mainly experiences better results with hemp oil and your article around ratio in the higher linoleic acids I’ve noticed the oil of primrose is really high so would you recommend to use this as had not much joy with jojoba oil as blocked my pores and rosehip can to even though it is very nourishing can maybe a little rich for my skin …..?
    Thanks Hannah

  424. Mike says

    I noticed you list Sea Buckthorn oil high in Oleic that can’t be right because Sea Buckthorn has been nothing but wonderful for my skin and I’m sensitive to a lot of stuff so…am I missing something here? If it’s true it’s pretty much a gamble which oil I try on my skin.

  425. Mike says

    Even though Sea Buckthorn oil has been great for my skin it’s too expensive to keep buying it so I’m looking for something less expensive but just has good.

  426. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Hannah Segar,
    I have not personally tried evening primrose oil yet many of my readers have had great results with this oil. I have extremely sensitive skin and can not try every amazing oil on the market because of it sadly. I have been thinking of trying this oil specifically though. Pumpkin seed oil has been the main oil that I’ve used loved and stuck with outside of rosehip seed oil. I hope this helps some!

  427. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mike,
    This information on high linoleic oils is just what I’ve researched and experienced for myself for well over a year. It will be two years this fall. It really is just about finding what works best for you. You may want to try pumpkin seed oil which is one of my favorites. Other readers have had wonderful experiences with evening primrose oil and hemp seed oil. There is a lot of personal experiences shared in the comment section of this article. The trial and error part of it all can be a bit trying at times, but that is how I came to share this info here. Best wishes finding what works for you.

  428. Elia says

    Hello Dawn
    I am so glad I found this page. I wanted to start using grapeseed oil for my acne prone skin, but I have read that grapeseed oil can cause hair growth and I don’t want to get facial hair.

  429. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Elia,
    Grapeseed oil should not increase facial hair. There are many wonderful carrier oils for hair that promote luxurious hair that are also wonderful for skin too! <3

  430. Johanna says

    Hi there! Your information has been very helpful! However, I’m finding that my skin is feeling dry after using the grapeseed oil to wash. Should I be washing with oil twice daily? or do you think it would be better to switch to a more balanced oil? (I also use the grapeseed oil to moisturize) Just worried it might cause some breakouts.
    Thank you!

  431. LittleBird06 says

    Hi Dawn Michelle!

    Can you recommend a brand of grapeseed oil to use? Or any brand of oils for that matter?

  432. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Johanna,
    I found pumpkin seed oil to be more nourishing/luxurious to the skin than grapeseed oil. Also try applying your moisturizer with wet hands or spritz with a hydrosol/floral water prior to moisturizing. Whether you oil cleanse once or twice a day just depends on how your skin feels and it’s needs. I have a less is more approach so if once works for you go for it. I hope this helps!

  433. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi LittleBird06,
    I’ve tried grapeseed oil for oil cleansing/moisturizing yet I prefer pumpkin seed oil and rosehip seed oil. You can see exactly what I use for my complete skin care regimen here. No matter what oil you choose always go for organic cold pressed and of course high in linoleic acid if you are acne prone. <3

  434. Steph says

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for this blog post. Oil cleansing is the first thing in 14 years that has cleared up my cystic acne (almost clear as I’ve only started 7 weeks ago). I usually got at least one cyst per day and even touching my face gave me breakouts. Along the way, I used oral antibiotics and 10% BPO and it only left my skin dry and itchy and didn’t change a thing the pimples were still coming on a daily basis. I’m now using Evening Primrose oil, Tea Tree oil and a microfibre cloth twice a day and that’s all. My face is almost healed up and getting smoother by the day.
    I can only recommend it to people who used oral and topical treatments and had no success. Wether it is the oil itself (I didn’t try any oils that could break me out) or not using chemicals or even water anymore I do not know. But I’m happy with the results

  435. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Steph,
    This is amazing to hear! Thanks so much for your comment and I’m so good this information has been helpful to you!

  436. Olivia says


    Can you recommend a high linoleic oil for hair? I’ve been using jojoba oil as a gradual daily treatment but I want a high linoleic oil. Before shower I use hemp seed oil. Which do you think is better?
    And thank you for save my skin!!!

