Soften Hyperpigmentation Naturally–10 Natural Solutions


Hyperpigmentation is no fun!  There are natural ways to reduce dark spots or dark pigmentation in the skin without the harmful ingredient hydroquinone.  You of course can also make many of the products yourself without spending a ton of money on commercial chemical products.

Hyperpigmentation can be created very quickly and then take what seems like forever to get rid of.  The more melanin in your skin the darker the pigmentation can appear and be very frustrating to deal with.  I’ve noticed that if I have a breakout, that even a small blemish can become a scar.  Using products daily that are skin brightening and also blemish reducing has been a life savior.

10 Ingredients To Naturally Fight Hyperpigmentation

1. Raw Honey

There is a reason why I wash my face with raw honey daily.  It keeps the skin glowing and free of bacteria without disrupting the moisture levels of the skin.  Raw honey is antibacterial with moisturizing amino acids, and antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage.  Raw honey also has gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid responsible for honey’s acidity.  Raw honey is more nutritious to the skin still containing all of its healing properties that have not been pasteurized or eliminated with high heat temperatures.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a high vitamin C content which brightens the skin as well as citric acid which exfoliates and speeds up the treatment of acne also lightening acne scars and blemishes.  I remember during summer breaks when I was in college, I would slice a lemon and rub the lemon up and down my legs for soft even skin.  It tingled and itched so much that I would just go outside and run around the block to distract myself from the ridiculous sensations.  I then would come back inside and rinse it off.

I know now that lemon juice straight is too acidic for skin’s natural pH balance.   I will instead mix fresh lemon juice with more soothing ingredients.  Lemon juice is still a perfect ingredient for evening out the skin and brightening dark elbows and knees.

(UPDATE:  Lemon juice can cause photosensitivity for some so must be used with sun protection.  It is also not pH balanced for skin, so I would definitely advise that it is diluted with water.   Please use with caution especially those with sensitive skin.)

3. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay has a higher ratio of silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other trace minerals compared to other clays, therefore it is very nourishing to the skin.  It balances skin’s natural oil production by being hydrating to dry skin and calming to oily skin.  It greatly improves skin clarity and brightness, removes dead skin cells, and smooths skin’s overall texture.

I’ve raved about rhassoul clay for skin and hair because it works so well for both.  I love versatile ingredients because it saves me money.  Rhassoul clay is my favorite clay to use daily.

4. Yogurt

Lactic acid, lactic acid, lactic acid!  Yogurt is outstanding for skin brightening and evening out the skins complexion.  Using plain yogurt for skin care masks will soften, brighten, and clear up blemishes and hyperpigmentation.  I believe simple yogurt masks are gentle enough for daily use and such an inexpensive easy to find remedy for clear skin.

5. Tamanu Oil

The regeneration properties that tamanu oil provides is out of this world!  Tamanu oil is used to miraculously heal the skin of burn victims.  Although it has a strong natural scent, it is worth every drop of natural goodness that this oil provides.  I came across tamanu oil on my honeymoon in Hawaii.  This oil is very rich in antioxidants and is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory.

6. Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is very high in vitamin E as well as contains vitamin A, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, D, and F, essential fatty acids, lecithin, protein, and minerals.  Wheat germ oil is good as a health supplement, and also amazing for skin and hair.  It moisturizes and maintains moisture in skin and hair like no other oil I’ve ever tried to date.  Its vitamin and mineral rich content is wonderful for healing and regenerating skin.

7. Rosehips Seed Oil

Rosehips seed oil has become more popular for its use in anti-aging products.  It is a more expensive carrier oil, although it is one of the best oils for skin rejuvenation.  When applied daily for up to four months it has been known to reduce wrinkles and age spots almost completely.  This is one oil that I have overlooked in the past, yet no longer!  You can read more about why I love this oil so much here.

8. Pure Aloe Vera Gel/Juice

Aloe vera has a natural salicylic acid perfect for keeping skin clear in the first place with a divine pH of 4.5.  The healing properties in aloe vera contain over 75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, and amino acids.  Use pure aloe vera gel or juice as a supplement to heal the body from the inside out, or as a toner/skin gel serum under your moisturizer.  Aloe vera is also a wonderful pH balancer for hair which is why I use it in so many of my DIY hair care recipes.

