Interview with Dawn Michelle on Feather Factor


I recently did an interview with the lovely Katherine of the blog Feather Factor.  It was such a pleasure to share with her my journey with minimalism, beauty, and style.

“One of the contradictions of my life is the fact that while I delight in staring at beautiful things all day and attempt to add items to my closet in what my husband describes as a “non-stop barrage,” I also really admire minimalism. Who hasn’t read all those articles about how chic Parisian ladies only wear like, 10 different items of clothing which they rotate on end – but each piece cost a zillion dollars and lasts forever? It’s such an alluring idea – to simplify your life and your budget – yet so difficult in execution, at least for me.

That’s why I adore today’s interview – with the beautiful Dawn Michelle. Dawn Michelle writes the blog Minimalist Beauty but as you will soon discover, is a minimalist in multiple areas of her life. She’s also kind, thoughtful, and full of wonderful guidance on achieving a streamlined lifestyle. Enjoy meeting Dawn Michelle!”

To read the rest of the interview go here!

(Image by Dawn Michelle for Azuha)

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  1. LinLin says

    I discovered your blog a few months ago and it has since become my go to for beauty advice and info. This was a great interview. You are so inspiring in many ways. I’m so happy thst you are getting the recognition you deserve. Keep up the great work.

  2. Carolyn says

    I especially love the tip about translating the classic wardrobe into your own style. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself!!! I too have made some mistakes in the past following this standard advice in books. But I have never felt comfortable in “classic” button up white shirts, pants, blazers or pencil skirts and have never had the kind of job to need these clothes either.
    I have my own versions of these classics but I didn’t realise that till now.
    I love man-style pants with feminine tops and a denim or leather jacket + edgy shoes and one fabulous piece of jewellery, either a large ring or long “ethnic” necklace.