  437. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Olivia,
    Grapeseed oil is wonderful if you want a lighter high linoleic oil. Hemp seed oil, a ceramide oil which strengthens the hair, is also really wonderful and is a bit heavier oil especially if you have thick or coarse hair. Best wishes!

  438. Isabelle says

    Hi Dawn,
    I am still failing to see any improvements with the pumpkin seed oil, and am therefore considering trying out another oil. Whilst the acne that I am having is predominantly hormonal, I would still like to minimize the appearance of my acne scarring. Is rosehip only suitable for normal skin, or is it beneficial for acne-prone/oily skin as well? Otherwise I am willing to try evening primrose, or maracuja. Also, can you recommend a reliable moisturizer to use during the day? I don’t want to interfere with the OCM, but putting oil on my face during the day gives me an embarrassing shine. Thank you very much for your help!

  439. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Isabelle,
    Yes do try another oil if you don’t feel like pumpkin seed oil is working out for you. Evening primrose, hemp seed, and rosehip seed oil are great options. Hemp seed oil is a great option since it is also rated a 0 on the comedogenic scale. Also how much water do you drink daily and have you incorporated clean eating into your life? The outside especially with acne is just a reflection of imbalances inside the body. It does take time to heal the body internally but the journey is worth it. Also are you wearing traditional makeup?

  440. Sofie says

    Thank you for this extremely informative post! I’ve suffered from cystic acne for over 7 years, been on oral antibiotics and strong BP so my skin is very sensitive, dry, dehydrated and overcompensates with oil during the day. My skin is 100 times better than it has been but I still struggle with breaking out and the occasional cysts.
    I recently bought rosehip oil which was amazing for my complexion but unfortunately broke me out in long-lasting cysts. I started using sunflower oil a couple of days ago which doesn’t break me out but doesn’t really give me the amazing complexion that rosehip oil did. Also, it feels like the sunflower oil is less hydrating than the rosehip. Do you think, regarding to your theory about oleic/linoleic acid, that if I keep going with the sunflower oil, I can maybe re-introduce rosehip into my skin care when my skin is more balanced than it is now? Or maybe add a drop of rosehip oil to the sunflower oil when applying? (I also struggle with some pitted scars which the rosehip started taking care of just a couple of days into using it!)
    Do you know of an oil that is 0 on the comodogenic scale that is more hydrating than the sunflower oil?
    Sorry for all the questions but it feels like your theory could be my solution to years of struggling!
    Thanks in advance :)

  441. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sofie,
    Hemp seed oil is a 0 on the comdeogenic scale. Also probiotics would help if you are on antibiotics and in general. Antibiotics wreak havoc on the digestive system even though they are meant to help whatever they have been prescribed for. Also acne is a symptom of imbalances within the body. To be blunt superior gut health equals a beautiful complexion without acne prescriptions and topicals. Eating a whole foods diet, drinking tons of water, and doing maintenance cleanses every season or as needed can truly change the appearance of your skin and your overall health. It is all connected! You can read more on this here, here, and here. Best wishes!

  442. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kate Gusto,
    Yes please share your experience and have a wonderful week!

  443. TLouise says

    Wow! I stumbled across your blog while researching capsule wardrobes and clicked on your skincare menu. After suffering crazy oily skin for years, I was very interested in this post. So a week or so ago I wandered into the health shop armed with a list of high linoleic oils and walked out with a bottle of safflower salad oil. This.Has.Changed.My.Life.
    I’m not sh*tt*ng you, this is incredible and I’m going a whole day without an oil slick appearing in my t-zone (which I’d usually get by mid morning), amazing! Cannot believe a cheap bottle of oil you are meant to drizzle on salad has changed my skin so dramatically and it’s so smooth and behaving better than my toddler! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing wisdom with the interweb for others to benefit! Thanks from the other side of the world in Aus! :)

  444. carmen says

    Hi Dawn, really like your site. Lots of great info you are sharing. I will say though that for the Acne issue that you are discussing. It would be helpful and I would be more willing to try your suggestions and recommended products if I could see the results in pictures. YOu only have beautiful flawless pictures of yourself so its hard to imagine you having bad skin or acne scars to clear. If you showed some images before using these methods and products and after using these products you’d sell more. I want to see Dawn before using oil cleansing and high linoleic oils and maybe even progress photos. Dawn before using vapour primer etc… otherwise I feel Id be taking a big gamble on these products and methods making things worse…. Before and after shots. Real results images. that is what you are missing. otherwise love it

  445. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi TLouise,
    Thanks so much for this testimony! I’m so thrilled that you have found something so simple to work so well for you. Wishing you the very best of everything!

