Sweet Kissable Lips with Colorganics


My favorite lipsticks are from Colorganics Hemp Organics with 32 lipstick shades.  Colorganics also carries lip liners, lip tints, lip balms, and lip glosses.  My favorite lipstick shades are Brown Sugar, Red Earth, Sienna, and Cocoa.  I’ve played it pretty safe with my color choices and will probably switch it up soon when I run low.

What I love most about these lipsticks are the smooth texture, vivid assortment of rich colors, and especially the ingredients.  With the shocking news of lead in lipsticks, it is so important to have trustworthy organic brands that have beautiful safe lipsticks that flatter all skin tones.  I was surprised that this line carried a few different brown shades of lipstick along with reds, plums, peaches, purples, pinks, and bronzes.  To read more about lead in lipsticks check out this article from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Hemp Organics Lipstick Ingredients:

Certified organic castor oil, certified organic beeswax, candelilla & carnauba wax, certified organic hemp seed oil, certified organic jojoba oil, natural vitamin E. May contain mica, iron oxides, carmine, titanium dioxide (non-FD&C natural pigments)

Learn more about Colorganics here.  I’ve purchased Colorganics Hemp Organics Lipsticks from Whole Foods.

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(Images by Vashon Organics)

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  1. Mia says

    Hey, if you’re vegetarian you should know that the colorant carmine is made with crushed insects and sometimes they add gelatine for some reason. And carmine is a must for red, pink and dark colored lipsticks.

  2. mangomadness says

    I’d love to try Colorganics Hemp Organics Lipsticks. With that said, I’d like to see some swatches before purchasing.

    With that said, Can you do swatches of the Colorganics Hemp Organics Lipsticks you own?

  3. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi mangomadness, I’m currently out of my Hemp Organics Lipsticks since I did write this article over a year ago. I’ve been currently crazy about Zuzu Luxe Lip Pencils which I talk about in this article. They sell both brands at most Whole Foods markets which you can swatch in the store before purchasing. Have a beautiful day!