9. Amla

Amla is traditionally used in Ayurvedic health and beauty care.  Amla fascinates me in that it is brightening for skin, yet also keeps hair dark and lustrous.  It is 20 times higher in vitamin C than an orange and full of full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols.  Amla is a proven antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic, yeast inhibiting, nematicidal, anabolic, anti-hepatoxic, anti-hyperhidrosis, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-spasmodic, hypolipidemic, and hypotensive relieving properties.

You can use amla in its herb or powder form.  Creating a simple amla paste with amla powder with water can do wonders on the skin or even infusing the herb in a nourishing carrier oil is even better.  I prefer slow herbal infusions in a mason jar in sunlight for 1-2 months.

10. Raw Sugar Cane

Sugar produces a natural glycolic acid which is gentler on skin than chemically derived glycolic acid.  This natural alpha hydroxy acid easily exfoliates the skin.  Alpha hydroxy acids are known for their anti-aging properties for stimulating collagen production while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation.

3 DIY Skin Savor Recipes on Minimalist Beauty

1. DIY Gentle Exfoliating Mask

This exfoliating mask includes lemon juice, raw honey, and raw sugar cane.  It is so easy to make and so effective.  Also it doesn’t burn like fresh squeezed lemon juice or rubbing lemon juice slices directly on the skin.  Natural citric, gluconic, and glycolic acid work in synergy together brilliantly.

2. Raw Cacao Facial Mask

This mask includes raw cacao, rhassoul clay, and honey.  It is an almost edible mask and smells divine!

3. DIY Healing Face Body & Hair Oil

This healing oil contains coconut, wheat germ, and tamanu oil.  It is an amazing combination of nourishing and healing oils.  Although I love coconut oil you can always use a lighter carrier oil such as jojoba oil, and even add a bit of rosehips oil.

Gaining and Maintaining Healthy Looking Skin

Some people genetically have beautiful skin, and others actually work hard for it.  Regardless of which category you fall into, taking good care of your skin from head to toe will make you feel good about yourself.  It is good for your health to take care of your skin because your skin is your largest organ that protects the rest of your body.  You do not need to spend $100 a month or more on good skin care.  I used to spend that much, yet now I am so thankful to have discovered the power of DIY skin care, herbs, and simple ingredients.

Begin your mornings drinking as much water as you can and continue drinking water throughout the day.  Some days I am on this, and other days I fall off my desired water drinking routine.  I usually can see a major difference in my skin either way.  Drink half your body weight in ounces daily.

Develop a skin care regimen that fits your lifestyle and budget.  It doesn’t have to be extensive, complicated, and definitely not expensive.  Incorporating just a few of the 10 ingredients above will improve your overall brightness and clarity in your complexion.  If you spend a lot of time outside or are using fruit, lactic, or sugar acids in your skin care, I suggest wearing a zinc oxide based sunscreen daily.  My favorite is the DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ because it is zinc oxide based, and doesn’t look pasty on my complexion like other natural sunscreens.  Read more about good natural sunscreens here.  If you are not big on sunscreen, wear protective clothing and of course a fabulous sun hat whenever outdoors.

Patience, patience, patience!  I’m enjoying repeating words three times as you can see.  Hyperpigmentation can occur quickly, and take a long time to brighten and smooth out.  Lovingly care for your skin, and speak positive affirmative words about your skin and yourself.  I believe uplifting words, consistent gratitude, and positive energy helps to heal the body quicker than all the topical ointments alone on the market, DIY or not!

Many times hyperpigmentation is caused by dreaded acne.  If you are acne prone and would like to know what I believe to be a major culprit in acne, then you definitely want to read this!  Also check out this article specifically about acne and hyperpigmentation.

See my complete beauty routine here.

Best wishes!

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  1. tiffany says

    Very intrigued by raw honey face wash! May you explain DIY process and list ingredients used besides raw honey?

  2. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tiffany,
    Raw honey is very easy to use as a face wash. In the evenings to remove makeup I use a natural oil for eye makeup remover, then mix a bit of rhassoul clay with honey to brighten skin and remove makeup. To see my entire skin care routine check out My Beauty Regimen. I update it monthly with small changes and with new discoveries.
    Have a beautiful day,
    Dawn Michelle

  3. Monik says

    What a great post!!
    I was looking for a natural remedy to fade my dark spots and stumbled over your blog via curlynikki.
    I tried to travel the ” au naturel” road (home made or very simple story bought hair and skin care only)… but failed miserably…
    Since I found your blog yesterday I am reading every single post and what can I say…. your words got me back on track .
    I love, love love your minimalist, versatile concept and how you make less is more sound and look fly, chic, fashionable and fun.
    I’ll definitely become a regular here :-).
    I feel truly inspired.
    Thanks, Dawn
    … btw, you and your hair are sooooo beautiful!!!