  446. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Carmen,

    I appreciate your feedback. I’m sure that you will notice the many other comments of others sharing their experience with high linoleic oils and their testimonies with it. I am not trying to convince anyone of this information, I am only sharing what I have learned and researched. Before and after shots would have been helpful, yet I never took a before and I have been using these oils for well over a year and a half now.

    Also there are so many other factors that need to be considered when truly desiring beautiful skin which I wrote about here, here, here, and here. I did not only use high linoleic oils to help clear my skin. I have been working on healing my body as a whole while focusing on gut health, eating whole organic foods, and detoxing.

    Wishing you the very best of everything.

  447. Anon says

    I tried most oils and they all break me out, I just started grape seed which seems to be making my skin look horrible. The only oil that has ever worked for me is seabuckthorn oil but it’s just so expensive so that’s why I wanted to try alternatives but looks like back to sea buckthorn.

  448. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anon,
    Stick to what works best for you. We are all unique. If that’s the only splurge for you enjoy it to the fullest!

  449. B.K. says

    Great blog, very useful information. Would you mind sending me your sources for the carrier oils and etc you cited. Thanks!

  450. Jonna says

    Hi, thank you for the info. I have been using hemp seed oil for about a month now as both a cleanser and moisturiser. I have just recently added rise hip oil to the mix and I am loving it! My oily skin and clogged pores are almost non-existent. Just yesterday I decided to add turmeric powder to my hemp seed oil for cleansing. I have read that turmeric does wonders for the skin especially for those who suffer from acne. Hope this helps someone:-)

  451. Jonna says

    Great read! I have been using hemp seed along with rose hip oil for about a month now as a cleanser and moisturizer. My oily skin and clogged pores have improved tremendously!

  452. says

    I stumbled upon this post in a search for ways to layer skincare products, which led me to your post on the top five anti-aging oils, which led me here. I’m so happy to find this post as I’m in that “sweet spot” age wise where I’m dealing with breakouts and fine lines. I also favor minimalism and holism in most areas of my life so I look forward to exploring your site further. Thanks again! This information is going to help me narrow down all the skincare products I’ve been eying, based on their ingredient list–and I thought I was a compulsive label reader before.

  453. Tutu says

    Hey Dawn, after a while of making my own body cream (i also used for my face) and trying out a number of natural cleaning products for my face and body ,i decided to research more on your blog. For cleaning products I’d tried cassava powder,oats en some earth powder. But my face broke out in my skin was itchy….. so I quit all that in began using micro fiber clothes ,water only and grape seed oil ( the oil for my face only,the rest of my body with my self made cream) my face is beautifully clear now,my skin smooth and lovely.
    My only problem is my legs are extremely dry a few hours after applying my cream, might you have a idea what oils could be good for them?
    Thank for for your blogs, I’m learning lots from them.en this post and the micro fiber cloth cleaning have been especially helpful for my face.
    Have a great week ahead!

  454. says

    Hey Michelle =)

    i stumbled upon your amazing blog while being on my OCM journey for about a year. I also started out with the usual oils; jojoba, castor and argan from time to time. My skin improved for a while but eventually I ended up with more blackheads then before. Then I tried hemp seed oil and wondered about why some oils work and some don’t. That’s when I learned about linoleic and oleic acids and I started using safflower oil. It helped my skin so so much, I rarely have pimples now. Your blog has only strengthened my believe in finding the perfect oil for my skin since I still have clogged pores around my nose and chin area. Since safflower oil already has one of the highest contents in linoleic acid, would you recommend switching to an oils with a much lower oleic acid content since there can be up to 30% in safflower oil? I’ve been thinking to switch to grape seed oil, especially for the summer but heard it can get too drying so i’m not sure. What would you recommend for getting rid of the most stubborn blackheads? Thanks so much and love your blog


  455. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Imsa,
    Welcome! I’m glad you found my site and are enjoying it. It’s awesome that you also read the ingredients on products critically. Best wishes with everything!

