A Fashionista’s Minimalist Style


What makes a fashionista stand out is her clarity on what looks phenomenal on her.   She wears her clothing with confidence.   A fashionista’s personal style doesn’t have to be the latest trend, and usually isn’t.  In fact a true fashionista can’t be copied as her style is her essence.

Trend shopping is the worst kind of shopping anyone can do.

It is constantly changing every season which keeps women excessively consuming.  Most of the time trends are only liked while everyone else seems to be in the same trance over it until the next “must-have” item comes around.  Trend shopping also can encourage cheap quality purchases that will hardly make it to the next season.  I personally suggest minimizing the amount of time you spend looking through magazines to tell you what to wear.   Instead look at your own wardrobe and body shape to see what is best on you and what item(s) will tie what you already have together.

True fashion is an artistic expression, and I love art.  I absolutely love fashion and to say otherwise would be lying.  I do know that striving for minimalism in every area of my life, including clothing, benefits my bank account and gives me freedom from unnecessary materialism.  By not shopping I save gas, money, and time.

What makes the fashionista’s divine style so effortlessly chic?

1. It is important only to own clothing that you love.

Once that is established, you’ve done 80% of the work, because you’ve now eliminated clothing that is ill fitting, unflattering in color, or never leaves the closet doors.

2. Accent pieces make all the difference.

This could be a classic trench coat, a really cute leather jacket or blazer, great boots, a quality handbag, a showstopping necklace, sexy heels, or your favorite dress.  The point is not to wear more than one accent piece at a time for a minimalist look.  Pair accent pieces with quality basics and simple silhouettes.

3. Basic items are the key ingredients to your wardrobe.

A v-neck t-shirt, slim black pants, a cozy sweater, the perfect leather jacket, a simple black dress, a lace trim tank top, fabulously fitting jeans, a white button-up, straight or wide leg trousers, and the a-line or pencil skirts are all great basics.

4. Be honest with yourself.

Depending on your lifestyle you really don’t need every kind of basic.  I’ve spent too much time in my past buying “essentials” for my wardrobe when I never wear trousers and seldomly wear skirts.  I tend to live in jeans and dresses.  The main idea of it all is to find out what looks amazing on you and stick to it, then buy only what you need of it.  There is no point having clothes in your wardrobe that still has tags on it and that doesn’t fit.  Weed through it all and decide what truly works for your life.

5. Less is more.

Balance bold items with simple understated pieces.  Only buy quality over quantity.  Keep your wardrobe to a minimum.  It will be easier to see what you have, and putting outfits together will be easy.  That is effortlessly chic simple style.

In the meantime, stop spending your precious time keeping up with the latest trends in hair, makeup, and clothing.  Use fashion and beauty magazines as inspiration for new ideas, not to define how you spend your time and money, and what you spend it on.

Capsule wardrobes help, but knowing your own personal style is when it really comes together!

(Photo by Kowtow)

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  1. Nina says

    It is so true your point #1, to only own the clothing that you absolutely love. If something you wear does not make you feel fabulous, then that article of clothing or accessory needs to go!

  2. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Nina,
    Letting go of what you don’t love to make space for what you do is so rewarding! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kathryn Eng says

    I love this whole concept of this blog, from the minimalist fashion advice, the quality of life angle, the health conscious perspective, the artistic expression – and finally the global responsibility piece. Go sister!

    Kathryn Eng – Stylist/Colorist/Poet

  4. carole D. says

    As a designer, I agree fully. It’s why I started my line of hair accessories. I had enough to find just rhinestone blingbling plactic accessories that with break or I will wear once.

    I designed a line of simple but timeless and high quality ( made in France hardware are simply the best ) barrettes and headbands. They’re made to be worn in any occasion, at work or to go out!

    Because simple is the new chic.

  5. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Carole D, Simple really is the new chic. I’m now loving timeless vintage pieces most of all. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Sandy says

    Thanks for the reminder Dawn.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in fashion trends and cycles instead of staying focused on creating your own personal style.

  7. Dawn Michelle says

    Hi Sandy,
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far and thank you for your comment! <3