Spring Cleaning Inspiration


My unique journey towards a minimal lifestyle has taken a year in the making, and I still have more stuff to let go of. It is taking more time than I expected. Even after clearing out unnecessary furniture, excess clothing, shoes, accessories, and books, I’ve noticed my category of greatest challenge seems to be miscellaneous.  My miscellaneous stash is randomly appearing throughout the apartment and is taking more time to go through than anything else I’ve gotten rid of.


I have been trashing old photos and keeping only the ones that have great sentimental value which I will put in an album. I’m not to the point of just scanning all my photos and getting rid of everything else yet.   I know at some point I may want to do just that, but right now I do like actual photographs.  I’m also letting go of small picture frames and consolidating photos.

Desk Supplies

Going through desk supplies can be a nuisance.   I decided to keep only five basic pens, a sharpie, and a pencil and send all of the extra pens to work with my husband.  I’m recycling stationary I don’t intend to use and getting rid of old software discs that are no longer needed.


Extra cosmetic cases, wicker baskets and bins, and more papers tend to be the other random items that are being cleared out.  I am very excited that I’m slowly meeting my goal of no longer needed containers to store and organize things any more.  I am very clear that most of the stuff I’ve been organizing are things I really don’t plan to use anyway.

My minimalist journey motives have been to easily maintain a beautiful home, clearly define my fashion style, free myself of distractions and projects that I don’t intend to ever do,  and because it feels better to have less.  The amount of extra work it has taken to get to this place and stay here has been rewarding, yet still work.  One major gain for doing this is that I now value amazing experiences more than having things.  I also find that as I have continued to declutter I’ve also had more time for those wonderful experiences.  As the spring cleaning persists, I know that it is so worth every moment.

Have you started spring cleaning?

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  1. Rachel says

    Hi Dawn,

    Came across this blog post today as I was looking for inspiration to start spring cleaning. You have certainly inspired me! I really like how you have incorporated the minimalist ethos into your entire lifestyle- you are appear very dedicated and sure of who you are, that is very admirable. I have linked to and mentioned your blog post in my blog, hope that’s Ok! Good luck with all things minimal! Rachel- curvyculturevulture.wordpress.com

  2. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks so much for your comment and I’m so glad that this blog has inspired you! I hope that your spring cleaning is going exceptionally well and your blog post looks great. Best wishes with everything that you are doing as well.
    Dawn Michelle