  456. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tutu,
    Have you ever tried rosehip seed oil? It is extremely moisturizing and I pretty much use it head to toe now. I wrote about it here. I’m also glad that your new simple skin care regimen is working so well for you! <3

  457. Jazmine says

    Hi Dawn,

    I’m new to your site and so far loving it! I was hoping that you could help me find out how to know if an oil has a comedogenic rating. After reading your very informative posts, I’m noticing the common theme is to be careful when choosing oils because of their comedogenic ratings as well as how high in linolec acid they are. Would you know if Black Cumin Seed Oil has a comedogenic rating? I can’t seem to find it in any list. Also, i’m afraid to use oils that are high in Linoleic acid but comedogenic, so I try and stay away from those. Although Jojoba Oil can be lower on linoleic acid, I have noticed that it has worked well for me. So far it has. Would you suggest mixing the jojoba with maybe Black Cumin Seed or Hemp to achieve the higher linoleic acid levels? Thanks!

  458. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jazmine,
    If jojoba oil is working well for you stick with it. I find that keeping things as simple as possible especially when learning what works best for our skin is the easiest way to go. I haven’t tried black cumin seed oil so can’t tell you much about it from personal experience. I have had great results with pumpkin seed, rosehip seed, and hemp seed oil though. Sometimes there is some trial and error involved. But once you find what works stick with it and keep it simple. I hope this helps some and I so glad you are enjoying the site. Best wishes!

  459. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Michèle,

    Herbal facial steams is one of the best ways to help the skin release clogs that oil cleansing alone can’t. When my skin was adjusting I would do an herbal steam every week. I helped me get over the initial healing hump.

    Also if safflower oil is working well for you stick to it. Sometimes it can be tempting to keep trying different things but I suggest only changing something if it isn’t working. I hope to helps!

  460. Lisa Garner says

    Thanks so much for posting this. Other articles simply list carrier oils without any differentiation, so it’s hard to know which to choose. This was very good info. I’ll forward this on to others I know with acne prone skin.

  461. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Lisa Garner,
    I’m so glad you found this helpful! Wishing you only the best of everything!

  462. Ashley says

    How do I find the right oil for my skin!? Cystic acne .. hormonal areas. Not very oily skin.

  463. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ashley,
    High linoleic oils made a HUGE difference in my skin along with a lot of my readers. In order to figure out what works you have to try one out. Pumpkin seed oil was the one I fell in love with first. Later on it was rosehip seed oil. Also check out the ingredients in the rest of your skin, hair care, and makeup to make sure they are contributing to breakouts. Also look into the emotional and internal aspects of healthy skin. I shared my story to clearing my skin here. Best wishes!

  464. Tutu says

    Thanks Dawn, I’ve read your article on Rosehip oil which brings me to another question……. I noticed that Grapeseed oil has a higher Linoleic % (70.6%) compared to Rosehip, and would have thought that because of this reason it should do a better job than Rosehip that has 41.1% of Linoleic. What makes the two different?
    I’l be getting me Rosehip cause it seems i spoke a little ” loud” about Grapeseed oil……. my facial skin is slowly breaking out…. But it aint no big deal.
    Thanks again for always taking some time to reply :)

  465. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tutu,
    Rosehip seed oil is more nourishing and moisturizing than grapeseed oil, yet it really is more about finding what works for your skin best. I just do my best to avoid high oleic oils. I hope you enjoy rosehip seed oil as much as I do. Best wishes!

  466. Ami says

    I love oils for skincare and I’m always on the search for information on comedogenic oils. I have oily skin on my T zone and it’s been disheartening for me that Rosehip oil is rated as unlikely to clog pores, however, it breaks me out very badly. This causes doubts for me whether to trust these ratings or not. In any case the oils I’ve found best work on my skin are Tamanu, Argan and Jojoba…any feedback is welcome

  467. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ami,
    I feel that regardless of any information that you find it is always best to do what works for you. It is listening to our intuition and how our body responds to something that will always outweigh any information. If the oils you listed work best for you continue to use them and stick with what works.

  468. JACQUELINE says


  469. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Jacqueline,
    You can find a recipe for an herbal infused oil specifically for cellulite here. Skin regenerating oils as well as shea butter are good for stretch marks, yet they are best treated early on. I hope this helps you!