  4. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Monik,
    I’m so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it so much! The “au naturel” road is really only good if you’re getting good results, otherwise you are just plain granola. Been there done that! It does get easier and I think the key is just learning about different herbs, oils, butters, etc. while finding the perfect ingredients for your skin and hair needs. I am discovering that this minimalist chemical free path can certainly be fashionable as well which makes it fun all around. I’m glad to inspire and share and hope to hear more of your experience going back on your own “au naturel” journey.
    Best Wishes,
    Dawn Michelle

  5. SweetpeaDee says

    I, like Monik, also found this post on curlynikki, and I’m sooooo happy to have stumbled across it! I’ve gone back and forth with trying (and leaving) natural/organic and homemade products, but you make it sound so easy and so much cheaper than the alternative. I’m in the process of reading up on you skin, makeup and hair essentials and hope to impliment as many as possible really soon!

    I do, however, have a quick question. I’m prone to dark spots from ance, whether it hormonal or due to external forces. I have been thinking about trying particular birth control, but it comes right out and says that it may cause acne and dark spots. Do you know if the ingrediants you mention above also work on acne/ hyperpigmentation that is caused by internal (hormonal) forces??? *I know this is just a blog, but I was not sure what you attribute your ance/ hyperpigmentation to, so I thought I would ask!*

    Thanks for all your tips, and I look forward to reading more!!!

    Sweetpea Dee

  6. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sweetpea Dee,

    Such a cute online name! I’m glad you found my blog and are enjoying it. Creating your own products isn’t as difficult as one may think. It truly is a much cheaper alternative than store bought products and you know exactly what is in the ingredients. I have saved so much money buying natural and organic ingredients in bulk and mixing up some things in my kitchen.

    Hormonal changes in the body due to birth control is difficult to gauge and everyone will respond differently since we are all so unique. I would definitely suggest natural products to other chemical products. Also work on balancing skin from the inside out by drinking as much water as you can (at least half of your body weight in ounces daily), eating as much fruits and veggies as possible (especially green leafy veggies), and leaving processed foods alone.

    Best Wishes,
    Dawn Michelle

  7. Falah says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,

    thank you for the post! I was wodnering if you’d recommend any of the products you listed to help get rid of “racoon eyes.” I have severe hyperpigmentation around my eyes and I’ve been looking for a solution for a long time.

  8. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Falah,

    Washing your face with honey would begin brightening the skin. I have noticed amazing improvement since I began washing my face with honey and adding rhassoul clay to the honey to cleanse my face at night. As for dark under eye circles, I believe that the under eye area relates to what is going on in the stomach, liver, and kidneys. Here is the info that I shared with another reader who asked about under eye cirles.

    “I have under eye cirles on and off myself, and to be honest I believe that it’s related to what’s going on with the stomach, liver, and kidneys. I’m always researching new things, yet this article here may be interesting to you. You’ll notice on other face charts for acupuncture or with other Chinese medicine that under eye circles are related to the stomach, liver, and kidneys although the information in this article linked above only references kidneys.”

    Hope that this is somewhat helpful.
    Dawn Michelle

  9. Marchbride says

    Hi Dawn Michelle,
    My sister actually found this website and I think it’s great. Ever since I stared reading it I’ve been hooked!! I plan on going to my organic market soon, and questions!
    First, what do you mix you lemon juice with to make it not so harsh?
    Second, which of these natural wonders would you suggest most for getting rid of dark spots and evening out skin tone?
    Third, I’m getting married in about 3 months and I’m 21. My is going throu major changes. I just want my skin to be its best. It’s sensitive and oily. What would you suggest for those two?
    And last, can this natural stuff be used with the face wash, exfoliant and dark spot corrector I’m already using?
    Thank you

  10. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Marchbride,

    First of all congrats on your engagement and for your wedding! Here are a few suggestions based on what I’ve already experienced and researched. First check the ingredients on your dark spot corrector to make sure it does not contain hydroquinone. It is a very toxic ingredient used in many fade creams. For more info on ingredient to avoid look here.

