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    Posted on November 19, 2012 by in Style

    During this year my style has drastically changed.  My staples are still part of my wardrobe, yet more prints and bright colors seemed to have sneaked into my closet.  I’ve also found a new love for skirts and dresses and don’t really want to wear anything else.  I honestly believe that the new color and patterns has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve shopped thrift and vintage more than ever.  I’m not exactly sure what to say about the dress thing other than my jeans have been on a long vacation.

    When your style changes the items in your wardrobe don’t seem to fit your new current mood.

    I’ve been wearing my skirts and dresses nonstop, and although I have found new ways to layer and style them as it gets colder, my wardrobe could use some new touches.  Instead of shopping for new pieces to fit my new style, I’m actually open to upcycling the pieces that I already have.  I do have fabric that I haven’t used yet, some vintage and thrift pieces that need altering, and a few items that could be upcycled.  I have plenty to work with right now.  Although the minimalist wardrobe sticks to mainly a capsule wardrobe, I am still an artist and have been loving pieces that have unique style and stand out more than what I used to wear.

    I’ve been looking for inspiration from DIY and upcycling fashion tutorials online and here are two that are basic enough for anyone to try.

    DIY Maxi Skirt

    Although this video is for a long maxi skirt, this easy tutorial can be used for any length skirt and with most fabrics that drape well.

    DIY Long Sleeve Dress

    This tutorial uses a long sleeve t-shirt for the bodice of this dress and jersey material for the skirt.  This tutorial can be modified with any style shirt and with bright colors if you like too.


    What I love most about designing my own clothing is that I can create exactly what I want versus trying to find it in the store. I love pairing dresses with blazers, jackets, and sweaters along with booties, flats, or knee high boots.  You can see how I winterize my maxi dresses here.  I have one vintage piece that I can’t wait to get my scissors to and some green jersey fabric that has “maxi skirt” written all over it.  I’ll keep you posted on what I create.

    Peace & Sunshine!

    (Videos by Giannyl & Consciously Modest)

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  1. sandy says:

    Here are couple of resources:

    Lori Marsha at http://www.lorimarsha.com/p/recent-work.html

    (she has an Etsy store also,her inspiration is Frieda Kahlo for her colors and designs. She also makes jewelry and home goods. You have to comb through her blog to see more of her dresses and tops. But she uses handkerchiefs, scarves and pieces of clothes and refashions them)

    Rice Freeman Zachary
    (Rice makes all of her sweaters, top dresses and gives them unique names. Even if her style is not exactly yours you can learn how she connects pieces and connects blouses and tops to skirts and cuts up and dyes pieces)

    Good luck. A good publication for this type of work is:

  2. Dawn Michelle says:

    Thanks Sandy for all of the suggestions! Do you also upcycle clothing? Have a beautiful day!

  3. sandy says:

    I like upcycling my jewelry. I don’t sew but looking at some of these ideas, who knows?