  470. Marcus P says

    I’ve got combination and problem skin. I don’t break out as much as I used to. But even at 50yo I can still have breakouts (deep painful cystic acne).
    I heard that using oils could help balance my skin. I was nervous since in the past all oils ever did was make my skin problems worse.
    However, about a year ago I decided to give it a try.
    I started out by using Rosehip seed oil and eventually moved to Argon as Rosehip seed seemed to not provide my face with enough moisture. I must add that I could not use more than a drop of either oil as it would cause a break out. The Argon made my skin look better, but it didn’t help with the dry areas of my face. After a year of experimenting with both of these oils I began using Sweet Almond oil. It works perfectly! I’m even able to use more than one drop to ensure that my entire face is treated by the oil. My skin looks great and NO BREAKOUTS! Love it!!

  471. April says

    Thank you for all your information to those of us trying to be chemical-free and healthy! In reading through the list of higher linoleic oils I was wondering why the ones you mentioned you now use aren’t the ones with the higher percentages, is it not good to go too high? I have never had problem skin until later adulthood, even with organic skincare, and organic bar completion soaps I havnt had great results. I use mineral makeup, eat great, workout daily, and see a kinesiologist to balance inner body issues, but these breakouts and large pores on cheeks are embarrassing and frustrating! I would love to workout makeup free one day:) Also, been reading your post on hair care, can u recommend a combo of the herbs you suggest for wavy, slightly dry ends, generally normal, color treated hair? Thx!

  472. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Marcus P,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s all about finding what works best for you. Trial and error is always involved. Best wishes!

  473. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi April,

    It isn’t so much about using oils with the highest amount of linoleic acid but more about the ratio of linoleic acid to oleic acid. Also if you are still having breakouts then it is a sign there is still more healing work to do. I’ve mentioned before the connection to acne and other skin ailments with our emotions. Also our gut health has everything to do with the appearance of our skin. I have found hydrotherapy to be one of the best ways to improve gut health along with very clean eating.

    It can take months and for some years to really go deep with the healing work. You are healing all of the years of stress, poor eating before you knew better, and emotional pain that may be stored in your body. Surprisingly all of that shows up in our skin. You are on the right track so stay positive and keep going.

    As for hair help chemically altered hair always needs more attention than virgin hair. Because your hair is color treated it is crucial to deep condition very often and use non-stripping hair cleansers. You can also find examples of different hair regimens for different hair types here. Yes trial and error goes with the territory if you want to go a more natural route with your hair. I hope this helps!

  474. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dee,
    I honestly don’t know, but if I do find anything will post about it. Have a beautiful weekend!

  475. says

    Loved your articles and for your research! I will be much more careful about the oils I choose to put in my creams. I put Tamanu oil in a cream I made, and I messed up the consistancy (too much xantham gum made it, well, gummy) and now I use it as leave in hair conditioner, and it’s fantastic. I’ll be coming back to your site!

  476. says

    Hi Dawn this has always been my favorite post, I love your site and have been following you for years! I have my own little blog now and was wondering if it is okay to put a link to this page in my post? I want to post about skin and natural oils and cannot do so in as much detail as you. Mine is more so a summary of what I have learned from you really. Either way, thank you I really appreciate what you share I never comment but I have learned so much from this site even while you still had it as a blog. You always come off as very genuine and it is refreshing to come here and read what you are up to from time to time.

  477. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I’m glad that you reached out. I don’t mind if you link to this page. I’m really happy that it was helpful to you too. Wishing you the best on your site and with everything that you are doing!

  478. Amy says

    I just found this and and some of your other articles about using natural oils to heal skin- so helpful! I’d always had clear skin up until a year and a half ago (I was turning 29). I’ve been using all natural products, but it seems like even then, they put so many complicated ingredients into their mixtures, so I thought I’d give my own a try.

    Reading about your success with oils higher in linoleic acid, I’m going to try using grape seed oil as my base carrier. For an extra kick, I’ve been trying to decide between tamanu (which I know has higher oleic) or rosehip seed. Do you (or anyone who has had success) have any recommendations? Can I mix both, or should I keep it simple and stick to one? I should add that a major stressor for me when it comes to my skin’s appearance is hyperpigmentation and some scarring. Any help or advice would be *so* appreciated!

  479. Klewster says

    This is absolutely the most helpful and rational information on acne I have ever read. Thank you, Dawn!