    I use lemon sugar and honey for this DIY recipe which really helps with fading dark spots naturally. This recipe is very gentle and effective! Since your wedding is very close, you don’t want to make too many drastic changes with your skin care unless what you are using right now isn’t working at all. I’m saying this only because you do not want to put your skin in shock and make it worse than it is trying a bunch of new products. If you do decide to try something new, use only gentle products, do not scrup your skin, and stay away from drying products especially containing alcohols. Many products geared towards oily skin are very drying. You actually want to hydrate your skin and balance it. You can use rose hydrosol to hydrate and geranium essential oil to balance the skin. You can use rose hydrosol as a toner and add a drop of geranium essential oil to your moisturizer.

    Also try to wear as little foundation as possible to let your skin breath during the next few months. When you do wear foundation or other face makeup, make sure the ingredients will not clog pores. Keep your makeup brushes very clean as well.

    I hope these tips help and best wishes to you and your future husband!

  11. Everette says

    I read that sweet almond oil help with dark circles. I’ve been giving it a shot and it is too early to tell. But you’re right that it is probably internal issues since it is so hard to get rid of.

  12. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Everette, The eyes are very good at expressing what’s going on inside the body. I think it’s great to work from both sides of things: internally and externally.

  13. Tasnim says

    I am so happy I found your blog! Finally something that looks promising! I’ve been suffering from acne scars for the past 3 years and it’s just been so depressing… I used to have the most beautiful skin, I didn’t need to wear makeup at all, and now just looking at my skin makes me want to cry. I don’t pick them at all, once I get a pimple, it creates a dark spot. Anyway, it seems the pimples have gone for the most part, but the scars are still there and it’s just so embarrassing when you have acne scars in your 20s.

    I tried topical prescription medications and Proactiv, but they made the acne frequency almose double. For the past couple months, I’ve found that the only natural ingredients have led to some improvement. I’ve recently been using organic sea buckthorn oil as well as Escents Aromatherapy Scar Stopper serum (Helichrysum and Geranium essential oils, Grapeseed Oil, Evening primrose oil), and occasionally also honey although to be honest I didn’t notice much change with honey but maybe that’s because I haven’t used it regularly. I also OCM daily with a combination of castor oil and sunflower oil which has REALLY helped reduce pimples!

    Anyway, I was wondering which of the ingredients in your article do you think would be most effective? I’d like to try them all but I don’t know if that will shock my skin? Rhassoul clay sounds very interesting though!

    Thank you for any help, and thank you for this beautiful blog! <3

  14. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tasnim,

    Rosehips and tamanu oil are both amazing for healing and rejuvenating skin cells. Rhassoul clay is incredible as well for brightening, gentle exfoliation, and detoxing the skin. I like mixing raw honey with rhassoul clay as a treatment. My best advice it to try what you are intuitively let to. Different things work for different people and sometimes it is a combination of things that work together.

    You may also want to look into using turmeric for lightening scars. It is very inexpensive and very healing to skin as well. I first started using turmeric in this mask and I mention it again in this article. I do like the scar stopper serum you mentioned. That seems like the perfect serum for healing skin too. Hope that helps some. Have a beautiful day and best wishes!

  15. Jumoke Oladapo says


  16. Ana says

    Hi, I’ve been browsing through your website and it has so much valuable info! However, the amount of info is a bit overwhelming for me as I am just starting to try more natural alternatives to cosmetics.

    Would you be able to make a list of items to purchase, kind of like a “must have” list of basic oils/nutrients for someone to get started? I think people who are inexperienced like me might find that really useful when we go shopping to have a list of things to get and then start using them right away!

    Right now I don’t even know where to start! I have oily skin with dark spots and a few smile wrinkles under my left eye, and fine, dark hair. Just fyi. Thanks again for everything you do!

  17. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks so much for your suggestion! I’ve been thinking of a few ways to write up a “must have” list for those new to natural beauty alternatives. I hope to write the article sometime in the next week or so.

    For starters I think that you may have some success with using rhassoul clay with raw honey as a face wash to help balance oil production and with the dark spots. Also I know that there is a lot of information on the site, and I am in the midst of making small changes to make navigating it easier. Take your time reading through the archives and I appreciate your comment. Let me know what other thoughts you have as you go along.

    Dawn Michelle

  18. Wen says

    I’ve just come across your blog and have learned many interesting DIY remedies for the skin which I’ve never even heard of. Growing up and even now, I’ve had to deal with hyperpigmentation on my arms and legs. I’ve seen many dermatologists and consumed a good amount of horrible Chinese herbal medicines but nothing has helped. I’m very self-conscious about my skin and as much as I love wearing dresses and shorts, I never wear them outside of my house. I was wondering if your solutions for hyperpigmentation for the face will work on the body as well? Thank you! You are beautiful!

  19. Dawn Michelle says

    Thank you so much Wen! Yes you can use these natural methods to heal hyperpigmentation on the body as well. I’ve found natural methods to work so much better than anything I’ve bought in a store or gotten from a doctor. Hope this helps you.

  20. sabu_johnson says

    Hi, Dawn Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your website! I think the biggest take-away for me from reading your site is to be gentle and loving towards my body.

    I would like to ask if you have any advice for the the following: I absolutely love cycling but always get inflamed bumps on my buttocks from doing it. These bumps later turn into dark spots. I wear cotton underwear for commuting and padded cycling shorts for longer rides but I still gets these bumps. My buttocks are littered with these unsightly dark spots :(

    Do you have any suggestions for preventing them? Thank you!

  21. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sabu,
    Thanks for your comment! The only thing that came to me was cleaning your bike seat often and also wearing cotton shorts or shorts with sweat absorbent material to ride. Hope this helps!
    Best wishes <3

  22. Liz says

    I love your blog Dawn! I would advise against using lemon juice or any citrus oil/juice (except for Neroli). Lemon or lime juice can actually do more harm than good to the skin and may even cause a photoxic reaction. Lemon juice contains a substance called furocoumarin which when exposed to sunlight can cause a rash or darkening of the skin. I learned this the hard way after using my own lemon and sugar scrub. I wore SPF 30 everyday but it wasn’t enough. My freckles darkened significantly. Citrus oils and juices, if applied to the skin, retain furocoumarin in the deeper layers for up to 24 hrs and it’s not advisable to venture outdoors. Just thought I’d share…I really wish lemon juice wasn’t phototoxic bc it initially works so well!

  23. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate the information. Citric acid as well as glycolic acid can cause photosensitivity. It is very important to find out what works for you and I wish you did not have to find out the hard way. I have never experienced darkening of the skin from lemon juice, yet we are all so different and this information may be very very helpful for someone else. I will definitely add a note to the article.
    Best wishes,
    Dawn Michelle

  24. Everrie says

    Hi Dawn,
    Thank you so much for your most valuable info. I’m from North Eastern part of India and have been suffering hyperpigmantation for the past 6 yrs now, i always go for organic materials to ward off my problem but m not lucky enough or maybe bc m always outdoors during mid day for my field work…m a geo scientist. anyway, thanks alot n your blog opens up my eyes to try a little harder, btw the lemon info is so kind of you, thanks again.

  25. Dawn Michelle says

    You are so welcome Everrie! If you are outdoors a lot try to wear protective clothing/hat or a natural sunscreen to protect your skin as it heals. Best wishes!

  26. mark says

    Brighten your skin with a salt scrub. Instant result!

    I call it “break up to make up” but don’t freak out. This works! Before I have been using sugar but found it like I’m stripping my skin with rocks. Reading the INGs in my cleanser I saw Sodium Chloride as one of the constituents. So, I felt it won’t be a bad idea to add it to the gel on my cleaning pad and exfoliate with it. Honestly, it did sting. But after rinsing with warm water I saw that my face wasn’t the same – it became brighter with all my “darkies” faded. However, it stung continuously so I understood that I had stolen something it wanted back – oil. Then I OCMed and used warm moist MFC to relief irritations and it stopped gradually.

    Tips: if you dare

    Be quick and as soon as irritations start discontinue and start apologizing by compensating for the slight damage and calming your skin until you are forgiven. You don’t want to use much pressure or massage dirt into your skin so don’t open your pores before exfoliating.
    Do it no more than once a week or in two weeks.

    Disclaimer: this is not a medical prescription or advice!

  27. mark says


    Your website is beautiful. But no offense, how do you organize the posts? The latest should be first and replies should be somehow distinguished and pending replies ought be highlighted by convention. However, well done for taking time to respond to the posts.