  480. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Amy,
    I always suggest using one oil at a time before creating a mix to ensure that your skin is good with that oil. I would also suggest rosehip seed oil over tamanu oil since you are acne prone. I hope this helps and best wishes! Keep us posted on your progress too!

  481. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Diane,
    Both safflower and sunflower are oils that are often genetically modified. The modifications can make them either high oleic or high linoleic. If you find a high linoleic sunflower oil that is organic and not genetically modified then go for it. I found conflicting info on both of those oils because they are often modified. I hope this helps!

  482. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Klewster,
    Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad it has been helpful to you!

  483. Rupa says

    Hi. Thanks for the informative article. I have oily acne prone skin and after a lot of browsing, have only recently started using essential oils. Right now I have some scarring and also pigmentation on my cheeks and below the lower lip. I use frankincense and helichrysum EOs in grapeseed oil at night. This seems to be working for my skin, in the sense that it doesnt cause any breakouts. Are these the right oils or could you pls suggest some alternative that will take care of the pigmentation too? Also, could you suggest a day time blend that will take care of the oiliness? Btw, I am 40 years old and live in Mumbai, India. Thanks!

  484. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rupa,
    The modified oil blend that you shared sounds great and would work for oily skin even during the day. I’m so glad that this info has been helpful to you and please keep up posted on your progress. Best wishes!

  485. Felicia says

    Thank you so much! This article saved my skin. I had really bad acne for two years and then I started using sesameseed oil, because of this article. It got so much better just after a few days and now my skin is better than it has been in years! I just have some scars left and that is nothing compared to how my skin looked like before! 😀
    Love from Sweden

  486. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Felicia,
    This is great news! Thanks so much for sharing this and best wishes with everything!

  487. Karna says

    Just started my grapeseed, neem, and lemongrass oil regiment. I can’t quite bring myself to cleanse with it yet, but it feels amazing on my skin (3 days). I haven’t noticed any positive/negative benefits yet… I’m hopeful!

  488. Ajeng says

    Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for the post, really helpful. I have oily face and acne in some area of my face, forehead and both of my cheeks. Just when one acne gone another one come. Endless. Then came across ur post, ordered the rosehip oil right away (which is not easy to find where I live, need to buy online from other country). Got advise to use it three times a week at night only, and less than a month my acne stop appearing. I also like to make oat face mask twice a week and use sunscreen when I have outdoor activities only, but other than that I dont use any skincare. It’s almost two months now but I still have some black spots from my acnes, any idea how to make them dissappear? Plus, my face is very easily getting dull cos I work outside a lot and I still haven’t find the good way to exfoliate naturally.

  489. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ajeng,
    Beautiful name by the way. You can see two articles that I wrote on healing hyperpigmentation here and here. I’m really happy that the information on my site has been helpful to you. Best wishes!

  490. Felicia Cokley says

    I was a huge Dermalgica fan for several years. My fave product was pre-cleanse which is basically an oil cleanser. After running out of if a month ago, I did a bit of research on oil cleansing and realiz d I didn’t need to repurchase it. Every night I use castor oil on my t-zone bs grape seed oil all over. I the use s steamy washcloth to gently woe if off. The results have been amazing. I also use an apple cider homemade toner at night. I no longer need to moisturizer. My skin is slanted and soft. I haven’t even exfoliated (a step I would have NEVER skipped before). Simple is so much better. Loving it.

  491. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Felicia Cokley,
    Simple is so much better! Whenever I do more I always end up back to the bare basics. I’m so glad you are enjoying your new simple skin care regimen!

  492. Dana says

    Hello Dawn,

    Thank you for all the useful information regarding the linoleic and oleic acid, very helpful!
    I was wondering where you learned that sunflower/safflower oils can be genetically modified. I myself steer away from GMOs, however, to my knowledge these two crops have not been approved for engineered production, there were only field trials.

  493. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Dana,
    When I was searching for info on these two oils specifically sometimes they were high oleic and other times they were high linoleic. When you change the chemical composition of a natural ingredient that is a form of genetic engineering. All of the info I was finding was a bit confusing and contradictory about these two oils. Some even said genetically engineered. If you want to try one of these oils and you are acne prone, look for a high linoleic oil that is organic. I hope this helps some.