  28. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,
    Salt is very drying to skin so definitely use with great caution. Also I think if is better to treat your skin gently versus irritating it in any way to get desired results.
    Best wishes always,
    Dawn Michelle

  29. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mark,
    I’m thinking that you meant to ask how I organize my comments. Currently they are organized in the order in which they appear, the 1st comment listed first and later comments continue as you scroll down the page. Regardless I don’t think there is a wrong or right way to set up how your comments read. At the same time commenting is for the reader’s experience so I put the question on the Minimalist Beauty Facebook Page for more feedback on preference. Glad you think the site is beautiful! <3

  30. Hina says

    Does tamanu oil help severe acne(pus filled big pimples)to heal.Can I use it for curing my facial acne.From where can I buy organic pure kasturi turmeric and can you suggest an oil for reducing wrinkles.Can we use safflower oil alone for OCM.

  31. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Hina,

    If you have severe acne then definitely read this article. Although acne causes hyperpigmentation, I learned well after writing this article that using natural oils high in linoleic acid was crucial to healing acne and having consistent results. There is a long list of carrier oils high in oleic acid and also high in linoleic acid in the article linked above.

    I also completely eliminated all products/oils that were high in oleic acid in all of my body care. Recently I tried using coconut oil for my hair, as it is incredible for hair, and it broke me out. Coconut oil is high in oleic acid. I’ve tested this theory myself and also have had many readers tell me that using oils high in linoleic acid worked extremely well for healing their acne. Ever since I started oil cleansing with oils high in linoleic acid my skin has never been better with consistent results. If you are interested here is my daily skin care regimen and weekly skin care regimen.

    Another thing is that you want to approach your skin care from a multifaceted level. Topical solutions are not enough if you are not eating healthy, exercising, drinking enough water, etc. This article goes into detail about that. Hope this helps and please keep me posted on your progress!

  32. SimplyBeautifulSharon says

    Dawn I would like to say I have been reading your blog for more than a month now. It started with me reading about how you mix coconut milk in with your Henna as I am now a full “Henna Head”. I then read your Henna Challenge and decided to embark upon the challenge on my own. Next I read through several of your other posts and I love all the practical educated information you give to us. It is so refreshing to learn that yes we can take care of our hair and skin using the simplest products. My entire body is covered in circular patches of both hyperpigmented skin and skin that does not tan at all so it has less melanin. For a lesser self confident person living with skin that looks like this is pure hell. For me, it’s another way of making me unique and beautiful. Not one doctor I’ve visited can tell me what it is. They do however prescribe lots of strong Hydroquinone and other skin bleaches. It did not work. I have always used olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. This keeps my skin soft but does not get rid of all the dark patches. I know this is due to something on the inside but I can’t figure out what it is. I decided to try a mixture of Olive Oil, Camelia Oil, Coconut Oil, Amla, Neem, and Aloe Vera. I heated it up, mixed, and let steep for 2 days. I applied to my face for 30 minutes. When I rinsed off my face was so soft, clean, and refreshed. I did not have to use a cleaner, toner, acne cream, and moisturizer as I was used to. I will be using this every day. I would like to purchase some Moroccan clay and Bentonite clay to use as a mask. Can you mix the two? I love experimenting with mixes as I can see all the ingredients are wonderful for skin and hair. This is the beginning of a new lifetime of healthy living. I never want another commercial product for my hair or skin again. Thanks and God Bess

  33. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi SimplyBeautifulSharon,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and sharing your story. I’m also glad that you are enjoying creating your own beauty mixes to best serve your skin’s needs. To answer your question about clay mixes, yes you can mix them. When I was using specifically rhassoul clay I loved creating a mask with raw honey. Clays really absorb impurities from the skin and I found that mixing it with raw honey allowed the impurities to be absorbed while also providing moisture to the skin.

    Best wishes with everything!

  34. SimplyBeautifulSharon says

    Hi Dawn! Wow you answered me! I feel so blessed. As I sit here waiting for my Henna/Coconut Milk/ Hibiscus Powder/ Amla Powder mixture to get some dye release, I was wondering, Do you have a page on your blog with a list of all your recipes? Yours are so wonderful. I’m compiling them in Evernote as I find them but it would be easier if there was an index. I’m being lazy. LOL

  35. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi SimplyBeautifulSharon,
    I just reorganized all the DIY recipes this past week. I explain the new system here. <3

  36. Kyoung11 says

    I used to have really bad hyperpigmentation. Anytime I have an injury, bite, scrape, no matter what, I’m left with a mark after it heals. I was bit by something several times on my arms and I scratched them. When the bumps dried, I was left with small to medium sized marks! I looked for pure aloe vera. I started using Made from Earths Pure Aloe Vera Treatment and it worked wonders for me. Every mark, new and old that it touched, vanished. Didn’t really take long either. Keep it in the fridge after each use. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective. Good luck with your healing!

  37. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Kyoung11,
    I’m so glad that you’ve found something that works so well for you. Also thanks so much for sharing this!

  38. Marita says

    I am so in love with Rhassoul and Rosehip Seed Oil (my health food store has the NOW brand for $5.99 in 1 oz!!!!!)! I have the Tamanu oil as well and other things listed on here…I’ll be mixing up some stuff :) I hope your product line comes out soon, I so want to try. My skin felt like butter after washing with Rhassoul, hardly a need to moisturize. My sisters and mom may enjoy my new find- I’ve been making them whipped butters, scrubs, and vaseline using the tamanu and rso. I’m hoping to have clearer skin with less dark spots and healthier hair for this summer! I look forward to your posts, new and old. Have a great day :)

  39. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Marita,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad that your new regimen is working for you. Thank you for your kind words too! I truly appreciate the encouragement! Have a beautiful day!

  40. Angela says

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a good daytime eye lube. Is Tamanu oil ok to wear under make up. i don’t use much, just a little in the corners of my eyes…but don’t want a cakey look.

  41. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Angela,
    Rosehip seed oil absorbs into the skin quicker than tamanu oil. Either oil will work well for the delicate part of your eye area. You really don’t need much at all. One of my favorite eye creams is 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream which I wrote about here. It is really soothing to eyes and smells incredible. <3

  42. chhama says

    Hy i have little bit pigmentation bcz i have my field work how i can remove my spot,bcz my merrige perposal days coming soon..nd 1more thing i use swimming in evng so suggest me accordingly
    Thanking you

  43. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Chhama,
    Any of the suggestions in this article will help with hyperpigmentation. Just know that the healing process will not occur overnight so be patient and nurturing to yourself in the process. Another helpful addition to skin regeneration is the addition of rosehip seed oil to your regimen which you can read about here. In general less is more with healing your skin. You can read how I cleared my skin here.
    Best wishes!

  44. Valle'e says

    Hello Dawn Michelle,
    I too love using the raw honey for my mature, but sensitive prone to oily but hormonal issues dry me out sometimes (I am 57yrs) …skin!
    I have just now found your site and can relate to some of the “other” concerns already.
    Thank you for just “Being”

  45. Stacie says

    Hello Dawn,

    Thanks for the tips; I tried the Lemon/Sugar scrub 1 a week about 2 weeks. I noticed my face looked burnt in places. I think my skin maybe too sensitive for the lemon. now since I have this, is there anything I can do to clear up the burnt spots on my face. The spots look a little lighter than my normal skin. I am black, with a dark brown skin tone.

  46. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Stacie,

    Sensitive skin is very temperamental as I have it too. Did you add honey to your scrub? Lemon and sugar alone is definitely a potent combination. Adding honey to the face mask really allows it to be much more gentler. To soothe your skin try aloe vera or even rosehip seed oil which is also great for hyperpigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

    Best wishes!

  47. tears says

    Hi Dawn,

    What brand of raw honey do you use? I’m finding it difficult to find any organic, raw honey in the local grocery stores here in Canada.

  48. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Tears,
    I usually buy raw organic honey from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and choose the store brand for the best price. I would simply suggest Amazon to find a good retailer with a great price as well. I hope that this is somewhat helpful!

  49. reida davis says

    I love your knowledge of natural products, which is so good for our skin.We need this knowledge in todays world. Thank you

  50. franciana mbatia says

    i have started using wheat germ oil yesterday for my skin i have spots on my face and around my neck am scared and hope it works am tired

  51. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Franciana Mbatia,
    I LOVE wheat germ oil for my hair but this oil did not agree with my skin either. Wheat germ oil is also more of a wax in composition than an oil as well which is different than other high linoleic oils. Pumpkin seed and rosehip seed oil are my favorites but you must find what works best for you. I had made a note on wheat germ oil in the article on high linoleic oils but I will make that note much clearer. Please keep us posted on your progress!

  52. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Mia,
    Sugar, aloe, and honey sounds divine! Also lemon julie is more acidic, so aloe would actually be a better pH for the skin. Let me know how it works for you!